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Monday, August 26, 2013

Irish American Heritage Assoc (Katy, TX) Meeting Tuesday 8/27

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Dear Folks,
     Sorry for the late reminder.  Our topic on Tuesday will be Medal of Honor recipient Lt Michael Patrick "Murph" Murphy ahead of the premiere of the movie "Lone Survivor" about his brother-in-arms Marcus Luttrell of the Houston area who survived the action that killed Murphy during "Operation Redwing" in Afghanistan.
     If you cannot stay for the whole meeting, please try to make it for the business portion.  Ed Conner, who has been a mainstay for us at Treasurer, has to step down and it will be necessary to elect a new treasurer.  We will have nominations and possibly an election IF we have a quorum.  As I have said before a quorum is 11 or "twelve disciples minus one". 
     I have purchased a projector for use at our meetings that will work with laptop PCs of all kinds (USB, High Def), regular DVD players, and some VCRs.  The price was below $200 and I had set the maximum price at $250.  Because of how I'm paying for it, we have an opportunity to try before we buy.  It's my understanding that any purchase greater than $100 has to be approved by the membership.  It's possible that it will be delivered Monday or Tuesday, in which case I will bring it and my laptop to the meeting and we'll run demonstrations from when I set up until the meeting starts.  I'll try and put together a few Irish-interest movie trailers, PowerPoint presentations, and YouTube music videos.
   Slainte! Max
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