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Sunday, November 28, 2004

[Irish Aires] - Arts Ireland

---------------------------------------------------------- Irish Aires on KPFT-FM, 90.1FM Saturday Nights 6:30PM Now on the internet. You are on the Irish Aires Email ALL list ---------------------------------------------------------- Arts Ireland _________________________________________________________________ Arts Ireland :: November, 2004 :: Issue No.80 Arts Ireland, from Irish Emigrant Publications, is a monthly summary of news and reviews of the latest in Irish theatre, film, visual art, performance and much more. Hello All, I've been a little silent over the past months. I thought it perhaps best to let you get used to my new style before hounding you in person. Life here in the budding Capital of Culture is exciting, there has never been a better time to be involved in the Arts in Ireland. Now that the much anticipated programme has finally been unveiled I for one am wiggling in my seat with anticipation. The line-up is truly spectacular, with every section of the social and artistic community involved. Companies the length and breadth of Ireland are converging on Cork for what promises to be an extraordinary year. This month I have given you a taster of just one of those projects, Corcadorca's Relocation. For those of you who are contemplating a trip to Ireland, I urge you, let 2005 be the year! Best wishes, Oonagh Comments and questions are welcome by email to It can also be viewed on our web pages at _________________________________________________________________ CONTENTS: REVIEWS "A Passage to India" FILM NEWS Irish Film and Television Awards 2004 THEATRE NEWS Corcadorca hosts Relocation, the biggest event of 2005 Geoff Gould returns to Ireland with all-male Romeo & Juliet VISUAL ARTS NEWS e v+ a committee issues worldwide invitation MUSIC NEWS Poetry, Jazz and Opera Merge at An Gríanán The National Chamber Choir's Winter Season Opens GENERAL NEWS Cork 2005 to Open with Spectacular Performance on the Lee New and revamped Triskel opens its doors Michael Collins Memorabilia in Collins Barracks CLASSIFIEDS Gifts for Irish Abroad Professional Services Property Sale/Rental Travel Services WHAT'S ON What's on: Abroad What's on: Theatre What's On: Exhibitions What's On: Music What's on: Dance What's On: Festivals REVIEWS "A Passage to India" Shared Experience Cork Opera House One criticism I often hear about theatre is that, unlike cinema, the actors don't always sound as if they are actually 'thinking' the lines. This can lead to one's suspension of disbelief being foiled at the first pass. This was far from the case with Shared Experience's "A Passage to India" which appeared recently at Cork Opera House. This production effortlessly manages the dual triumph of creating a sense of utter here and now realism side by side with a magical other worldly sense of unreality. This was one of the best shows I have ever been to. Set at the height of the British Raj, E.M. Forster writes of the explosive tensions between two cultures. Before deciding whether to marry Chandropore's local magistrate, the heroine Adela Quested wants to see the "real India" for herself. As English as a Cox's Pippin, she eagerly sets out on an expedition to the Marabar Caves with the charming Dr Aziz. There she succumbs to the power of an incredible country and her own fraught passions, in doing so stirring up the bubbling pot of racial tensions in this occupied world. With Shared Experience you feel as if you have landed in India. This is exceptional physical and mental theatre. The team of gifted, charged actors become the story, the backdrop, the caves of Marabar, and the characters. You have to shake yourself back to reality at the end of the three-hour production. Martin Sherman's adaptation of the novel for stage is a revelation, breathing new life, whilst remaining faithful to the novel. The performances were superb, weaving a spell around a captivated audience, complemented by a simple but highly effective set design, a length of wood transforming itself from scene to scene as masterfully as the actors. This company has created a wonderful world, one which leaves you with the overwhelming urge to get on a plane for India as soon as you leave the theatre. ---- FILM NEWS Irish Film and Television Awards 2004 The 2004 Irish Film and Television Awards will take place in Dublin on October 30. Following on from the success of its inaugural year in 2003, the Awards are growing in stature, and are a key event in raising the awareness of the successes, talents and creativity of the Irish film and television industries. Áine Moriarity, CEO of IFTN says, "The Awards deliver an excellent platform to honour and celebrate outstanding Irish achievement, putting the spotlight on Irish talent and production in Ireland and internationally". This year's ceremony promises to be a highly prestigious and glamorous event with a host of film stars, TV personalities, executive directors, producers and distinguished guests in attendance to toast the undisputed talent that exists within the Irish film and television industries. Last year's attendees included home grown talent such as Neil Jordan, Victoria Smurfit, Angeline Ball, Stuart Townsend, Jim Sheridan, Samantha Mumba, Hector Ó hEochagain, Alison Doody and the cast of Bachelors' Walk. They were joined by a host of international stars including Charlize Theron, Samantha Morton, Aidan Quinn, Ioan Gruffudd and Ralph Fiennes to name but a few. ---- ___________________________sponsor___________________________ LOW COST CAR RENTALS IN IRELAND. This season get great discounts on car rental in Ireland at Argus Rentals, Irelands leading independent car rental company offer great rates in Ireland and in over 