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Saturday, December 18, 2004

12/18/04 - Current Events

Irish Current Events in the Houston Area What's New? 12/19/04 – Celtic Christmas @ The Meridian (Update) 12/25/04 – Irish Aires Christmas Party @ KPFT Studio 01/17/05 – Paisley Close at Mucky Duck for CD Release Party 02/24/05 – American Conference for Irish Studies (Update) This version of Current events at: s.htm Community Annoucements: Jim McNamara, the longtime piper from County Clare is quite sick with encephalitis. He is at Memorial City Southwest Medical Center. Michael Davitt, Irish performer & AOH activist, is continuing to undergo treatment for cancer. Please keep both of them in your prayers and please let others know about their condition. ****************************************** 12/18 - 12/19/04 - EJ Jones at the Revels Houston Performances. December 11-12, 18-19 Revels Houston Revels Houston 2004: A Scottish Celebration Moores Opera House, University of Houston 713- 668-3303 ****************************************** 12/19/04 - A Celtic Christmas Festival @ The Meridian - The popular blend of traditional and alternative Celtic music and dance with craft vendors, traditional food & drink. Sunday, December 19, 2004 A Celtic Christmas Festival At Meridian Downtown Houston's New Concert and Special Events Venue With The Beth Patterson The Trinity River Whalers The Mc Teggart Irish Dancers The Flying Fish Sailors The Godfrey's Rangers And The Battle of the Oak King and the Holly King Celtic Food and Drink, Crafts and Wares TIME: Doors Open at Noon ADMISSION: $8 in Advance, $12 Day of Show Advance Tickeets Available at the Meridian Box Office, Noon – 6 PM Mon. – Fri. And at TicketMaster 713.629.3700 LOCATION: 1503 Chartres, Houston, Texas 77003, 713-225-1717 Between Leeland and Bell, across 59 from the Convention Center ---- Listen to a sneak preview of the bands LIVE on "Irish Aires" broadcast on KPFT 90.1FM, Saturday from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. ---- There will be NO SMOKING in the Main Room (Prime Meridian) for the Festival. Smoking will be allowed in the Red Room ONLY! About the Festival After a two year hiatus, the Celtic Festival Series has returned to Houston. This is the series that was held for years at Garden in the Heights, and is produced by the same team that created the series and ran it. There will be the same mix of great Celtic music and dance, traditional Celtic food and drink, exquisite Celtic crafts and wares that made these events such a memorable. Celtic Christmas celebrates the Winter Solstice, the deepest part of winter and anticipation of the return of the sun with spring. It was a time of family and clan gathering, gift giving and feasting, and decorating with evergreen, holly and mistletoe. Celtic Christmas has also always been the best shopping opportunity of the holidays as vendors of unique and exquisite Celtic crafts and wares, gifts, books and toys come together to offer choices not found at the local mall. A list and description of wares is below ---- Beth Patterson and Kalafka Formerly of the Poor Clares Multi -instrumentalist Beth Patterson (formerly of The Poor Clares from New Orleans) is a renowned player of the eight and ten- stringed Irish bouzoukis giving performances chock-full of drive, energy, and passion; laced with humor. She has an eclectic repertoire of Celtic, roots, and contemporary songs; integrating alternative pop with Irish music and other ethnic styles, such as Cajun, Latin, Mediterranean, and African. Her music has gained critical acclaim across the United States and Europe, and has appeared on National Public Radio and PBS. The Trinity River Whalers Former Members of The Blarney Brothers The Trinity River Whalers crew is: David Sparks on vocals and signature finger-picking on guitar, bouzouki and mandolin; Micheal Price on rhythm guitar and mandolin; Randy Christian belting out his favorite rowdy tunes or adding a dash of soulful harmonica, accordion or pennywhistle. As former members of the popular Celtic group the Blarney Brothers, the guys are veterans of some of the country's largest Celtic events. Proving that women can be 'Whalers' too, Kathleen Jackson's warm rich voice rings true while rocking on the upright bass. Marj Troyer took the lead in style with hot licks and tasty nuggets on guitar, smooth as silk