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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Scottish Country Dancing & More

July 26, 2006 SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING AND MORE (SCDM): WEEKLY EMAIL NEWSLETTER IN THIS ISSUE: SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING AND MORE (SCDM) CALLING ALL ARTISTS: TEXAS SEEKS MUSICIAN TO REPRESENT STATE Houston Family Arts Center: "DANCING FOR A CURE: HEALING BLUE" DANCE DESCRIPTIONS FOR BLACK LAB NEXT WEEK CALENDAR PAGE SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING AND MORE: REMINDER: NEXT WEEK WE'RE AT THE BLACK LAB! TONIGHT: We danced: Just Enough to Dance, Three's the Charm, Biding Our Time then we danced the dances we'll be doing at the Black Lab next week (*descriptions of a few of these are below): Buttered Beans, Hospitality Circle, Polka Dots (to Gilbert & Sullivan music), Flowers of Edinburg, Belfast Hornpipe, Highlandman's Umbrella, Virginia Reel, Petronella, Tam O'Shanter, *Monymusk, *Davy Nick Nack, *Justine's Delight THIS WEEK'S FEATURED DANCER: TED & SUSAN HIRTZ THIS WEEK'S FEATURED MUSICIAN: THE ROGUES MEMBER NEWS: ED & CAROL YOUNG just back from New York had a great visit with son Doug and his wife and daughter in spite of the weather problems. MARGARET FAIR said she had a great time on the recent family camping trip. LYNNE GIBSON has announced the wedding of daughter LAURA June 2, 2007; reception at the Houston Zoo. Dancers are invited! GROUP OUTING this Sunday 2:30 pm for GILBERT and SULLIVAN. (we'll probably go for a meal together afterwards) AUGUST BIRTHDAYS 6 - Lisa Smith 9 - Rachel Kelm11 - Susan Hirtz 15 - Henrietta Cavanaugh26 - Bud Norton27 - Wally Kelm BALL UPDATES: Ball programs have been promised soon for both Houston & Austin. Houston: Oct. 21 Musicians: Music Makars Austin: Dec. 2- Musicians: John Taylor, Lyle Ramshaw and Dave Musardi (part of the FIDDLESTICKS & IVORY, band ) and Dave Musardi sent me an email with a great offer: free cassettes of their music "Ghillies on the Golden Gate" (you just pay postage) - we have often danced to these selections! COME DANCE WITH US! WEDNESDAYS SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCINGAND MORE7-10 pm · NEW DANCERS WELCOMEFamilies welcome (children must be accompanied by parent/guardian)1st Wednesdays: Churchill Room, Black Labrador Pub 4100 Montrose Blvd. Map(Montrose near Richmond) no charge(does not count toward free night) 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Wednesdays: Oddfellows Hall, 115 E. 14th St. (Heights), Houston, Texas(3rd building on left traveling east from Heights Blvd. -2 story red brick - entrance recessed about 15 feet from street -dancing upstairs) Cost: $5 for those 14 and over; $2.50 those under 14 ($15 maximum per family)fourth consecutive Wednesday freeMAPPHOTO OF HALL CALLING ALL ARTISTS: TEXAS SEEKS MUSICIAN TO REPRESENT STATE From: Texas Music Office Forwarded by Casey Monahan, Texas Music Office, to Scottish Council list--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Ashley Smith, TateAustin Jennifer Stong, TCA (512) 344-2034 (512) 936-6559 jennifer.stong@arts.state.tx.usCALLING ALL ARTISTS: TEXAS SEEKS ARTISTS TO REPRESENT STATE_______The Texas Commission on the Arts Announces Call for Nominations for State Poet Laureate, Musician, Visual ArtistsAUSTIN, Texas July 10, 2006 Texas’ artistic population is as vastly unique as the state’s landscape. Just as the land ranges from rolling hills to wide open spaces, Texas’ creative talent spans from soulful musicians and eloquent writers to gifted sculptors and visionary painters. Every two years, the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) searches the state for its most exceptional artists to represent Texas. Nominations to fulfill the 2007 and 2008 positions of state poet laureate, state musician, state two-dimensional artist and state three-dimensional artist are now being accepted. Chosen artists will join the company of previous state artists such as Ray Benson, James Surls and Kathy Vargas. In addition, these recognized individuals will receive statewide recognition, the opportunity to participate in TCA events and promotions and the opportunity to exercise this position as a public forum to promote arts education in schools. Specific benefits include participation in TCA’s Diplomacy and Protocol Program and other state initiatives in relation to their respective art discipline. Furthermore, poet laureates gain association with the National Network of Poet Laureates and affiliation with the Vermont Studio Center Writers Residency Program.