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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Melody Trad Music: Autumn Harp News

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Subject: Autumn Harp News
Date: October 12, 2013 1:07:06 PM CDT

Autumn Harp News - 2013
Dear Friends,

As the leaves change and cool weather approaches, we hope you find joy in your music, especially your harp playing.  New seasons always bring new music...

DairyMen the MoosicalBefore announcing the new music, I really want to put in a plug for a play that is showing in Madison, WI October 31 - Nov. 3.  It was written by good friend, harpist, harp teacher and harp builder Melanie Wiltse and her sister, Brenda Strack.  Dairymen: The Moo-sical features the story of two farming families as they negotiate the challenges and rewards of operating an agricultural business in a modern world.   Many of those challenges are those all of us face: financial, launching our young-adult children, mid-life questions about vocation and aging gracefully.  Although the play is a comedy with lots of laughs, there are poignant moments for a few tears as well. It is a story for everyone.   The score features a variety of styles of music that complement the lyrics: ragtime, jazz, blues, country, polka and more. See more info at

New Music for Harp!

Just a few new items, and more to be added within the next week - click on "What's New" for updates:

Mosaic by Frank Voltz - we expect this in within a couple of days, people are already asking for it.

Garden In Harp by Gary Schocker

His Eye is on the Sparrow by Brook Boddie

Noel Nouvelet pedal harp arr. by Kathryn Cater also available as PDF and as PDF Lever Only Version.

Jesus Loves Me arr. Rhett Barnwell

Medieval to Modern V3 arr. Sam Milligan - we have more in stock.  We sold out after the last announcement!

Two New Variations on Harmonious Blacksmith by Gary Schocker, both Schocker pieces mentioned are used in AHS competitions.

A reminder that we carry the full line of Suzanne Guldimann's books.  These are essentially for small harp, but work well for ensemble and improvising. There are some lovely songs for winter and Christmas in her collections.

The You Tube Section

First, from the "Tips to Play" series showing how to practice hand over hand arpeggios.  The second is a real 2-fer.  You will see and hear Frank Voltz's first You Tube appearance playing his arrangement of "We Three Kings" - on the new Heartland Carbon Fiber pedal harp. History in the making!

We continue to add to our Pinterest Boards - and just made a board called "My Gallery" featuring some of the music in Kathryn Cater's "My Gallery" book of original harp music. To follow us on Pinterest, click the red icon below the Videos.

Tips to Play Wise Woman Tango 
Tips to Play Wise Woman Tango 


Northern Lights Harp Fest - Frank Voltz on Starlight  - We Three Kings 
Northern Lights Harp Fest - Frank Voltz on Starlight - We Three Kings

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Your friends at Melody's!
Brought to you by Melody's Traditional Music & Afghan Press Music for Harp. Thanks for reading down this far!  Have a great and harpy day! 

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