harmony and catchy original tunes. The McTeggart Irish Dancers The McTeggart Irish Dancers of South Texas (MIDOST), based in The Woodlands TX (North Houston) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving and teaching the art of traditional Irish dance, through performance and instruction for all, from beginners through world-championship levels. This is the lively step dancing and hard shoe dancing that were the origins of tap dance and the subjects of the phenomenal River Dance and Lord of the Dance shows. Flying Fish Sailors Performing acoustic folk music , original comedy and folk rock, the Flying Fish Sailors bring together elements from diverse musical styles to create a sound uniquely their own. Their shows combine modern and antique instrumentation, and musical styles from many times and cultures: A place where humorous original songs, American and Celtic folk songs converge with classic rock themes, the blues, and even rap and heavy metal influences. Godfrey's Rangers Houston's premier Irish band and longest running Celtic act perform the traditional music of the 19th century Irish immigrants. The Rangers have entertained for James Galway, the President of Ireland, and countless audiences with fiery jigs and reels, haunting ballads, and rousing songs of pleasure and war that tell the story of the Irish. The Battle of the Oak King and The Holly King As an observance of the Winter and Summer Solstices, The ancient Celts personified the constant struggle between the forces of nature with a staged battle between the Oak King, representing Summer, and the Holly King, representing Winter. This tradition was revived at the first Celtic Christmas Festival by professional stuntman and Renaissance Festival performer Alan Hutton. Giving the battle his own humorous and raucous take, it has been a favorite element of the solstice festivals ever since. SCHEDULE 12:30 Godfrey's Rangers 1:30 Flying Fish Sailors 2:30 Trinity River Whalers 3:30 Beth Patterson 4:30 McTeggart Irish Dancers 5:00 Godfrey's Rangers 6:00 Battle of the Oak King & Holly King 7:30 McTeggart Irish Dancers 8:00 Flying Fish Sailors 9:00 Trinity River Whalers 10:00 Beth Patterson VENDORS Old World Heritages: Coats of arms, family histories by Robbie Lindley. Magick Cauldron: Swords, Celtic jewelry, clothing, books, statues wall plaques and more. Tribal Hut: Jewelry, candles, gifts. Elsee's Silver: Sterling silver jewelry and gems in unique designs from Karen Chaney Tradewinds: Celtic jewelry. Roy Conn's Monastic Marvels: Honey's and novelty beverages, soaps and more in the tradition of monastic herbal gardening. Cornelia Amri: Author of Celtic romances. The Family Jewels of Texas:The treasure trove of jewelry. We travel the world discovering treasures for your pleasure. By Ginger Trina's Aromatic Wares: Aromatic lamps. Lola overland Celtic Novelties: Crystals, Celtic clothing. Sheila Jackson's Scottish Wares: Imported Scottish gifts, dolls, wares. Rebecca's: Scottish jewelry and imported wares. Russell Aul Instant Attitudes: Celtic t-shirts, bumper stickers. Brazillian Nuts: Roasted flavored pecans, almonds, and more. More calling every day! Meridian is available for rent for Private Parties, Company Parties, Concerts, Fundraisers, and other Special Events. Call 713.225.1717 for more information. Check the website for updates at ****************************************** 12/19/04 - Blaggards @ ROCK THE SHELTER Benefit, The Continental Club, 3700 Main St, Houston, TX - 713.529.9899 ****************************************** 12/25/04 – Irish Aires Christmas Party On Saturday night, December 25, 2004 (better known as Christmas night) IRISH AIRES is going to host a Christmas Party for listeners & friends. We figured that since we had to be at the studio that evening to do our show, why didn't YOU need to be there too. From 6:00PM until 8:00PM, Pete, myself, Bertha, Peg & other volunteers (too numerous to mention) will host a party at KPFT-FM (419 Lovett Blvd, Houston, Texas 77006 – see a map at: The number at the station is 713-526-5738. My cell number is 713- 828-8743. Saint Arnolds Brewing Company ( has volunteered some liquid refreshments. There will big hams there (other than Pete & I). AND, if you can, bring a covered dish (preferable with something to eat in it). Come by and lift some food & drink in toast to KPFT. No NEED to, but if you want to