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Sunday, November 14, 2004

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Read Ireland Book News - Issue 291

Croke Park: A History by Tim Carey

Hardback; 30.00 Euro / 36.00 USD / 24.00 UK; 200 pages, full
colour photos throughout

Croke Park is a sporting icon that is central to Ireland's
national consciousness.  Headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic
Association, it occupies a unique role in Irish society.  In pure
sporting terms, tens of thousands have played on its field while
millions have watched its sporting dramas played out.  Today it
is a magnificent piece of stadium architecture symbolizing not
only the strength of the GAA but also, in a wider sense, a
confident, modern Ireland.

This book tells for the first time the story of 'Croker' from the
late 19th century to the present day. Comprehensively
researched, it puts the history of the famous ground in the
context of the expansion of the GAA, the development of the games
and the evolution of Irish society.  It pays homage to the great
games and personalities and highlights the role of supporters in
the history of Croke Park.  It also deals with many of the events
that are now central parts of the history of the stadium - the
Thunder and Lightning Final, Bloody Sunday, the Special Olympics.
Accompanying the history is the architectural development of
Croke Park culminating in the current spectacular stadium.  The
magnificence of the stadium and its illustrious history is
reflected in the photographs and other illustrations throughout
the book.

The Road to Croker: A GAA Fanatic on the Championship Trail by
Eamonn Sweeney

Paperback; 12.50 Euro / 15.00 USD / 9.00 UK; 368 pages

In a hilarious and riveting account of the 2003 GAA season,
acclaimed sportswriter Eamonn Sweeney transports us to the rwa
excitement of the terraces, the clubhouses and the bars,
recalling the highs and lows of a memorable season. Told with
immediacy and verve, THE ROAD TO CROKER is the first book to
unravel the mysteries of a national obsession, and reveal why GAA
is so central to the pulse of Irish life. Includes interviews and
anecdotes from players, managers and supporters, THE ROAD TO
CROKER is a GAA book with a difference.

The Lifelong Season: At the Heart of Gaelic Games by Keith

Paperback; 13.00 Euro / 16.00 USD / 8.50 UK; 294 pages

In this book the author, sportswriter with the Irish Times,
explores the heartland of Gaelic games.  He considers the moments
of inspiration that the very best leave as their gift to those of
us who watch from the sidelines.  His results are insightful,
entertaining and wise.  Frank McGuigan, Brian McEniff, Christy
Ring, the Gaynors of Tipperary, Crossabeg- Ballymun GAA club, St
Jarlath's of Tuam, Gaelic Park NY, Croke Park and St Laurence
O'Toole's girls' NS in Dublin, ex-GAA correspondent Paddy Downey
and more, all respond to Duggan's eager, enquiring and fresh

Gaelic Football's Top 20 by Colm Keane

Paperback; 12.00 Euro / 15.00 USD / 8.00 UK; 192 pages

For the first time ever, 20 of the greatest legends in Gaelic
football history are exclusively profiled in this star-studded
book.  Among the interviewees are Kerry legend Mick O'Connell and
Galway's Sean Purcell, who vividly recount Gaelic football's
golden age in the 1950s and 60s, while Sean O'Neill described
Down's historic breakthrough in 1960.  The great Kerry teams of
the 1970s and 80s are also represented by stars including Pat
Spillane, Mickey Sheedy, Jack O'Shea, John Egan and Eoin Listen,
while Dublin's Jimmy Keaveney and Brian Mullins assess their most
memorable battles with the Kerry giants. Elsewhere in the book,
Larry Tompkins and Billy Morgan revisit Cork's matches with Meath
in the late 80s and early 90s.  Meath's Colm O'Rourke and Martin
O'Connell offer their view of the contests. Offaly are
represented by Matt Connor.  Donegal's Martin McHugh and Derry's
Anthony Tohill recall their breakthroughs, unlike Mayo's Willie
Joe Paddon and Sligo's Mickey Kearins, who instead describe the
pain of their counties' near misses.  Enda Colleran remembers
Galway's famous three-in-a-row in the 60s. This book is crammed
with anecdotes of the great contests and controversies that have
dominated Gaelic football in the last half a century.

