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Monday, September 19, 2005

Danny O'Flaherty In Beaumont Sunday 09/25/05

 Danny O’Flaherty Sunday, September 25, 2005 Jeff Riley’s Club Reunion Featuring Irish Balladeer Danny O’Flaherty (owner of O’Flaherty’s Irish Channel in New Orleans) 2 Shows 6PM & 8:30PM Admission $10 per person @ The Logon Café 3805 Calder Avenue Beaumont, Texas 409-832-1529 ******************************  Danny O’Flaherty Irish Balladeer Danny O’Flaherty Danny’s success as an entertainer is driven by his dedication to preserving and passing on his Celtic heritage. As the last of a generation reared in the isolation of a pure Gaelic culture, Danny’s youth recalled the simple tradition kept alive on the rugged and desolate islands. His first language is Gaelic, and his first love – the ancient music played and sung around the peat fires in the evenings. Danny evokes the often-indistinguishable link between history and myth. Whether singing the timeless songs of Galway fishermen or performing his own contemporary ballads, Danny O’Flaherty keeps a unique heritage alive. Danny O’Flaherty has traveled far from his boyhood home in the farthest reaches of the Irish west, to the steps of the United States Capitol where he performed before a crowd of a half a million on Solidarity Day. There have been numerous other stops along the way - each a momentous occasion: a tour of Israel culminating in a private command performance with then President Herzog; a performance at the National Cathedral for Pope John Paul II’s visit to the U.S.; featured performer for President Ronald Reagan’s Inaugural Ball; the opening concert for the Pan Celtic Festival in Ireland; an invitation only concert for the alumnae of the University of Notre Dame, and headliner for the Tulsa Philharmonic and The National Theatre in Washington, D.C. - just to list a few. Danny O’Flaherty leads an audience through the mists of legends as each soaring note gently tugs at the heart transporting the listener to a world beyond time. This talented musician is equally adept with six and twelve string guitar, button accordion, tin whistle, and harmonica. From songs of the sea and glen to aching calls for tolerance and peace, Danny O’Flaherty’s appeal is universal spanning all ages. read more • download flier • download Foc'sle Reunion flier g e n r e : Irish Folk h o m e b a s e : New Orleans, LA a u d i o s a m p l e s : 1. O'Flaherty, Danny - Old Dun Cow.mp3 2. O'Flaherty, Danny - Erin.mp3 3. O'Flaherty, Danny - Angus.mp3 4. O'Flaherty, Danny - Steve O'Donnell's Wake.mp3 5. O'Flaherty, Danny - Traveling Man.mp3 p r o m o p h o t o : click to download r e v i e w s : "Unfiltered and heartfelt, Danny O’Flaherty’s music is the product of an intensely personal enthusiasm that makes his work dramatically different." ~ Brian MacQuarrie, Boston Sunday Globe "Danny O’Flaherty continues to grow on the Irish people. Wherever he performs, his audience is amazed. Through his music, Danny helps keep alive the stories and traditions of an ancient culture and a simpler time. Danny might be American based, but he is very much an Irishman." ~ Personalities, The Entertainment Magazine, Ireland "Passionately devoted to traditional Irish culture and the Gaelic language, Danny O’Flaherty has become a crusader for Celtic culture worldwide." ~ The Beat, The Baton Rouge Advocate p h o n e : 504.366.0635 e - m a i l : w e b s i t e :
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