RSVP, send me back an email at ****************************************** 01/16/05, Sunday - Julian Calendar New Year at the Meridian: Still the best European bash in town - a colorful blend of ethnic music and dance from Russia and Eastern Europe. An exotic assortment of traditional Eastern European, Balkan and Russian food and drink will be served. The Gypsies: The most popular band for ethnic music in Houston - Russian, Eastern European, Polish, Middle Eastern, Jewish Klezmer, and Gypsy as well as Celtic, Cajun, jazz, and swing. ****************************************** 01/17/04 - Paisley Close at the Mucky Duck 8PM $10 CD Release Event Cidnie MacNamee and Amy Price met in the mid-1990s. After a promising phone conversation Cid invited Amy to try out for the fledgling Celtic band Gordian Knot. Amy got lost on her way to the audition and was an hour late, which set the tone for their relationship: Amy was definitely in, but only Cid could drive The Van. They played and recorded some great music, garnered critical acclaim, and made many loyal fans and wonderful friends before the band broke up in 2001. When Cid and Amy met guitarist Bernard Schreiber in 2003, musical sparks flew. They added drums and bass, and thus was Paisley Close born. Going on the "throw-the-baby-bird-out-of-the-nest-and-see-if- it-flies" theory of emergence, their first public performance was at the 2004 nationally lauded St. Patrick's Day Festival of Houston's Mucky Duck. Paisley Close takes Gordian Knot's energetic Celtic Pop feel and soars with it to fresh, lyrical heights. Their material covers a broad spectrum, including traditional and modern songs arranged in the group's unique idiom; timeless poetry set to original music; and new compositions written by the band. Uncommon musicianship and storytelling are the common threads that run through the music of Paisley Close. ****************************************** 01/29/05 - The Rogues at the Mucky Duck ****************************************** 02/12/05 - Friday, The Greencards -7:30pm & 10:00pm, $12 (smoke- free) @ the Mucky Duck ****************************************** 02/22/05 - Tuesday, The Greencards - 8:30pm, $10 (smoke-free) @ the Mucky Duck ****************************************** 02/24-27/05: UST Hosts The American Conference for Irish Studies Southern Regional Conference The first major event in 2005 for the Center for Irish Studies. The conference features nearly 100 presentations by Irish Studies scholars, students, and interested persons from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Canada and throughout the United States on Irish Studies topics, including literature, history, politics, art, culture, music, and immigration. The conference will be held at the Warwick Hotel, 5701 Main Street downtown, and the public is encouraged to attend. The conference registration form is on the Center website: Mail or fax the form to Lori Gallagher at the address in the form. The final registration deadline is January 25, but registrations would be appreciated by January 10. This program is made possible in part by a grant from Humanities Texas, a State partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities, and other sponsors in addition to The Irish Society, including the national American Conference for Irish Studies, the Burkitt Foundation Perpetual Fund, Birra Poretti's, Freebird Partners L.P., Michael Horan, Tom and Jeani Horan, the Irish American Heritage Association, Moran Resources Company, Sotheby's, the William T. and Sally S. Slick Foundation, Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Group, and the University of St. Thomas. If you would like to be a sponsor or a volunteer to assist with the conference, please contact Lori Gallagher at 713-525-3592 or We hope to see you there! ****************************************** 03/11/05 - Tuesday, The Greencards - 9:00pm, $19 (smoke-free) @ the Mucky Duck ****************************************** 03/17/04, Thursday - Houston St. Patrick's Festival: The return of the biggest St. Patrick's Event in the southwest, formerly held at Garden in the Heights. ****************************************** 04/24/05 - Irish Tenor Ronan Tynan (3pm) at the Grand 1894 Opera House in Galveston. ****************************************** ON GOING Events: Wednesday Nights at 8ish PM. The Mucky Duck continues a twenty-five