All About Gaelic Football by Jerry Grogan and Tom Fitzpatrick

Paperback, 10.00 Euro / 13.00 USD / 7.00 UK; 32 pages

Who won four All-Ireland medals and six Leinster medals but never
played in a final? Could you lift the Sam Maguire cup? Who scored
a penalty and saved one in the same game? Which player won nine
All-Star awards? How many players were on each team for the first
All-Ireland football final in 1887? All About Gaelic Football
takes a detailed look at the history of football, the counties,
the clubs, the winners, the trophies, Croke Park, the team
colours, the songs, the best players, the rules and gives top
tips for playing...all you could possibly ever know about Gaelic

Ireland's Soccer Top 20 by Colm Keane

Paperback; 16.00 Euro / 19.99 USD / 10.00 UK; 192 pages

For the first time in history, this star- studded book profiles 20
of the greatest soccer legends drawn from both sides of the Irish
border and traces the sport's evolution in Ireland from the late
1930s to the present day.  Among those featured are some of
football's greatest names - Johnny Giles, Roy Keane, George Best,
Paul McGrath, Pat Jennings, Liam Brady, Derek Dougan, David
O'Leary, Ronnie Whelan, Doon Givens and Frank Stapleton.  The
book also encompasses some of football's greatest moments, among
them the FA Cup and Championship successes, European triumphs and
wonderful international campaigns.

Keano (Roy Keane): Portrait of a Hero by Stafford Hildred and Tim

Hardback;  25.00 Euro / 30.00 USD / 17.00 UK; 270 pages, with
photos throughout

Roy Keane is one of the best, and most notorious, football
(soccer) players in the world.  This book is the story of a
football genius, told by the people who have met him throughout
his incredible career.  Very much his own man, Keane has always
courted controversy - his aggression on and off the pitch have
kept him in the headlines for much of his life in football but,
as this book shows, he is also an honourable man dedicated to
doing the right thing by himself and others. This book is an
uplifting testament to an awesome footballer and an infamous

Full Bag of Chips: Ireland and the Triple Crown by Peter

Hardback, 20.00 Euro / 25.00 USD / 15.00 UK; 127 pages with
photos throughout

Once we beat England, the players knew they had the chance to be
part of something really special. They knew that when Scotland
came to town, [the Triple Crown] was there for the taking. We
would be playing for the full bag of chips, says head coach Eddie
OSullivan.  This book is the definitive account of Irelands first
trophy in 19 years, with analysis and anecdotes from the players
and coaches, including the likes of Clive Woodward and Lawrence
Dallaglio, on Irelands historic victory over the world champions
at Twickenham. The author also delves into the six previous
Triple Crowns, revealing how, on the night of their decisive
victory over Wales, three of the 1948 team spent a few hours
under lock and key!

Belfast's Unholy War by Alan Parkinson

Hardback; 40.00 Euro / 55.00 USD / 25.00 UK; 360 pages

So-called sectarian disturbances have been a constant feature of
Belfast's history, but probably the most concentrated outburst of
violence occurred in the 1920s. Nearly 500 people lost their
lives, thousands more were injured and considerable damage was
inflicted upon the city's commercial centre. Numerous incidents
are recalled, as is the political setting of the time: the
meetings of Michael Collins and Sir James Craig; the Belfast
Boycott; the human tragedies that unfolded and the ultimate
creation of a northern state.

Explanations of the conflict tend to centre on its alleged
'pogrom' nature and the suggestion of state collusion in several
atrocities. This book challenges such one- dimensional
interpretations of the violence

Clouds on My Windows: A Dublin Memoir by May O'Brien

Paperback; 15.00 Euro / 18.00 USD / 10.00 UK; 218 pages

May OBrien was fifteen in 1947 when she started to work in
Liberty Hall, the dark and down-at- heel union headquarters that
sat brooding beside the river Liffey. Life was a struggle for May
and her family, and she was glad to be able to contribute
financially; she was glad, too, to find that she was appreciated
in work. After her first three months in the job, as the book
ends, she reflects that she haslearnt a lot from her union
colleagues since she entered Liberty Hall as an inmpressionable
school leaver.  An entertaining account of one womans experience,
it is also a valuable social document, revealing the realities of
life for working-class women in the 1940s.