“We are looking forward to seeing the variety of talent that is nominated for the state artists positions this year,” said Rick Hernandez, executive director of TCA. “Given the multitude of gifted artists in Texas, being named a state artist is quite an honor. The position affords individuals the opportunity to be recognized by the arts community as well as the general public, which ultimately helps them be more successful in their chosen discipline.”Selection of the four positions, created by S.B. 1043 of the 77th Legislature, will be filled by one-year appointments and made by a legislative-appointed committee based on the one-time nomination form. Multiple submissions or contact to TCA will not be considered in the selection process. All qualified nominees must be native Texans or five-year residents of the state. Candidates must have received recognition for high levels of excellence and success in their respective disciplines. They also must have received critical reviews in state, regional or national publications.In addition, poet laureate nominees must have developed a substantial body of work, including at least one publication that is not self-published. State musician nominees must have a substantial body of work, including at least two nationally available records, or at least 20 years experience teaching music in a formal classroom, or receive the majority of their income from musical endeavors. Visual artist nominees must work in two- or three-dimensional art mediums, must have been represented in at least one, one-person show and must have an extensive history of exhibiting in recognized museums and galleries. Any Texas citizen may make up to three nominations per artist category; however, self-nominations will not be accepted. Nomination forms may be obtained by contacting TCA at (800) 252-9415 or ""stateartist.Complete nomination forms can be submitted online or mailed to: Texas Commission on the Arts, P.O. Box 13406, Austin, Texas 78711. Individuals can only be nominated by way of submitting an official form, and incomplete nomination forms will not be accepted. All nominations must be postmarked by Monday, September 11, 2006.The top nominated artists will receive notification in the following weeks asking them to submit samples of their work to provide to the TCA review committee. TCA will review all nominations and submit 10 names per category to the Texas Poet Laureate, State Musician and State Artist Committee in November. The Committee, composed of members appointed by the governor, lieutenant governor and speaker of the House of Representatives, will make the final selections. About the Texas Commission on the ArtsTCA was organized in 1965 by the Texas Legislature to develop a receptive climate for the arts in Texas. As TCA commemorates 40 years of success they are preparing for an encore presentation of their show of support for the arts in Texas. They will continue to support a diverse and innovative arts community in Texas, throughout the nation and internationally by providing resources to enhance economic development, arts education, cultural tourism and artist sustainability initiatives. For more information on TCA and its programs, please visit # #Jennifer StongMarketing SpecialistTexas Commission on the Arts(512) 936-6559Fax: (512) 475-2699P.O. Box 13406Austin, TX 78711-3406Visit TCANet: www.arts.state.tx.usPost your Arts event at: Houston Family Arts Center: "DANCING FOR A CURE: HEALING BLUE" August 4 & 5 "Dancing for a Cure: Healing Blue," a modern dance concert with an inspiring message of hope and triumph. The event is a tribute to breast cancer (and all cancers) survivors as well as tributes to those who have lost their lives to this dreaded disease. Ticket proceeds and all donations benefit The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Inspired by seven women in their triumph over breast cancer, "Dancing for a Cure: Healing Blue" collages original music, videotaped interviews and innovative