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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Top Irish Links & Pics of the Week (according to Irish Aires)

If you are a member of FaceBook, I invite you to join the Irish Aires page.  All of these links were on there this week.  If not on FB, I would hope you would join, if for no other reason but to access the IA page.  Of course, I would welcome your friendship on my FB page. I share even more Irish stuff there (for those who are on my 'Hard Core Irish' list & we get more "UP the republic" if you want on my 'Irish Republican List').

NEW FEATURE: Top Irish Links for last week (in case you missed them):

Here's some of my favorite images that were posted on the IA FB page this week:

Photo: A view of some of the colourful houses in Cobh, County Cork (last planned stop for the Titantic).
The Streets of Cohb: I took the above one, the rest were not mine but shared on our IA FB page.

 Galway Vintage Photo

Dingle near the Blaskets

Original Dubliners
Patrick O'Flaherty OR a close relative (like Danny) (grin)


Blaggard Patrick Devlin

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