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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Nov Harp Music from Melody's Traditional Music & Afghan Press

November Harp News - 2013
It is the month of Thanksgiving - 

Time flies and changes - and we wrote notes to ourselves to change the clocks and the batteries in the smoke detectors!  We are thankful to you, our great customers!  Still a few glitches in the web site, but the payment area is easier now, giving you more visual ease without making it look like you must have a paypal account! 

New Music for Harp!

There are just a few new titles, among them:

Smile, arranged for pedal harp by Susanna Campbell. If memory serves me, Jerry Lewis used to sing this at the end of some of his shows.  At first I thought it was Carol Burnett, but  I think that was a different song. Smile was written by Charlie Chaplin.

Susanna also arranged Falling Slowly.  We have 2 versions, one by Margot Krimmel, both quite different from each other.  From the musical "Once".

Billy Joel for Harp - I may have mentioned that last time.

We have put up some of Joyce Rice's mp3 recordings for sale.  Her music is clever and in particular her Contemporary Collections are way ahead of their time, as they were written during the rebirth of the lever harp..  Kaleidoscope is one of my favorites, as well as The String Sings. The String Sings is really a beautiful piece! Sound samples have been put up on her 2 Harps + Silent Night/What Child is This.

Kathryn Cater's Noel Nouvelet has been a big seller during October! It comes in PDF for the lever harp, and both PDF and paper for the pedal harp.

A reminder that we carry the full line of Suzanne Guldimann's books.  So - that means be creative when looking for titles of Christmas music.  In the search you may want to type NOEL  or WINTER  or DECEMBER.  Just be creative!  This, coming from the queen of searching on the web!  Oh - try SNOW.

For quick downloads of Christmas ensemble music, try viewing Fran McGaughey's PDF downloads.  Fran has an arrangement of "Dem Bones", and even though Halloween is now far into the future, there is a sound sample HERE.  Incidentally, if you are trying to find sound samples, and there are hundreds, they are way way at the bottom of the description, so you will need to scroll.  

Gary Schocker has 2 Christmas books out, both lovely.

Lastly - if you search the word "thank" - 45 selections are generated. Thank you customers!

No new You Tubes this time around, but even though Halloween is over, this is one of our very favorites.  Whoo Cat, played by Kathryn Cater from her book, "My Gallery"

Whoo Cat Original Clip
Whoo Cat Original Clip

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Your friends at Melody's!
Brought to you by Melody's Traditional Music & Afghan Press Music for Harp. Thanks for reading down this far!  Have a great and harpy day! 
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