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Friday, May 13, 2005

Jed Marum In Concert 05/22/05 in Houston

CELTIC CONCERT & CEILIDH Sunday, May 22, 2005 5:00 pm - 8:00 p.m Admission: Free (Donations For Performers Appreciated) Snacks/Beer, Wine & Soft Drinks Available For Purchase. Featured Entertainer: JED MARUM (More Info Below) plus dancing, singing, open mic We welcome anyone who would like to perform! For more info contact Dianna Shipman Location: The Knights of Columbus Council 803 2616 Louisiana, Houston, Texas near downtown, bounded by Louisiana (one way going north) Smith (one way going south) Dennis and McGowen (overflow parking to the south at Records Storage and to the east at ADT lot, and on the street where indicated) MAIN ROOM - NO SMOKING; ANCHOR ROOM - SMOKING Featured Entertainer: JED MARUM Jed is known as a gifted singer and an exceptional guitar player with a strong and distinctive style. He is an accomplished banjo and harmonica player as well and brings some fascinating new sounds to the stage with unusual or hybrid instruments like the hi-strung backpacker and the banjola. In recent travels, Jed is headlining at several of the nation's big festivals, including The North Texas Irish Festival, Chicago Gaelic Park Irish Festival, Mississippi Scottish Games, Tucson Folk Festival, Texas Scottish Festival and many regional festivals around the US. Judith Gennet of Green Man Reviews said of Jed's music, "You can hear the Folk in the Celtic and the Celtic in the Folk!" Tracks from Jed’s Boston Road Record releases are regularly heard on radio airwaves around the world, including two months at "Most Played Artists" for SOUL OF A WANDERER in 2002 on the Folk-DJ-List - and the #25 most played single track in Ireland, for the year 2001 for his recording of GRACE on the European Country Music Charts. Jed’s music has been licensed for use by TV, film and other recording artists. CDs: MILES FROM HOME A repeat musical collaboration among Jed Marum and friends, Brian McNeill (Battlefield Band) - and producer Paul Mills (Stan Rogers and many many others). The album also features Tom Leighton (Mark Haines) as a guest performer. FIGHTING TIGERS OF IRELAND: A US Civil War Collection The songs in this fine collection are original and traditional. They retell personal tales from North and South. They relate the expectations of Irish, Scottish immigrants, and of African Americans. And they reprise the faith of a nation, torn as it was by this great Civil War. The album's CD liner notes provide important background information for each of the songs, including historical context and bibliographical reference. INTO THE WEST Into the West was recorded live at a performance of Into the West: Celts in Texas at the Pocket Sandwich Theater in Dallas, TX. on August 28th, 2002. The show focused on the Irish and Scots immigrants in Texas history. SOUL OF A WANDERER Produced by Paul Mills at the Millstream in Toronto, . . . Working with Jed on the record are Scottish fiddler and folklorist, Brian McNeill, Canadian folk music legend, Rick Fielding and "Stan Roger's favorite side-man," Curly Boy Stubbs. STREETS OF FALL RIVER "Streets of Fall River" is a collection of original and traditional songs drawn, in large part from the Irish immigrant experience, and has received critical acclaim from industry experts throughout the US and Europe
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