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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Patrick O'Flaherty On Irish Aires Today - Playlist 12/03/05

Patrick O’Flaherty Patrick O’Flaherty Patrick O'Flaherty, a talented multi-instrumentalist, began playing the harmonica as a young boy in Connemara. Raised in Galway's Gaeltacht on the Rugged West Coast of Ireland, Patrick is part of a select group of people whose native language is Gaelic. He grew up in Ardmore, Co. Galway, and spent much of his boyhood on Inis Mor, the largest of the Aran Islands off the coast of Galway. Today he is acknowledged as one of the truly fine practitioners of Irish mandolin and harmonica. He is also a highly respected player of the button accordion and banjo. Patrick is one of the few composers today writing original songs in Gaelic. His professional music career has spanned nearly three decades. Instruments played: Mandolin, Harmonica, Accordion, Banjo Official Web Site Song: Come In & News CD: Best of Artist: Irish Rovers ****************************************** Song: Celtic Tiger CD: Celtic Tiger Artist: Michael Flatley ****************************************** Song: Ireland CD: A fine Line Between Ambition & Delusion Artist: Blarney Brothers ****************************************** Song: Changes CD: Burning Times Artist: Christy Moore ****************************************** Break ****************************************** Patrick O’Flaherty Interview ****************************************** Song: The Old Triangle CD: Andrea's Brown Eyes Artist: Patrick O'Flaherty ****************************************** Current Events ****************************************** Song: Magdeline Launderies CD: Burning Times Artist: Christy Moore ****************************************** Song: Singing Cavalliers CD: Tam O'Shnter & Other Talse Artist: Jim Malcolm ****************************************** Break ****************************************** Song: Isle of Innisfree CD: Restless Spirit Artist: Tommy Flemming ****************************************** Promos
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