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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

2005 St Patrick's Parade Book Info

2005 St Patrick's Parade Book Info THE ST. PATRICK'S PARADE COMMISSION SALUTES OUR IRISH HERO 2005 GRAND MARSHAL JAMES B. WETHERBEE Captain, USN RET. NASA ASTRONAUT (FORMER) BIOGRAPHICAL DATA James Wetherbee was born on November 27, 1952 in Flushing, New York. He considers his hometown to be Huntington Station, New York. He is married to the former Robin DeVore Platt of Jacksonville, Florida. They have two children. He enjoys tennis, skiing, softball, running and music. He graduated from Holy Family Diocesan High School, South Huntington, New York in 1970 and received a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Notre Dame in 1974. He is a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. He has received the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Navy Achievement Medal and two Meritorious Unit Commendations. Wetherbee received his commission in the United States Navy in 1975 and was designated a naval aviator in December 1976. After training in the A-7E, he was assigned to Attack Squadron 72 from August 1977 to November 1980 aboard the USS John F. Kennedy and logged 125 night carrier landings. After attending the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School in 1981m he was assigned to the Systems Engineering Test Directorate. He was a project officer and test pilot for the weapons delivery system and avionics integration for the F/A-18 aircraft. Subsequently assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 132, he flew operationally in the F/A-18 from January 1984 until his selection for the astronaut candidate program. He logged over 7,000 hours flying time in 20 different types of aircraft, including 345 carrier landings. Wetherbee was selected by NASA in May 1984 and became an astronaut in June 1985. In June 2004, he was assigned as the Space Shuttle Lead in the Independent Technical Authority at the Johnson Space Center. A veteran of six space flights, Wetherbee logged over 1,952 hours in space and is the first American to command five space missions. He was the pilot on STS-32 (1990) and was the mission commander on STS-52 (1992), STS-63 (1995), STS-86 (1997) STS-102 (2001) and STS-113 (2002). He retired from the Navy in November 2003 and retired from NASA on January 3, 2005 in order to pursue private interests. ****************************************** The Parade is dedicated to the Memory of Ann Ivins, Michael Shawn O'Brien & Michael Willock ****************************************** ST. PATRICK TAKE CARE OF THESE GREAT FRIENDS OF THE PARADE WE WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS OUR THANKS TO OUR INDIVIDUAL SPONSORS: THE ORIGINAL IRISH 100 CLUB SCOTT PETERSON TRI SQUARE CONSTRUCTION THE IRISH SOCIETY HOUSTON PROUD ****************************************** JOIN US FOR THE 4TH ANNUAL ST. PADDY'S IRISH OPEN MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2005 $125.00/PLAYER $500.00/TEAM $600/TEAM &HOLE SPONCER INCLUDES GREEN FEES, CART, BEVERAGES ON COURSE, LUNCH, DINNER, &GIVE-AWAYS QUAIL VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT SEAN KEARNS 832-978-4192 ****************************************** PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR PUBS ON ST. PATRICK'S DAY: BRIAN O'NEILL'S IRISH PUB SLAINTE IRISH PUB GRIFF'S THE SHAMROCK INN THE BEVERLY PUB MOLLY'S PUBS MR. C'S HOME PLATE BAR & GRILL MCELROY'S IRISH PUB SHAY MCELROY'S ****************************************** A BIG TEXAS WELCOME TO OUR VISITORS FROM THE IRISH GOVERNMENT PAT THE COPE GALLAGHER IRISH MARINE MINISTER OF STATE MRS. ANN GALLAGHER OWEN DUFFY PRIVATE SECRETARY TO THE MINISTER UNA NI DHUHGHAILL VICE CONSUL OF IRELAND JOHN B. KANE HONORARY CONSUL OF IRELAND ****************************************** THE 2005 ST. PATRICK'S PARADE WE ARE PLEASE TO WELCOME YOU AS A PARTICIPANT IN THE 46TH ANNUAL ST. PATRICK'S PARADE. WE ARE EXCITED TO BE AT MINUTE MAID PARK FOR THE FORTH YEAR IN A ROW. WE WANT TO WELCOME ALL THE NEW ENTRIES ALONG WITH THE GROUPS THAT HAVE COME OUT AND SUPPORTED US FOR YEARS. OUR PARADE THEME THIS YEAR IS "SALUTING IRISH HEROS: PAST AND PRESENT" THE RULES OF THE ST. PATRICK'S PARADE AND YOUR UNITS LINE-UP POSITION ARE ENCLOSED. