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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Update: Scottish Country Dancing & More

To: subscribers to Scottish Country Dancing & More newsletter - I'm having computer problems and in the process of getting a new computer set up and having a cable connection set up but it will probably be a couple of weeks before I get all that done, SO . . . If you don't get an email reply from me and need to get in touch call me at 713 522 1212 If you don't get a newsletter for the next week or two, not to worry, I will catch up when possible - in the meantime you might check the Irish Aires website - Jay archives my newsletters along with lots of other things at: and if all else fails I may try to ask him to post the next couple of weeks newsletters there. Likewise for my websites and calendars, however, it's possible I can patch together enough to keep everything going :-) My old computer has become unstable but at the moment is working and connecting to the internet but for the past couple of days neither computer could connect to the internet so I've been in cyberspace withdrawal :-) HURRICANE KATRINA I'm sure you're probably receiving lots of emails regarding the aftermath of the storm - I've heard from Tom Mungall with the New Orleans group - they did not have a workshop yesterday - he said the location is probably underwater - as far as he knows all their dancers got out alive but have lost almost everything - cell phones aren't working and many do not have email etc access - he said he will let me know of any specific ways to help our dance friends there once things get sorted out a bit more A number of musicians are donating proceeds from CD sales to the relief effort through CD Baby: go the Red Cross Disaster Relief - so far Sia Beaton, Hugh Morrison and Patrick Devlin & Blaggards have written to say they have done this - so stock up on those CDs for some early Christmas shopping or just for some fun music and a way to help. Marilyn Cooper had to drive to Lake Charles to help with the evacuation of her mother-in-law from Houma, LA; husband Glenn Hebert says things are starting to get back to normal for them. From the Texas State Bar (since in my alternate life when I'm not dancing I'm also an attorney): Currently the biggest need is for financial assistance to help victims on the most basic human level. Evacuating the storm-devastated regions, and supplying food, water, medical assistance, and clothing are priorities. Financial gifts to the organization of your choice that provides rescue operations is the highest priority at this point. Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS) provides free legal aid for low-income people with civil legal problems in a 10-parish area in southeast Louisiana. This site provides a link to PayPal for contributions to SLLS legal services relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The American Bar Association/Young Lawyers Division is the entity that will coordinate with FEMA to provide legal assistance to those who have been impacted by the hurricane and its aftermath. Once the disaster response center locations have been identified in Texas, the State Bar will help local lawyer organizations identify lawyers willing to offer assistance. All for now and hopefully I will get everything straightened out computerwise soon - and I'm sure we'll all being wishing the best for those affected by the storm and each doing what we can in our own way to help. Dianna Dianna L. Shipman Scottish Country Dancing and More Houston, Texas web page: phone: 713-522-1212
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