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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gaelic Storm - Born to Be A Bachelor

All Irish Aires Friends,

A great group, Gaelic Storm (see below) will be at Miller Outdoor Theatre in Houston on this Friday, 11/16/07 at 7:30PM. Pete, Bill, Emily, Bertha & I are planning to attend and sit on the hill. This is a great event and it is free!!Join us, if you can. We will put up the Irish Aires KPFT banner so you can identify where we are sitting. Even if you get one of the covered seats, come by and say hi!

The Irish Aires gang!

watch video Video Description: Gaelic Storm perform Born to Be A Bachelor

GAELIC STORM Start Date: 11/16/2007 Start Time: 7:30 PM End Date: 11/16/2007 End Time: Since bursting on the scene as the "party band" in steerage in the film "Titanic", Gaelic Storm continue to broaden the musical horizons of the Celtic music genre by creating compelling originals and fresh arrangements steeped in Irish traditional melody and acoustic instrumentation combined with their unique blend of world rhythms. Presented by Miller Outdoor Theatre Since its inception nearly ten years ago, Gaelic Storm continue to broaden the musical horizons of the Celtic music genre by creating compelling originals and fresh arrangements steeped in Irish traditional melody and acoustic instrumentation combined with their unique blend of world rhythms. Released on July 25, 2006, the band's latest album Bring Yer Wellies (Lost Again Records) debuted at #2 on the Billboard World Chart, #16 on the Internet Sales Chart and #31 on the Independent Album Chart. The 14 new tracks capture the contagious energy of Gaelic Storm's renowned live performances. Channeling the rowdy communal feel of an Irish pub on raucous sing-alongs, driving pipe sets and spirited fiddle tunes, the band's sixth studio album was recorded in a one-month fury in April 2006 at The Zone recording studio in Austin Texas. read more GAELIC STORM is Photo courtesy of Patrick was born and raised in Ireland, has 7 brothers and sisters, in order: Valerie, Thomas, Catherine, Terrie, Patrick, Peter, Paul and Genevieve. His mother and father are Nora and Noel and are still living in Cork. Noel served in the US Army from 1959 to 1961 and Nora was a flight attendant for American Airlines. They immigrated back to the Ireland in 1964. SO along with Frank McCourt they are the only people to immigrate BACK to Ireland from the US. read more Born in Coventry, England, Steve showed musical promise very early on, performing in his school orchestra at age five on the triangle later graduating to the glockenspiel, an instrument with far more sex appeal! Two years of keyboard lessons in his early teens ended abruptly when his music teachers' dog died followed closely by his music teacher, it was then that he picked up the guitar. Self taught he formed his first band at age 16, playing rock lead guitar. Steve survived 2 years of biker bar and pub gigs in Coventry, a typical night would mean avoiding 2 or 3 fist fights (at least one of them between the biker girls), mouthfuls of beer being spit on you from the front row, and having your door money made off with by the very large doorman...not that much fun but it did develop his distinctive "bob and weave" stage moves. read more Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of And now, Gaelic Storm is proud to introduce our new percussionist, Ryan Lacey... Born in the depths of New Jersey (don't laugh) Ryan was brought out to California at a early age after a cheese smuggling incident forced him to seek safety on the west coast. He spent his youth in the great wasteland of Bakersfield, know widely for its country music scene and outlandish haircuts. (No, Ryan never had a mullet. Really!) At an early age, he stole his father's drum set and made it his own - the first step on a downward spiral of musical depravity. read more Although born and raised on the banks of the Ohio River in Cincinnati (Home of Jerry Springer!), Ellery Klein currently makes her home in a city of Irish music, cold winters, baked beans and temperamental baseball players home: Boston, Massachusetts. She began playing the violin at the age of seven and spent her high school years at the School for Creative and Performing Arts playing in musicals and orchestras. read more Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Bearing absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to a character from some antiquated nursery rhyme, Pete Purvis comes to us from Merrickville, Ontario, where there are more snowmobiles than cars parked outside the local pub and where a woman will only date a man who owns at least 2 cows. (Other bands may be jumping on this whole "low-carb" fad, but Gaelic Storm is still proudly 20% REAL Canadian! FDA approved!). Reared in this chilly northern hamlet, Pete began playing bagpipes at age 12 when he reportedly: "heard them... and thought they sounded cool" (if we ever needed proof that teenagers were messed up...). Pete is now a Grade 1 piper, who has played with some of Canada's best and award-winning pipe bands and ensembles. His musical career has taken him all over Scotland, England, Ireland, and even as far as to play at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. read more

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