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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Updated List of Thank You Gifts

Below is an updated list of CDs that we have to give as thank you gifts for contributions to KPFT. For a $60 contribution you can get one CD; for $90 you get two; for $120 you get three; etc. Your support of the Irish Aires show on KPFT is appreciated at any level, Thanks, Jay & Pete ---- Traditional & Folk Last Waltz – Betsy McGovern & Patrick O’Flaherty Andreas Brown Eyes Patrick O’Flaherty Resurrected Lover – The Poor Clares Change of Habit The Poor Clares The Celtic Folk – Volume I The Celtic Folk – Volume II The Celtic Folk – Volume III – Live on Bourbon Street Miles From Home – Jed Marum Soul of a Wanderer – Jed Marum In the Rare Ould Times Clan Ceili A Million Steady Hands – Clan Ceili ---- US Civil War Music Fighting Tigers of Ireland– Jed Marum ---- Celtic Women Presents: Walking in the Air – Chloe - Vocal A Celtic Journey – Meav - Vocal The Water is Wide – Orla - Vocal Lisa – Lisa - Vocal Raining Up – Mairead (Irish Fiddle) ---- Christmas Song for Midwinter The Poor Clares ---- Celtic Rock Casualties of Retail – Enter the Haggis The Elders Live– The Elders
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