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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Boys & Girl From County Clare Opens in Houston

To receive these postings via email, click HERE No Message is necessary. Back to Irish Aires Table of Contents --- Opens Friday (03/25/05) at the Greenway Plaza Cinema in Houston. Show times are daily at 1:50PM, 4:30PM, 7:00PM, 9:30PM. To make sure thay you see this film, you should go this week. Marilyn says that if, after missing the Rory O’Shea movie, that you promised yourself you wouldn’t miss the next one. This is your opportunity. This looks like a good one!  Brothers John Joe (Bernard Hill) and Jimmy (Colm Meaney) haven't seen each other in twenty years. Having parted on bad terms, they meet at the All Ireland traditional music finals as leaders of rival Irish dance bands. Romance ensues between Anne (Andrea Corr of pop group The Corrs), a beautiful fiddle player, and Teddy (Shaun Evans), a brilliant young flute player—members of the opposing bands. Family ties trump feuds, but when the time comes to play, who's coming home with the trophy? A musical comedy from director John Irvin (A Month by the Lake, Widow's Peak). Official Web Site Director: John Irvin Cast: Phil Barantini, Zelia Attzs, Patrick Bergin, Charlotte Bradley, Margi Clarke, Andrea Corr, Shaun Evans, Bernard Hill, Stephanie Hill, Colm Meaney, James Nesbitt, Marc O'Shea, Philip Richey MPAA Rating: NR Run Time: 1hr 30mins Release Year: 2003 Country Of Origin: Ireland/UK/Germany ---- Back to Irish Aires Table of Contents To receive these postings via email, click HERE No Message is necessary.
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