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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Elvis born on Jan 8th, 1935 was a CARLOW Man (Offaly keep your Obama, we've got the KING)


Hacketstown, Co Carlow, Ireland

Elvis Presley was from Hackestown. That's something that might not have occurred to you when you awoke this morning, but there's substance to the statement. 

In 2008, Carlow historian Michael Purcell and his US colleagues revealed that a man called William Presley was living at the foot of Eagle Hill, just outside Hacketstown in the late 18th century.

In 1775, William was forced to flee his home after 'a band of yeomen and many other evil disposed persons did riotously, routously and unlawfully make an assault and did beat, wound and ill treat him so that his life was greatly despaired of.' 

The story, printed on faded parchment, named the attackers as Morris, Wilson and Maher. 

Shipping records show that William and his brother Andrew left Ireland for New Orleans soon after the attack. 

By 1780, William was living in Carolina where he had a son called Dunnan before moving onwards to Tennessee. 

Dunan Presely was Elvis's great-great-granddaddy.

And, you know, he does look kind of Irish, doesn't he?

That's alright Mammy, as they say down in Hacketsown. Uh-huh-huh.

Hear Richie Kavanagh sing "How Elvis Became a Carlow Man"
Hear Elvis sing Danny Boy OR I'll Take You Home Kathleen OR Phil Coulter's Song: My Boy

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