year tradition, hosting Houston's Irish Session. The Mucky Duck incarnation of the Session, if for no other reason than the frequent participation of younger musicians, gives a very real sense of tradition passed on and history handed down. The most visible Celtic-influenced traditional bands around Houston -- make participating in the Session a regular, energy-charging part of their regular routine. What is celebrated is the whole of Celtic culture, and a musical tradition that, over the centuries, has become as much American roots music as bottleneck guitar. The drums of western Africa are what gave American music its rhythm; more often than not, though, the melody is Celtic. The popularity of Celtic folk music is either a testament to the timeless appeal of these sometimes haunting, sometimes hilarious, sometimes jig-inspiring tunes, or perhaps an argument in favor of the nebulous theory of racial memory. Celtic blood-ties real, suspected and imagined have given many the impetus to learn the folk-arts of the ancient tribes; that's just one reason why the Wednesday night Session at the Mucky Duck is as much a school and tribal gathering as a musical event. This is a great way to explore Irish music and tradition. Music starts at 8pm, and there is no cover charge.2425 Norfolk Houston, TX 77098 713.528.5999 Phone Be sure to check our calendar in case we have booked a special show that might preempt our regular Irish Session ---- Ar mhaith leat Gaeilge a labhairt? Would you like to speak Irish? Beginning Irish Conversation Brian O'Neill's 5555 Morningside (Rice Village, near the intersection of University and Morning side) Brian O'Neill's Restaurant and Irish Pub: If you are interested in learning a little Irish then come join us at Brian Ó Neill's on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 P.M. This Irish class is tailored to the beginning student who has had no prior exposure to Irish. You will learn basic conversational greetings, helpful phrases, informative tips for traveling through the Gaeltacht such as common signage, asking directions and most important of all how to pronounce those mystical Irish words. Pocket phrase books do the tourist no good unless they know how to pronounce what they are reading! This course provides the beginning student with phonetically spelled out Irish words, something most beginning tape and book courses fail to offer. If you have any questions please contact Tim Theisen (tyson) at or phone me at (713) 263-9691 If you are interested please come join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 P.M. There is a $5.00 donation to cover cost of the handouts. Labhraímis Gaeilge is linne í ! Speaking Irish is cool ! ---- Wednesdays, 7-10 pm SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING AND MORE New Dancers Welcome - Families Welcome (children must be accompanied by parent / guardian). $5 for those 14 and over; $2.50 those under 14 ($15 maximum per family) - fourth consecutive Wednesday free. Location: Oddfellows Hall, 115 E. 14th St. (Heights), Houston, Texas (3rd building on left traveling east from Heights Blvd. - 2 story red brick - entrance recessed about 15 feet from street - dancing upstairs). LINKS ON WEBSITE with map & photo (Map) PHOTO OF HALL: ---- Houston Highland Games Association has regular meetings at the Holiday Inn SW-Sugarland (11160 SW Frwy. Houston, TX 77031-3698 281-5301400) on the first Thursday of each month. We gather in the lounge around 6:30 or so and prime the pump for the 7:30 meetings. They usually last for about an hour and a half. More fellowship follows the meeting. ---- The Irish American Heritage Association of Katy, Texas has their monthly meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The meeting is held at the MUD 81 Building (Harris Co. Municipal Utility Building) located on Cimmarron Parkway, off of South Mason Road in Katy, Texas. From the I-10 freeway driving south on Mason Road to the 4th light from the I-10 freeway is Cimmarron Parkway where you take a right turn to drive 2 blocks to the intersection on the left, there is Hidden Canyon Road where the MUD building is located. Plenty of lighted parking space is available across the street from the building. We have refreshments to share during the social gathering. Usually, by 9:15pm, the meetings adjourns. Membership is $20 annually due on June 1st. Each