This site includes the postings from the Irish Aires email list. This includes a listing of Irish/Celtic events in the Houston area and other information that the Irish Aires radio program posts.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Irish Aires Has A Brand New Blog!! (actually we have two!)

Back To The Table Of Contents Posted by Hello Why should I care? Well it might be useful for you. First, it’s location & description: It lives at: It includes ALL the posts sent to the Irish Aires email lists (except for the Irish Aires News list – that blog is located at: ) At the top of each blog is a table of contents that allows you click on the article that you want to read and go straight to it OR you can just page-down the blog and read it all. The blog is easy to SEARCH also. Go to the pull down menu item “Edit” and choose the “Find on this page” item (or simply hold down the “Ctrl” key and tap the “F” key). A window will appear and you can put in your search word. For example: “blaggards”. Hit your “Enter” key and it will find the first occurrence of your word. Hit the “Enter” key again and it will find your next occurrence, etc. OR if you have a “Google” bar in your browser, you can search the sight for your favorite word. The google search looks like: Blaggards The Google search will allow you to do more complicated searches like looking for “Blaggards” and “Beverly”. That search looks like: Blaggards Beverly The search feature is really helpful is you are looking for info on the news blog. You can easily find out the latest news on Bewley's Cafe in Dublin. Did you know they are talking about turning it into a wine bar? So any post you receive via email is also posted on the blog. If you are looking for information from a previous post, then that is a good place to look. However, if you are involved in an Irish/Celtic event, you can use it too. It becomes a free web page for your event. For example, there is a Tsunami Relief benefit this coming Saturday, January 22, 2005. You can find the info on this page at: You are more than free to share this web page with others for promotion of these events. Also, at the bottom of that posting, there is a line that says: Comments: Post a Comment You can click on that “Post a comment” link and that comment will be posted on the web (following your post). Therefore, you could update your ‘web page’ with additional information. Additional bands that are performing or changes in times or locations. Check it out and see out it might work for yourself or your group. If you send me some graphic files I can even post one with each item. Back To The Table Of Contents

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