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR UNIT WILL BE JUDGED FOR AN AWARD. AWARDS WILL BE GIVEN IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE PARADE IN THE PARKING LOT BETWEEN TEXAS AND CAPITAL ON FANNIN. PLEASE STAY AROUND TO SEE IF YOUR ENTRY WINS AN AWARD. THE AWARDS INCLUDE THE "DOC KEARNS MEMORIAL TROPHY" FOR MOST UNIQUE ENTRY, THE "GREEN DERBY AWARD" FOR THE BEST OVERALL ENTRY, "THE HORNPIPE AWARD" FOR THE BEST MUSICAL ENTRY THE "LEPRECHAUN AWARD" FOR THE BEST YOUTH ENTRY, AND GUINNESS AWARD FOR BEST PUB/BAR ENTRY. YOUR ENTRY WILL BE JUDGED ON ORIGINALITY AND ADHERENCE TO THE PARADE THEME. DUE TO THE RISING COST OF INSURANCE, WE REQUIRE ALL ENTRIES IN THE PARADE BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INSURANCE COVERING THEIR GROUP. THE ST. PATRICK'S PARADE COMMISSION IS NOT LIABLE FOR INJURY, DAMAGE OR THEFT TO ANY UNIT. WE HAVE BLANKET COVERAGE FOR THE ENTIRE PARADE AS REQUIRED BY HOUSTON CITY ORDINANCE. WE HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY AND WILL BE WITH US FOR MANY YEARS TO COME. THANK YOU, THE ST. PATRICK'S PARADE COMMISSION ****************************************** GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE 2005 ST. PATRICK'S PARADE PARADE THEME: "SALUTING IRISH HEROS: PAST AND PRESENT" PARADE DATE: SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 2005 PARADE TIME: 2:00 P.M. (CHANGED FROM LAST YEAR) PLACE: PARADE STEP OFF IS IN FRONT OF THE CLOCK TOWER AT MINUTE MAID PARK ****************************************** THE 2005 ST. PATRICK'S PARADE INFORMATION AND REGULATIONS PARADE OFFICIALS: Parade Marshals will have identification badges. It is important that you follow all of the Marshal's instructions. Failure to comply with a Parade Marshal will mean immediate exit from the parade area. PARADE CHECK-IN: Entrants should report to their assigned Section for check-in. Your Block Captain or Section Marshal will be there to greet entrants and show them to their assigned area. All entrants should make note of their check in time as explain below. PARADE CENTRAL: Parade Central will be located will be located at the Clock Tower in front of Minute Maid Park at Texas and Hamilton. FIRST AID STATION: Ask a Parade Marshal for assistance and he/she will escort you to Parade Central, where the First Aid Station will be located. LINE UP TIME: All floats, large vehicles and convertibles carry Parade Guests should be at their line-up position, parked parallel to the curb by 12:30 p.m. All other units should be at their line-up position no later than 1:00 p.m. Autos should be parked at a 45-degree angle to the curb. REVIEWING STAND: The reviewing stand will be reserved to Parade Officials, the Grand Marshal and invited Guests. The reviewing stand is on La Branch between McKinney and Lamar PARADE MAP: The map of the parade line up area and parade route is included at the back to this booklet. PARKING: Parking is the responsibility of the participants. No cars will be allowed in the line up area, except for parade entry cars. You must show your admission permit (Enclosed with this package) to enter the line up area. There is sufficient parking around Minute Maid Park on the surface lots. The parking lots across from Minute Maid Park (STAR LOT) are reserved for events taking place inside Minute Maid Park. HORSES: Horses will not be left unattended for the safety of the horses and spectators. All horse-drawn carriages