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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sports Changes Lives

September 18, 2013
Office Burlarized!
On September 9th, Sport Changes Life's office in Belfast was burglarized and their computers were stolen.  These computers were used on a daily basis to assist disadvantaged, at-risk young people (ages 14-19) with their schoolwork, creating resumes (CVs), and searching for jobs.  This good and important work has now come to a halt.
Please help by making a donation!  We need to quickly replace these computers.  Any amount would be much appreciated.
Click here to donate online now!
The Cliffs of Moher were absolutely amazing! They are literally one of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever viewed in my life. My adrenaline was running as I stood near the edge with no wall between me and the 700ft drop. My mom just replied "Now Marian why would you do that?" I said "Well I wasn't going to, but I couldn't resist and it was so cool!" Needless to say she told me I better not ever do that again. Moms are normally always right, so I won't. I will definitely go back again though. Read Marian's blog.
Get engaged, but don't get married. That was the advice one of the coaches in the Titans program gave to the under 20 team I assisted him with. He was talking about playing help defense of course...I have noticed my new Irish family will find a good saying for everything and for my friends at home, they know I strive for a cheesy/witty saying any chance I get. Another one that he said was, "who can tell me what denial is, other than a river in Egypt." I think these are brilliant. So I am slowly starting to collect these phrases and begin to add them into my coaching repertoire. Read Christopher's blog.
Titanic bandmaster's violin goes on display
The instrument belonging to Wallace Hartley was found strapped to his body after he drowned with some 1,500 others on board the supposedly unsinkable ship in 1912. It carries an inscription from the 34-year-old's fiancee to mark their engagement.Read story.
Time the enemy for Richard Haass talks
When Richard Haass sits in Belfast's Europa hotel and surveys the traffic on Great Victoria Street, it may all seem very familiar for the American diplomat.  Dr Haass was President Bush's special envoy to Northern Ireland from 2001 to 2003 and is well acquainted with the political geography of Northern Ireland. Read story. Read story.
Fleadh Cheoil na h√Čireann 2013
Fleadh Cheoil na h√Čireann, the biggest celebration of Irish culture anywhere in the world and was hosted for the first time ever in Northern Ireland in Derry-Londonderry taking place in August 2013. The 2013 UK City of Culture played host to musicians and visitors from all over Ireland and beyond. Watch video.
Irish pet detective rescues Sandra's pooch
IRELAND'S only pet detective came to the rescue of Hollywood star Sandra Bullock after her beloved pooch was stolen. Read story.
Hibernia's acquisition will boost expansion
THE company behind the high-speed internet cable between Northern Ireland and America says its acquisition of a global technology company will spur technology growth and business development. Read story.
PLANET BELFAST to Kick Off Irish Rep's 2013-14 Reading Series, 9/20
The Irish Repertory Theatre begins the eighth season of its Reading Series with a staged reading of RoseMary Jenkinson's play PLANET BELFAST on Friday, September 20 at 3 p.m. (EDT) at the Irish Repertory Theatre's W. Scott McLucas Studio Theatre (132 West 22nd Street) [New York, NY]. The reading is free and open to the public.Read story.
BBC Radio Ulster Interview Sport Changes Life
BBC Radio Ulster Conor Maccauley Interviewed #VICTORY Scholar Jared Mintz, EHOOPS Participant Lisa Mason and Sports Mentor Shane Kelly as they discussed the recent break in at Sport Changes Life offices and the positive help Sport Changes Life have received form the local community, organisations and a donation to re stock our computers from the NYSE.  Listen to broadcast.
September 12th was a busy day for our Vitory Scholars in Belfast. 

The scholars started their day working with young people at an all day basketball camp with the Prison Service and continued their day to help out at the NYSE EuroNext as they get ready for one of the largest NYSE European events of the year.

Not to mention Coach Jared Mintz having an Interview on BBC Radio Ulster to talk about SCL's work with young people in the local community.
American tribute
A new monument commemorating American servicemen who died and were buried in Northern Ireland during World War II is to be officially unveiled on Saturday. Read story.
Penn State Football: Ireland officials see 2014 Croke Park Classic
Penn State was at the top of the Gaelic Athletic Association's wish list when compiling possible opponents for the Croke Park Classic slated for 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. Read story.
Video: B-17 fly-past over Belfast in tribute to Northern Ireland's fallen GIs
A spectacular fly-past by a Second World War-era B-17 bomber provided the finale to a service of remembrance for US servicemen on Saturday. Read story.
We have had a wee bit of down time, and I've used that time to explore what Belfast has to offer. Along with visiting some historic Irish sites, I've came across some people here that have something in common with me. Read Bryan's blog.
Irish Author Tony Macaulay Signs Sahl Communications
Northern Ireland author and peace builder Tony Macaulay, signs with Sahl Communications, Inc., an integrated public relations and communications firm-with offices in Bethlehem, PA, Washington DC, San Francisco, CA and Europe-for publicist support. Released in the USA in September 2013, Macaulay's first book, published by HarperCollins, is his critically acclaimed memoir, Paperboy; the autobiographical stories follow his childhood in 1970s West Belfast as a paperboy during the time of turbulent conflicts known as "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland. Read story.

Mountain music coming to Suffolk [Virginia]
The sounds of bluegrass and mountain music will sweep across the flatlands this weekend as the Virginia Mountain Boys play at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts]. The music of the Appalachians, which is primarily the type played by the Virginia Mountain Boys, was influenced by Scots-Irish and African rhythms and, in turn, later begat bluegrass and country music ... Read story.
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