Hero Town by Bryan MacMahon

Hardback; 20.00 Euro / 25.00 USD / 14.00 UK; 250 pages

Home to Peter Mulrooney, a 40-year-old, unmarried teacher,
teetering on the edge of fulfilment, Hero Town lies in the middle
of nowhere, the centre of everywhere. Its citizens quarrel,
grovel and intrigue; succeed and fail in lovemaking. They adore
stories and preserve the life of the imagination. They
communicate in the shorthand of nerves. By straining his eyes
Peter can see vaguely through cavity walls and windows. Fingers
snap, the inhabitants spring to attention, they talk volubly,
they shudder, shake, fall, round and round on the circular moving
contraption of life. The publication of this posthumous novel
reveals the celebrated Irish author as an inventive and
innovative novelist.

The Irish Zorro: The Extraordinary Adventures of William Lamport
(1615-1659) by Gerard Ronan

Hardback; 25.00 Euro / 30.00 USD / 18.00 UK; 332 pages

In the Crypt of Heroes at Mexico City Column of Independence sits
a bust dedicated to the memory of William Lamport of Wexford. A
local elementary school also bears his name, and his story is
said to be the origin of the fictional icon, Zorro. Arrested for
treason at 13, he was a pirate general at 14, and at the age of
19, played a crucial role in the Battle of Nordingen in 1634. He
achieved a place at the court of Philip IV of Spain, but fled
following a scandalous affair with a noblewoman. He was later
charged with plotting a revolution in Mexico. This is his story.
This volume relates how a child prodigy became a Mexican legend
and the model for Zorro.

Celtic Inspirations by Lyn Webster Wilde

Hardback; 16.00 Euro / 19.00 USD / 10.00 UK; 160 pages, with full
colour illustrations throughout

A beautiful collection of spiritual and meditative exercises,
providing a fascinating insight into the mystery and beauty of
the celtic imagination. The Celts were not only great warriors
but also a deeply creative and mystical people. Today we
especially appreciate their imaginative myth- making, their
brilliant design and their profound sense of wonder and magic -
three elements that combine in this beautiful and inspiring gift
book. Celtic Inspirations captures the spirit of the Druids and
Bards in a rich collection of poetic texts, spiritual insights
and meditative exercises that concentrate on the universal truths
of Celtic wisdom - as meaningful and helpful today as they were
in the Dark Ages. We discover how to heal using plants, how to
cast spells, and how to foretell the future by watching birds in
flight; we learn the secrets of King Arthurs Knights and the
truth about the Holy Grail. By stepping through the door of
Celtic Wisdom with this beautiful and inspirational book, we are
given a heartwarming and enlightening experience.

Sunday Miscellany edited by Marie Heaney

Paperback; 15.00 Euro / 18.00 USD / 10.00 UK; 290 pages

For thousands of listeners to RTE 1, Sunday morning means Sunday
Miscellany. The programmes mix of music and musings has evoked
memories and provoked responses in its listeners for over thirty
years. It is the mingling of the professional and the amateur
that gives the radio programme its unique appeal and in Sunday
Miscellany: A selection from 2003 and 2004, this pattern is
maintained. Here you will find familiar and unfamiliar names
writing on topics that range from the anecdotal to the factual,
from the personal to the historical, from the humorous to the
poignant. Sunday Miscellany: A selection from 2003 and 2004 will
give listeners-turned-readers a chance to revisit the places, to
recapture the memories, to relive the stories, to hear again
those Sunday morning voices that came across the airways so
fleetingly and memorably.

Available Again:

In Time of War: Ireland, Ulster and the Price of Neutrality
1939-45 by Robert Fisk

Trade Paperback; 30.00 Euro / 36.00 USD / 24.00 UK; 650 pages

First published in 1983 to outstanding reviews, this book remains
the most detailed and reliable study of Ireland during the Second
World War or the 'Emergency' as it was known in neutral Ireland.

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