meeting features a different topic. Phone numbers for contact or information: Phil Connelly, President, Katy, Tx ph.281-492- 8780 Dennis McGuire, VP, Katy, Tx ph.281- 392-0894 IAHA Newsletter monthly advertising space is available too. A few Irish American Heritage Assoc. members and their friends have put together a deluxe bus tour of Ireland. The tour will leave Houston May 24th and return on June 4th. A private bus will be chartered to carry tourists to the very best adventures in Ireland. Plans include a banquet at Knappogue Castle, stops along the West Coast, a visit to the shrine at Knock, Donegal, Dublin, Waterford, and Kerry. The bus will make unique stops at places that are often off the beaten path. But the most unique feature of this tour will be the leisurely pace and flexible schedule. Unlike typical bus tours, you will not be required to wait on the pavement at the crack of dawn to begin an exhausting rigid daily schedule. Departures and stops will be adjusted to suit guests as the need arises. Each day will end in an overnight stay in a fine hotel. Your hosts for the tour will be Phil and Bridget Connelly. Bridget is from Ireland, and she and Phil make regular trips to the Emerald Isle. At least 20 persons will be signed up by February 5th to make this trip both affordable and luxurious, so don't delay! Call Phil or Bridget by February 5th (281) 492-8780. ---- Session on Sundays 6 'til 8:30pm at Rudyard's Pub (Rudz). Rudz is located at 2010 Waugh Drive. The best approach is from Montrose Blvd., turn west on Welch, when you get to Waugh, Rudz appears in front of you. The car park to your left is for Rudz' use. Julian Tribe ---- CELTIC CHORUS OF HOUSTON Do you like to hum or sing along with the music played on Irish Aires or The Three Irish Tenors? Then join us every Tuesday night: 1st Tuesday 6:30 TO 9:30 PM, other Tuesdays 7:30 to 9:30 PM 1ST TUESDAYS: BRIAN O'NEILL'S (6:30 pm practice singalong songs, 7:30 perform for Open Mic) 2nd, 3rd, and 4th TUESDAYS: KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, COUNCIL 803 Officers (elected June 11, 2002): President: MICHAEL "GRIF" GRIFFIN Vice- President: DIANNA SHIPMAN ( Secretary/Treasurer: ROBERT "BOB" DOWNS We will join together in a sing-a-long session and then later those who wish to learn four part music may stay and learn choral music of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If you need more information contact Richard McGinty 713-943- 9600 or e-mail . The mission statement reads in part: "to provide a community meeting place for those interested in the Celtic heritages." The first half of the evening focuses on singalong songs and the second half on choral arrangements. The singalong songs: Will You Go Lassie Go The Minstrel Boy Sally Gardens Molly Malone (In Dublin's Fair City) Finnegan's Wake The Foggy Dew Black Velvet Band Mcnamara's Band Danny Boy When Irish Eyes Are Smiling The Unicorn Song I'm Lookin' Over A Four Leaf Clover Whiskey In The Jar The Wild Rover The Bard Of Armagh Choral Arrangements: Danny Boy The Minstrel Boy An Irish Blessing My Wild Irish Rose Summer Break - No Meetings July 2 Thru Aug 6 - Chorus Resumes Meeting Aug. 13, 2002 ---- Event: Irish Jam Session/Open Mic. Night Place: The Beverly Pub, 6325A Beverly Hill (one block south of Richmond, between Hillcroft and Fairview) Every Wednesday Time: 8:30 - Midnight More Info: 713-334-3474 or Join host every Wednesday at the Beverly Pub for an Irish Jam Session and Open Mic. Night. All performers, professional or amateur, are welcome to join in or take the mic. for a few songs in a supportive, fun atmosphere, or just drop by for a pint and listen or sing along. Host Patrick "Paddy" Devlin of "On the Dole" fame and frequent guests jam on everything from Irish to blues to Elvis. The Beverly Pub is a cool place to find good music, good friends, great drink specials and most of all, it's fun atmosphere. It is relaxing and friendly, and the jolly good lads 'n lasses who make up the waitstaff offer good food and an impressive collection of draught & bottled beer and fine spirits. Need more information? Give us a call @ 713- 334-3474. (The Beverly won the Guinness trophy in the downtown St. Patrick's day parade. It is a nice cut glass trophy. Jay) ---- Celtic Voyage regularly plays at the Bayview Duck (just two miles south of the Kemah bridge on Hwy 146) on Sat night at 8pm. So bring your voices and your good cheer and join in for another song filled night. 