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Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Compilation of 2007 Ireland Pics with Music & Video

I have done a little editing of our pictures from our summer trip to Ireland. I added some MUSIC and some VIDEOS (including a short video segment of the Furey's show in Killarney) and reduced the number of pics (thank god!). I created a slide show which you can view online OR on TiVo (quality is much better on TiVo). To see it online, go to the Irish Aires Blog (it will start loading when you go to the blog - I believe you will need a broadband connection for this to work). Or if you have TiVo, try following the instructions below (I believe you might need to have a broad band connection). The whole thing takes about 32 minutes to see, but, IMHO, the editing, effects, music & video makes it worth watching (but then I'm the one who did the editing). Jay ---- Come see my TiVo Video You're invited to watch my One True Media video on your TiVo! I added the video "Ireland Tour 2007" to my TiVo channel. Here's how to see it. Step 1: Find My TiVo Channel Just look for Home Movies by One True Media inside the Music, Photos, Products, & More folder. Then look for my channel, "Jay's TiVo Channel" or enter this Channel Code on the Add Channel page: 2063-4910-2183-7511 Tip: make it easy - get a Season Pass! Step 2: Watch and Enjoy To watch my videos, look in your Now Playing List for the Home Movies by One True Media folder. (It may take up to 24 hours for the video to appear in my videos list.) About One True Media One True Media allows you to easily create incredible home movies with your photos and videos. In just a few quick steps, you can share movies with friends and family through your personalized TiVo channel. Get started for free or learn more at One True Media, Inc.
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