choreography by Hilary Thomas. Moving from dramatic poses to heart-pounding interplay, the troupe performs routines that are physical and precise but seem softened with a sense of ease and joy. Lineage is breathtaking to watch for the first time, and mesmerizing every time thereafter. By encouraging women to take care of themselves, honor their bodies and fully live their lives, this powerful performance hopes to change the way many view illness and health. A special feature is the "Faces of Hope Tribute" at the end of the performance. This visual presentation honors courageous people who have faced the challenge of breast cancer, photos of whom have been submitted by their friends and loved ones, together with a short message of tribute and encouragement printed in the program. Lineage Dance also will premiere "Dancing Through the Ages: a Work in Progress," a performance that includes dancers of all ages, skill levels, and mobilities from the local community. Houston Family Arts Center713.459.9650 HFAC is registered as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and invites both businesses and individuals to sponsor this event through tax-deductible donations and/or advertising in our program. Tickets are $10, and additional donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Ticket proceeds and all donations benefit The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. DANCE DESCRIPTIONS FOR BLACK LAB NEXT WEEK Monymusk 32S3 1-4 1st cpl turn by the right hand and cast 5-8 1st cpl turn by the left hand to finish woman up man down across the dance, three and three facing 9-12 All set twice with 1st cpl turning on bars 11-12 to finish on their opposite side 13-16 All set twice 17-24 All dance 6 hands round and back 25-30 All dance 6 bar reels of 3 on the side, 1's begin by giving right shoulder to the person on their right 31-32 1st cpl cross by the right hand to place Preston, 1786 [Dianna's Note: at the Black Lab, we'll dance 3x through, on bars 31-32 dancing couple will cross and cast to the bottom.] **************************************** Davy Nick Nack 8x32 hornpipe for 3 cpls 1-4 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cpls cross over giving right hands to finish a little in front of opposite side lines, and set 5-8 all cross back to own places, and set 9-16 1st cpl turn 1 ½ times with right hands, cast off one place on opposite sides, then turn with the left hand to finish in a diagonal line with 1st corners (2nd cpl step up on bars 13-14.) 17-18 1st cpl turn 1st corners with right hand to change places, corners finishing back to back facing 1st cpl. 19-20 1st cpl set to corners in their new position. 21-24 1st cpl turn their 1st corners back into place with the right hand then turn each other with the left hand to finish in a diagonal line with 2nd corners. 25-26 1st cpl turn their 2nd corners with right hands to change places, corners finishing back to back facing 1st cpl. 27-28 1st cpl set to corners in their new position. 29-32 1st cpl turn 2nd corners back into place with the right hand then giving left hands briefly in passing curve into 2nd place on own sides. Repeat, having passed a couple. [Dianna's Note: at the Black Lab next week, if we dance 3x through, dancing couple on 31-32 will cross to the bottom of the set.] **************************************************** JUSTINE'S DELIGHT 4 cpls in a square.TEMPO: Waltz 1 - 4 Men waltz into the center and retire to place. 5 - 8 Women waltz into the center and retire to place. 9 - 12 Men waltz into the center and retire to place. 13 - 16 Women waltz into the center and make a quarter turn to their left. Women waltz out to the next woman's place clockwise in the dance. Stay facing out. 17 - 18 Taking right hands, half turn with new partner. (Men finish facing out; women finish facing in). 19 - 20 Retaining right hands, balance to new partner. (Waltz step towards partner, then waltz step away). 21 - 22 Retaining right hands, half turn with new partner. (Men finish facing in and women finish facing out). 23 - 24 Retaining right hands, balance to new partner. (Waltz step towards partner, then waltz step away). Finish facing new partner. 25 - 28 Waltz back-to-back with new partner. 