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Friday, January 04, 2013

Haughney Gathering in 2013?

Here's my the idea:

Rather than try to duplicate the Newcastle & Cuan get togethers (which I think were very well done & we enjoyed  a lot), we are thinking that the 2013 event would be more like Haughneys (and related families) get together for a weekend in the same area.  No individual would be hosting a BBQ or we would be renting a hall (unless we could get one for free).

Assuming we could get things to work out as I think they would, Bertha & I would volunteer to head this up.  

We are suggesting that this get together at Kinsale in Cork.  Kinsale has a lot of advantages.  
  • It is lovely, 
  • there are LOADS of some of the best restaurants in Ireland.  
There is loads to do:
  • harbour tour is nice; 
  • Ft Charles is worth a visit; 
  • walking tour of he city is interesting; 
  • for shoppers, taking a car into Cork City is easy - drive to a park & ride place; 
  • Colb has an interesting TItanic exhibit & a Immigration museum.  
  • In fact, Kinsale is a very walkable town. Easy to get around in (expect for the occasional walk up-hill). 

Here's my proposed 'plan': 

  • On Friday night, we meet at a hotel in Kinsale (similar to the way we did in Abbeyleix).  Have a chat & drink and then adjourn to a big table for a dinner.  
  • On Sat (during the day), after polling people on Frid, people could go there own way for the day, OR some of us might want to take the habour tour together.  
  • On Saturday night, we would meet for a cocktail party somewhere:
  • Somewhere could be at some friends of ours who have a large room & if the weather is nice they have a lovely back garden (with a great view) where we could meet.  There might be some cost here (some wine & beer & maybe some figure food which we could handle).  Afterwards everyone would be on their own (or people could get together in small groups for dinner). 
  • Somewhere could be at a restaurant (like we did in Armagh for lunch) where they would let us have a separate room in which they sell us drinks and dinner.
  • On  Sunday, for those who want, we could agree to go to mass & maybe someplace for breakfast later.  For those who hadn't had enough group events, maybe we could go to Ft Charles OR take the habour tour.
My ideas would be informal, but give people the chance to get together someplace where they will enjoy. We would go to Kinsale before event to check out the facilities.  Maybe we could talk Frank & Bridie into going with us (to keep us on the straight & narrow).

Any thoughts??  Pictures attached:

Fort Charles.

View of Kinsale

Harbour Tour boat

Large room at Rockland B&B that is possibility for cocktail party on Sat night

View of Rockland House & it's great view over the river Bandon

Map of Kinsale with Rockland house noted.  We walk down (& up) from Rockland house (however, when we drive we don't have difficulty finding parking (right by the Garda station - item N on the map)

View from Rockland House
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