should be decorated. DO NOT BRING HORSES INTO THE PARADE AREA BEFORE 1:30 P.M. Make sure you have someone with our unit who will clean up after the animals. The City will charge the Parade for cleaning the streets if we leave a mess. We will intern charge for our fines if you don't comply. PARADE AWARD CEREMONY: The awards will be announced following the Parade. The Awards Ceremony will be held in the parking lot on Fannin between Texas and Capital. Make arrangements to stay in case your unit wins an award. PARADE MOTION: Participants must maintain a forward motion (vehicle three miles per hour). NO STOPPING or reverse motion movements are allowed in front to the reviewing stand, located at the Park on LaBranch between McKinney and Lamar on the right hand side. Judges are instructed to disqualify any entry that stops the forward motion of the parade. Each entry should maintain a 30-foot interval between units. No gaps, please. KEEP MOVING!! Each float must be equipped with either a short front tow bar or heavy tow chains securely fastened to the chassis frame or to a solid section of the front to the float. Towing apparatus must be concealed within the float design. NOTE: Trailer tongues and towing bars will not stand much maneuvering. A short tongue will give better service. A long tow bar is more apt to give way or buckle, particularly in making turns. FLAGS: When displayed with another flag forming crossed staffs, the Flag of the United States will be on the right and over the staff of the other flag. When carried in a procession with another flag or flags, the American flag will be on the marching right. When the flags of two or more countries are displayed, they should be flown from separate staffs at the same height and the flags should be approximately equal size. When uses as an identifying symbol on an automobile, flags are flown on a small staff affixed to the end of the front bumper, on the right looking toward the car and within the line of the fender. When displayed this way, the staff should be tall enough so that the flag clears the car hood. INFORMATION FOR BANDS, DRILL TEAMS AND R.O.T.C. UNLOADING AND PARKING: Please do not unload or let your members out in the Parade Area. Unload busses on and proceed to your line up position. There will be parade marshals around to show you to your line up position. BUS DRIVERS: After all band members have been unloaded, bus drivers must remain in their vehicles during the parade. Please park your equipment vans in the same area as the buses. PLEASE DO NOT PARK BUSES OR VANS ON THE PARADE ROUTE. THESE LANES MUST BE CLEAR FOR THE FORWARD MOTION OF THE PARADE TO CONTINUE. TIME: Be at your line up area no later than 1:30 p.m. and go immediately to your position. Your Parade Marshal will direct you to your position, so have your band director check in with him/her. INFORMATION FOR MARCHING UNITS 1. All groups have been placed in their classification. 2. Units must carry identification banner in front of the band. 3. Units must march on 120 beats per minute. 4. Groups should play one (l) Irish melody as part of their program. 5. Units must maintain all maneuvers in forward motion. 6. UNITS MUST NOT STOP. 7. Units should be ready for their presentation when they reach the reviewing stand on LaBranch between McKinney and Lamar. 8. NO STOPPING for the sake of performing. 9. All maneuvers must move forward, although the musical tempo may be slowed slightly. 