29 - 32 Two-handed turn with new partner once around; both finish facing in. CALENDAR PAGEdetails on all items listed below can be found on the webpage at:CURRENT MONTH UPCOMING MONTHS THE COMING WEEK: 27 THURSDAY Celtic Chorus of HoustonChurchill Room, Black Labrador Pub (Montrose near Richmond)NEW TIME: 7:00-9:00 pm HOUSTON BRANCH OF RSCDSTHURSDAY SOCIAL7-27-06Dad's Club - Studio A1008 Voss Rd. (N. of I-10)7:30 p.m.Cost $5.00PROGRAMFERGUS MC IVER (WAVERLY)BRATACH BANAREEL OF THE ROYAL SCOTSCULLA BAYPINEWOODS REELWESTHIGHLAND LINELAMB SKINNETSTAFFIN' HARVESTWHISLING WIND 28 FRIDAY 4th FridayHouston Area Acoustic Music Society Acoustic Showcaseat Hickory Hollow, 101 Heights Blvd MAPPeggy Carter, 281-370-9495; Music starts at 7:00. The jam is about 9:00 29 SATURDAY Saturdays, July 15, 22, and 29th, and Saturday August 5, 2006.Houston Community College - Central CampusWorld Dance Institute Workshops 2006 HCC Central CollegeMaps Street Map Campus Map HOUSTON SCOTTISH INVASION OF 2006: "Dinner in your Kilt"The Bull & Bear Tavern & Eatery11980 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77077 STEAK SPECIAL: 16oz T-Bone - Baked Potato or two sides - $ 12.95 all dayBeers of the Month: Grolsch and St. George $3.50 / pint all dayPlease RSVP to Carol Roberts Moodafaruka in Concert!2 showsSaturday July 29th7:30 to 9:30 and10pm to midnightAtTHE Mucky Duck 2425 Norfolk zip 77098713 528 5999 Go to the link above for tickets! Go to for aFREE DOWNLOAD OF THE SONG "Only by Faith" Murder the StoutGrif's Irish Pub3416 Roseland St.Houston, TX9 PM(no cover) 30 SUNDAY Men of Houston Morris Dancers Group OutingGILBERT and SULLIVAN (SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING AND MORE)2:30 pm(probably a meal after as a group) July 30-August 4th, 2006Ad Deum’s Summer Dance Intensive Houston, TexasThe Crossroads of Faith & The Art of DanceIncluding dancers/teachers from Houston Ballet, Project Dance NYC & Radio City, Belhaven College, Royal Ballet; Inlet Dance Theatre, Storling Dance Theatre, Hosanna Sacred Arts & special guests Word In Motion Dance Company ( Register Now: Houston Press Music Awards – THIS SUNDAY, JULY 30th!! 4:00pm - 10:00pmThis year's Houston Press Music Awards 66 Bands - $7 Bucks! Come check out the strongest band-for-band lineup yet! And better still, this will be our most physically compact showcase since the days when the event was held at Shepherd Plaza. This year, all the festivities will be held in a few square blocks. And what festivities there will be. From old classics like the Hollisters and the Hunger to awards newbies like the Riff Tiffs and Whorehound, from rockers like Chango Jackson and Dizzy Pilot to rappers like Gritboys and Cl'che, ...You get the picture. Ticktes are available at the Houston Press (1621 Milam, M-F 9am -6pm) or any showcase venue on Sunday. This years venues are, Brewery Tap, Boaka Bar Grasshopper, Hooters Market Square outdoor stage, Jefe, Live, M Bar, The Mercury Room, The Office, Red Cat Jazz Cafe, and St. Pete's Dancing Marlin All in all, our event is the one day of the year in which Houston at long last has its Sixth Street or Deep Ellum -- a central area with lots and lots of laid-back bars featuring live bands. 31 MONDAY International Folk Dancing for beginners.HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCERS7:30 - 10:00 pm Oddfellows Hall, 115 E. 14th Street in the Heights. AUGUST 2006 1 TUESDAY Strings n' Things contact Peggy Carter. Ceilidh jamPoor Michael'sThe StrandGalveston, TX409-762-19679 PM - midnightAll skill levels welcome. 2 WEDNESDAY SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING AND MORE 7-10 pm · NEW DANCERS WELCOMEFamilies welcome (children must be accompanied by parent/guardian) · COST: FREE · Location: Churchill Room, Black Labrador Pub (Montrose near Richmond) to live music by: FISH &CHIPS (English Country Dance Band) host English Session1st & 3rd Wednesdays7-9:30 pm Churchill Room, Black Labrador Pub (Montrose near Richmond) English as well as Scottish, Irish and American Traditional Music, played on Fiddle, Banjo, Concertina and whatever folks bring. Open session, all musicians and singers invited to join in; dancing welcomed!For information, contact Dan Worrall Dianna Dianna L. Shipmandiannashipman@att.netScottish Country Dancing and MoreHouston, Texasweb page: 713-522-1212
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