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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A St Patrick's e-card from Pete, Jay, Bertha, Bill & Emilly

17 March 2012

Dear Irish Aires Friends,

Pete, Jay, Bertha, Bill & Emilly ( has sent you a Jacquie Lawson electronic greeting.

Please click on the following link to see your card. If your e-mail program has not displayed this as a link, then please copy the following into the Address or Location bar of your Internet browser.

Alternatively, please visit and select the Pick Up Card option in the menu. Then enter your card code, which is: 3398551029641


If you're not already a member, we hope you will consider 
joining us and sharing our greeting cards with others.

With best wishes from us all,

Jacquie, Mike, Sally, Bev, John, and the rest of the team

Jacquie Lawson

Please do not reply to this email. It was sent to you by our computer, which is brilliant at sending emails but completely hopeless at reading them! If you have any problem at all viewing your card, please go here.

If you don't wish to receive e-cards from, please go here.

Our ref: JLC964194488-CS / 3398551029641

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