10. Drum Majors will be observed from the moment the band reaches the reviewing stand. Drum Majors will also be observed for roll-offs, salute of the reviewing stand, salute of the camera, posture; whistle commands and general authority over the band. PARADE ROUTE: The Parade will step off at the Clock Tower at Texas and Hamilton. The parade will proceed on Texas to LaBranch, turn right on Dallas, turn right on Austin, turn left on Texas and left on Fannin. AFTER THE PARADE: At the end of the parade route, there will be dispersing marshals who will direct you off the parade route. ALL VEHICLES NOT STAYING FOR THE AWARDS CEREMONY MUST LEAVE THE PARADE AREA IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE PARADE. JUDGING STAND INFORMATION The Judging Stand will be located in the Park on LaBranch between McKinney and Lamar. Each unit will be judged on the following applicable criteria: 1. Drum Major salute of the judges and reviewing stand. 2. Band Alignment or Unit Alignment. 3. Unity of Step. 4. Uniformity 5. Sound of the Organization (Band/Musical Groups) 6. Special Maneuver: Were items 2, 3, & 4 maintained? 7. Originality (Float, Car, etc.) 8. Adherence to Parade Theme (Floats, Cars, etc) 9. Animal Entries-Grooming and Behavior. 10. Extra Points: Something Special for St. Patrick's Day (wearing something green or a special St. Patrick's musical routine. Green does not include the regular school uniforms if they wear green.) Did organization come to a complete halt for any reason (besides regular parade back-ups) such as performing in front of the Judges or reviewing stand. If so, the judges will disqualify the entry. JUDGING: All Units will be judged as they pass the reviewing stand. Floats will be judged on originality, animation, theme, and costuming and overall appearance. Girls Units will be judged for step, lines, eyes right, etc. Marching Units will rate points for unit alignment, uniformity of step, sound, dress and optional maneuvers in forward motions. Float categories are commercially made or independently (built by individuals) produced. OTHER PARADE INFORMATION IT IS UNLAWFUL FOR ANY PARADE PARTICIPANT TO THROW, DISTRIBUTE OR GIVE AWAY ANY LEAFETS, COINS, PAPER MONEY, CANDY, SOUVENIRS, PASSES, BEADS OR ANY OTHER ITEM FROM A MOVING VEHICLE. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN BY CITY ORDINANCE!!! YOU MAY, HOWEVER, PASS OUT MATERIAL ON THE CURB ONLY. DO NOT LET PARADE SPECATORS COME INTO THE PARADE ROUTE. NOTICE: ANYONE WHO VIOLATES THIS ORDINANCE WILL BE ESCORTED OUT OF THE PARADE AND NOT INVITED BACK. THE ST. PATRICK'S PARADE IS A NON-POLITICAL PARADE. THEREFORE, NO CAMPAIGNING OR POLITICAL SLOGANS, VOICE OPINIONS OR SIGNS IN POOR TASTE WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE PARADE. IF IN DOUBT AS TO THE INTERPRETATION OF A DISPLAY, CHECK WITH THE CHIEF PARADE MARSHAL. IT IS ALSO UNLAWFUL FOR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES TO BE SERVED OR DISPLAYED DURING THE PARADE. THIS IS WRITTEN INTO THE CITY PARADE ORDINANCE!!! NOTICE: ANYONE WHO VIOLATES THIS ORDINANCE WILL BE ESCORTED OUT OF THE PARADE AND NOT INVITED BACK. ALL DRIVERS OF VEHICLES MUST BE LEGALLY LICENSED. ALL UNITS WILL STAY IN THEIR PARADE POSITION UNTIL THEY HAVE REACHED THE DISBANDING POINT AND ARE DIRECTED FROM THE ROUTE. PLEASE FIND PARKING AWAY FROM THE DISBANDING AREA. DO NOT ABANDON ANY ENTRY. THE CITY AS HAVING A WELL-RUN PARADE THROUGH THE YEARS HAS COMMENDED US. PLEASE RE-CHECK THE REGULATIONS SO THAT WE WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE "IRISH EYES SMILING" ON THE ST. PATRICK'S PARADE DAY. ****************************************** JOIN US FOR THE AWARDS CEREMONY IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE PARADE MAIN STREET BETWEEN TEXAS & CAPITOL COME SEE IF YOUR ENTRY HAS WON AN AWARD ****************************************** WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK STATE PARKING SERVICES, INC FOR GENEROUSLY DONATING THE PARKING LOT AND TO KIM COYNE AND ALL THE MEMBERS OF D.E.T.A. FOR MAKING US FEEL WELCOME OUR THANKS TO PAT HILL 2004 ST. PADDY'S IRISH OPEN & THE 2005 GUINNESS PUB AWARDS WE SALUTE MIKE CRITELLI AND BUDWEISER FOR MANY YEARS OF SUPPORT AND SPONSORSHIP THIS BUD'S FOR YOU, MIKE
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