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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Jig is Up! @ Waldo's Coffee House - Free Show this Friday

'The Jig is Up' at Waldo's Coffee House, Frid 09/30/11

Time:  Friday, September 30 ยท
7:30pm - 10:30pm
Waldo's Coffee House
Free Show
Genre Irish Traditional Music
Members      Matt Lewis, Larry Mallette, Judd Heartsill, Diehl Moran, Robert Shaddox
Description  Houston's newest Irish band combines flute, fiddle, accordion, vocals, and guitar for a vibrant rendition of the energetic traditional dance music and song of Ireland.

More than you would ever want (or need) to know about the band:

After many years of playing sessions together, the band members realized they shared the same mindset, approach, and love for traditional Irish music. Thus they have created a band that remains true to tradition, yet presents the music in a creative and entertaining manner.

The Jig is Up! features the flute playing of Larry Mallette, whose 20 years in the tradition has made him the band's resident musical historian. The band's fantastic fiddle player, Diehl Moran, provides both grace and drive to the music. Judd Heartsill's pulsive accordion and melodeon playing fills out the group's big sound and helps to supply the "nyah" in the dance tunes. They are joined by Matt Lewis, who solidifies the arrangements with his rhythmic guitar playing and lends harmonies to enhance the vocals. Robert Shaddox, with his clear tenor voice, is the band's main vocalist and accompanies many tune sets with the bodhran (Irish frame drum).

Whether playing flute tunes from Sligo and Roscommon, fiddle tunes from Clare, or polkas and slides from southwest Ireland, the energy generated by The Jig is Up! will be sure to set your feet to tapping.


Larry is a fourth-generation Irish-American, descended from Farrells who left Ireland during the Famine. He has been playing Irish flute since 1994. He has performed at the Carolan Harp Festival in Keadue, Co. Roscommon, the Milwaukee Irish Festival, the Jackson Celtic Festival, and the Houston International Festival. Larry has taught whistle workshops at the North Texas Irish Festival and the Jackson Mississippi Celtic Festival. His CD of Irish and original tunes was released in 1998.

One day in 1998 Judd Heartsill saw the sensational Jackie Daly play button accordion with the all-star band Patrick Street. Judd quickly got a button box and has been hooked ever since. In addition to his love of Irish dance music; Judd is a professional seaman, a husband, and dad. He is looking forward to heaven, which will feature a set dance every night and lots of fiddle players.

Matt is an accomplished musician whose rhythmic, yet soulful, guitar playing has made him a highly-sought-after session musician in the Houston area. While primarily playing rhythm guitar with the band, he is a proficient flute and whistle player and has been known to sing an occasional song. Matt's deep love and respect for traditional Irish music comes through in his playing. Although he enjoys several different regional styles of Irish music, Matt has been highly influenced by the music and musicians of west Kerry.

Robert traveled to Cork as a young man and fell in love with the traditional music that was played by the family that hosted him. Robert has been playing bodhran and singing Irish songs for 14 years. Some improvement has been noted by his mother.

Diehl's playing of Irish music is "old enough to vote." He began playing fiddle around age five and began picking up Irish music soon after. He is a steady session player around Houston and has played in a number of traditional music bands. He was the featured fiddle player on Larry's 1998 CD of traditional Irish music. His knowledge of harmony and inventive mind produces some beautiful accompaniment for Robert's songs, and his driving rhythm carries the dance tunes along.

General Manager: A cooperative venture. Contact any band member.
Booking Agent: TBA. Contact any band member.
Press Contact: None.

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