3131 HWY 146, Bacliff, TX 77518, 281/339-3510 ---- "One hundred thousand welcomes!" This age-old Gaelic greeting is a timeless expression of Scottish hospitality and goodwill. We can't think of a better way to welcome you than to invite you to Houston's Heather and Thistle Society (H&T). The Heather and Thistle Society was founded in 1953 by Scots living in Houston who wished to "cultivate an interest in and fond recollections of Scotland, its history and traditions, its literature and ideals, its minstrelsy and song, its customs and amusements; and to provide opportunities for good fellowship and social contact through typically Scottish functions, so that the blessing of our Scottishculture may never die in our new homeland". The Heather and Thistle Society meets 10 times a year, September through June. Programs include "ceilidhs", lively lectures, slide shows and movies about Scotland. We are an organization that promotes our Scottish heritage in various ways. Membership in the Heather and Thistle Society is open to all with an interest in Scottish Heritage and Culture. Annual Dues are $10.00 for an individual and $15.00 for a family. H&T meets the fourth (4th) Monday of each month, September thru June, at 7:30 P.M. Current meeting location: Auditorium of St.Thomas Episcopal School, 4900 Jackwood, Houston, TX 77096 As of 25 March, 2002, current officers are: Walter May, Chieftain - 281-493-0016 - Becci Himes, Sub-Chieftain - 281-498-5746 - Aaron Buchanan, Sgt-at-Arms - 281-376-9749 - Brenda Barton, Secretary - 713-450-4042 Robert Moore, Treasurer - 713-774-0314 Past-Chieftains Committee: Wayne C. Barton (Chieftain 2001-02) - 713- 450-4042 - Edgar W. Biddle (Chieftain 1999-01) - 281- 807-7892 - Paul E. Ross (Chieftain 1996-97) - 713-661- 5240 - 02/22/05 - Tuesday, The Greencards - 8:30pm, $10 (smoke-free) @ the Mucky Duck David N. McLane (Chieftain 1991-92) - 281- 807-7892 W. Alex Munroe (Chieftain 1990-91) - 713-686- 2976 ---- Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Dancing General Class Mondays - 7:30-9:30 p.m In progress Classical Arts Dance Studio, 530 N Illinois, League City - Contact Moon Weiss, 713-465-9650, Basic Class Tuesdays - 7:30-9:30 p.m. In progress DewAnn Cotten Dance Studio, 9423 Glenfield Court (By S. Braeswood/Hillcroft) South West Houston For info: Carol Palmer, 713-776-8531, General Class Thursdays - 7:30-9:30 p.m In progress DewAnn Cotten Dance Studio, 9423 Glenfield Court (By S. Braeswood/Hillcroft), South West Houston Teacher: Bill Zobel, For info: Carol Palmer, 713-776-8531, ---- Stepdancing & Ceili classes O'Maoileidigh School of Irish Dance Houston, TX Sundays starting at 9:30 AM For more information contact ---- Step Dancing Lessons Stepdancing Lessons McTeggart Irish Dancers The Woodlands, Texas More info@ 936-321-6583 *With over 60 dancers and 21 Championship dancers McTeggart Irish Dancers of South Texas have a lot to be proud of. *Last year they had 6 dancers travel to Killarney Ireland for the World's Championship in Irish Dancing. These dancers faced up to 150 of the world's top dancers in their age groups. Two of the dancers did very well: Zane Glotzbach placed 24th and was 5th out of all the U.S. competitors and Annelise Rubbo placed 33rd overall. *Last year they had 21 dancers travel to Norfolk, Virginia for the Southern Region Championships, also known as "Oireachtas". Most of these dancers placed high in their age groups, with 3 receiving first place: Annelise Rubbo, Zane Glotzbach and Shannon Powell. From this competition a dancer qualifies for the World's Championship and Annelise Rubbo, Jaclyn Rubbo and Zane Glotzbach achieved this accomplishment. *Another well-known International competition is the All-Irelands. Later in January 2004, Annelise Rubbo and Jenna Pace will be traveling to Ennis, Ireland to compete. *Also in 2004 several dancers are heading to Philadelphia for the North American Nationals Competition, held each July. In addition, McTeggart Irish Dancers of South Texas hopes to have over 25 dancers travel to North Carolina for the next Southern Region Championship. *A new beginner class started Sunday, Jan. 11.For information on classes or performances, go to http://www.irishdancehouston or call 936-321-6583.
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