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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Zoe Alexander Memorial Service Info

Barbara Zoe Alexander 1948 -- 2007 Memorial Service Info Here are the info and the driving directions: Zoe Alexander's house Memorial Service Saturday, October 27, 2007 2:30 p.m. Driving Directions to "Avalon" From Houston: From I-10 West take Texas Highway 71 toward La Grange. Keep going until you see signs for "Smithville. " Move into the right lane. Just past Smithville, turn left (south) on Texas Highway 95. Go a little ways (about 1 mile) and take FM 535 right (southwest) toward Rosanky. Just beyond Rosanky, there is an intersection with a filling station/convenience store. Turn right on Highway 304. About 1 mile north of the 535/304 gas station intersection, there is a slight left curve in the road . SLOW DOWN. ** Turn left on PINE VALLEY LOOP. Stay on Pine Valley Loop and keep bearing left. [ Do NOT turn right on this road. ] Pine Valley Loop twists and turns for about a mile. Take it easy. Some of the curves are tricky. On your left, watch for a reddish-brown, painted/stained wooden fence. Almost immediately on your right you will see a white wooden fence. Follow the white wooden fence as the road eases off of Pine Valley Loop onto LAKEVIEW DR. There is a street sign on your left near a group of rural mailboxes. You can only turn one way onto Lakeview Drive. Follow Lakeview Drive for 6/10 of a mile. You will pass a trailer house on the right very close to the road. The yard looks like a scene straight out of "Deliverance. " Do not fear. DO NOT STOP. Do not turn back. Keep your windows rolled up and keep going! You will soon reach a cul-de-sac, and see on your right a wooden fence with cross-boards that form the letter "Z." There is a sign on the fence that reads "AVALON." You have arrived.
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