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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Kelly Devlin's (Married to Blaggard Patrick) Update

From: Married Patrick Blaggard Devlin (aka Kelly Devlin): Sept 26

Since I have metastatic Inflammatory Breast Cancer, in my lung, bones, liver: I try do go through my craft supplies a little at a time. I feel a lot of pressure to get it cleaned up! I can't craft the way it is spread out and not organized. But, I physically am not able to go it alone. I could use help in simply figuring out what would work in my space. 

Before DX with cancer I worked as an RN over the past 30 years. I thought I had TIME to do this. Now every single day I am blessed to be alive and to see my husband and 2 children another day. This is emotional for me. 

I pay my COBRA 600$ A MONTH! then I have to pay the co-pays, deductibles and out of pocket max that I have reached every year since DX in 1999, age 39y/o. I have to get organized and start making $$. I love crafting! I paid for chemo by making professional grade buttons, magnets, zipper pulls, ext.......! Loved it! 

Crafting takes my mind off the cancer which sucks!

Updated: On Monday (9/23 to 9/24 2013) evening I had terrible, acute pain from my back which radiated down both legs and into my ankles. I experienced difficulty in walking and severe pain when walking. I emailed MDA and was told to go to the ER.

PATRICK, THE KIDS AND I PILED IN THE CAR AND we got in right away at MDA's ER. AFTER tons of labs were drawn, I had a CT of my head to be sure the cancer was not spreading past my skull. THANK GOD it was not!
Then I was taken to have a 45 MINUTE MRI of my spine to be sure the cancer on my spine was not compressing my spinal cord. It was not. ALTHOUGH I HAVE NOT SEEN A FINAL REPORT.

The labs seem to reveal that I have an infection somewhere.

My d/c paperwork I was given was not actually mine. So, I am not sure what my d/c instructions are.......

Further update: Kelly was back in the MDA ER last night (10/02). Have not heard anything since.

I thank y'all for all you prayers! Please keep those coming!
We are comforted by all you support!

Donate to help fund Kelly's fight!!!

Raised: $6,845.00
Goal: $20,000.00

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