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Monday, March 04, 2013

KPFT 43nd Birthday Party & List of Entertainers

KPFT Radio 
43nd Birthday Party

Under the "Big Top" at the Mucky Duck
2425 Norfolk 

Sunday, March 10, 2013
Noon til 7pm, 
Advance Tickets $20


Uncle Lucius

Uncle Lucius takes Rock and Roll from its deep roots and pushes it onward, putting their own honest interpretation on the essential elements of R & B, Blues, and Country. 

Visit Uncle Lucius' Website

The Carper Family

Anyone who likes Hot Club of Cowtown will immediately engage with the small ensemble western swing and cowboy sound of the Carper Family. Bass player Melissa Carper has a penned a collection of strong original songs that work perfectly in their take on the retro-hip wave." -Art Menius, No Depression 

Visit The Carper's Website

The Mastersons
" . . . remarkable, distinctive voices . . . giddily eccentric eclecticism . . . a heady, subversive treat." -- No Depression "Marley's Ghost has earned cult-band status over 20 years of spirited musicianship, multi-part harmonies and irreverent humor." --Paste Magazine 
"This West Coast quartet deftly dashes across decades of American music to create a sound that's seeped in tradition but never bogged down by traditionalism."-- LA Weekly. 
Marley's Ghost's latest album was produced by the legendary "Cowboy" Jack Clement. 

Visit The Masterson
's Website / Video 

Shotgun PartyLisa Morales

"This is one of the most beautiful records that will be released all year. An absolutely flat-out devastating and stunning work of art." -- Richard Skanse Lone Star Music Magazine

"Beautiful Mistake reveals her unerring ear and compelling voice amid patchwork originals." -- Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle

Visit Lisa's Website / Video

Sisters MoralesPatrice Pike

Rolling Stone Magazine called her "Tina Turner, Bessie Smith, Janis Joplin, and Robert Plant all rolled up into a tiny but explosive package." 

She's much more than one of the most dynamic live performers in the world, she's an artist of substance with a compelling life story that is only beginning to unfold.

Visit Patrice's Website / Video

Parker Milsap
Millsap is a poet: at times his work can be dark and brooding, at other times hopeful, but most of all he has something to say, something to tell you that will grab you and attach itself to you and remain a part of you forever. It's probably impossible that at his age that Palisade is autobiographical, but if he hasn't lived this album, he's certainly seen quite a bit in his young life. Honestly, the Waits comparison is easy because of his voice, three double whiskey-rocks rough; road weary, yet smoothly aged at the same time. But honestly, the allegory and narration at work on this album is genuinely comparable to the works of Hank Williams and Bob Dylan. Visit Parker's Website /Video

Garrett Lebeau

Garrett Lebeau is a natural player. New and old fans hear Van Morrison, Boz Scaggs, Al Green and J.J. Cale in his songs and vocals. His playing style veers from blues through rock, jazz into folk. They all find a home in the music of Garrett Lebeau.

Visit Garrett's Website / Video

Matt Harlan
Houston-based Matt Harlan made quite an impact with his first album, Tips and Compliments. Bow and Be Simple, mostly recorded in a single day with a Danish band led by M C Hansen, should cement his reputation as a substantial songwriter. 

There's a fluid self- confidence to his writing that at times comes close to matching early Dylan for a clear-eyed description of the world as he sees it.

Visit Matt's Website

Greg Trooper
Craig Kinsey and Friends

Born a full turn from the white picket fences of America, Craig Kinsey was raised on Southern lore from a family of moon shiners. His teenage years were spent train hopping, walking, and driving across the country in search of "the old days… Guthrie, Kerouac, and John Lee Hooker." This seeking out the marrow of life led him into the great silence of a monastery and out again into music's center stage.


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