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Saturday, December 25, 2004

12/25/04 - Christmas Playlist

(Poster's Note: The Christmas Party at KPFT was great. Merry Christmas, Jay, Bertha, Pete, Martha & Peg) ******** Song: Come In, Come In CD: Greatest Hits Artist: Irish Rovers ******** Song: Christmas in Killarney CD: American Christmas Classics Artist: Bing Crosby ******** Song: God Rest Ye CD: God Rest Ye Artist: Tidings of Comfort & Joy ******** Song: Wassail CD: Songs for the Mid-Winter Artist: Poor Clares ******** Break ******** Song: Christmas Memories CD: Back In the Middle Artist: Peter Yeates ******** Song: A Littlle Pub In London (Moriarty) CD: Old Ignatius Artist: John Duggan ******** Song: Simple Gifts / Lord of the Dance CD: Songs for the Mid-Winter Artist: Poor Clares ******** Song: Highland Cathedral CD: Winter Crossing Artist: James Galway & Phil Coulter ******** News ******** Song: Christmas in Innisfree CD: The Christmas Album Artist: Alan Dunne ******** Song: Silent Night CD: Phil Coulter's Christmas Artist: Phil Coulter ******** Song: Christmas Countdown CD: Christmas Countdown Artist: Frank Kelly ******** Song: Break ******** Song: Two Little Boys CD: The Christmas Album Artist: Cahal Dunne
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