4,500 locations worldwide. To choose from a large fleet of modern vehicles and to avail of great rates and excellent customer service just logon today. For further information check our website at Tel: Intl-353-1-4904444 Email: _____________________________________________________________ THEATRE NEWS Corcadorca hosts Relocation, the biggest event of 2005 The inhabitants of Cork are in for a surprise when Relocation, the biggest event of Cork 2005, hits the streets next summer. The brainchild of Corcadorca Theatre Company in association with Cork 2005, Relocation sees four leading theatre companies from the four corners of Europe transform Cork City into the dramatic backdrop for a series of ground breaking premieres. With productions ranging from the epic to the intimate, Corcadorca from Ireland, Compagnie Jo Bithume from France, Grid Iron of Scotland, and Poland's Teatr Biuro Podrozy will take over unexpected sites around Cork City in what promises to be one of the most exciting projects in Irish theatre history. One of the most exciting aspects of Relocation is that it is completely free of charge for everyone. Carmen Funebre From May 20 -25 Teatr Biuro Podrozy, renowned for the global phenomenon "Carmen Funebre", will take over Elizabeth Fort on Barrack Street for a week, re-inventing the walled site for "What Bloodied Man is That?", a powerful large scale production, drawn from the imagery of Shakespearean tragedy. Next, on June 3-5 the very famous Compagnie Jo Bithume will trap an audience of over 4,000 within the gigantic ice-capped set of "Victor Frankenstein", to be staged in the heart of the city on the Grand Parade. June 14- 25 is when Corcadorca will transform the streets and quays of Cork for a large-scale promenade production of "The Merchant of Venice", to be staged as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival. Bringing Relocation to a simmering close from July 4-23 Grid Iron will infiltrate a city hotel to bring us "The Devil's Larder", a dark and luscious production inspired by Cork's history of gastronomy. Corcadorca has been exploring the strong tradition of off-site theatre (theatre which is not in a theatre venue) which exists across Europe. With the advent of Cork 2005 the company saw the possibility of inviting international masters of the trade to Ireland, a country as yet relatively new to off-site theatre. This was an opportunity to bring something very special to Cork and to Ireland. Corcadorca approached Teatr Biuro Podrozy from Poland, Grid Iron of Scotland and Compagnie Jo Bithume from France. The alliance born out of this is Relocation. The marriage of these four respected European companies with important Irish sites has set in motion an amazing and utterly unique series of explosive events for Cork 2005. And it's free! ---- Geoff Gould returns to Ireland with all-male Romeo & Juliet Directors like Geoff Gould are few and far between, and Ireland nearly lost this Mallow man to London. However in November Gould's company, Blood in the Alley Productions, will begin an Irish tour with their premiere production of "The Most Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet", with an all male cast. One time Artistic Director of The Everyman Palace in Cork, Gould is widely recognised as having directed one of the most brilliant and influential productions of "The Playboy of the Western World" in the last decade, one which in no small way inspired later versions to come out of Ireland. Gould's skill lies in an innovative approach which breathes new life into words and movement, possessing the excellent ear for the purity and poetry of the word and movement. And he's a funny guy. Geoff recently returned to Ireland from London with the sell out production of "This Ebony Bird". The show, a three-hander starring Carrie Crowley (of Irish television and radio fame), Michael Patric and Martin Lucey, earned excellent reviews, proving so popular it was extended. But if you missed this excellent production do not lament as November sees Blood in the Alley back here with their latest offering. This brand new production presents the ultimate comic tragedy. While not ignoring the love story and the original script, this interpretation has an all-male cast come to grips with the comedy of tragedy, in keeping with Shakespeare's original castings. According to Gould, some of the issues, like the intervention of church and state, achieve a greater clarity when the comedy is highlighted by the very fact of the cross dressing and gender swapping of the key roles. The play raises questions such as, are the accidental deaths of Romeo and Juliet the result of interference from the conniving and manipulative Friar Lawrence and the antics of a mad nurse? How is the love story affected by Romeo and Juliet both being male actors? Set in an all male school of Verona in the 1920s, Blood in the Alley aims to illuminate this ultimate love story, staying true to the original script within the modern setting. And if Gould's previous takes on the classic are anything to go by, this will prove an unmissable treat. ---- VISUAL ARTS NEWS e v+ a committee issues worldwide invitation The e v+ a committee has extended to all artists worldwide an invitation to participate in this, the pre-eminent annual exhibition of contemporary art in Ireland, and to audiences near and far to engage in e v+ a's wide-ranging programme of events that integrate local, national and international communities in the celebration of contemporary art and culture. This year the Curator is Dan Cameron, Senior Curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. The e v+ a venues will be Limerick City Gallery of Art, Church Gallery, Limerick School of Art and Design, Bourne Vincent Gallery, University of Limerick and a series of alternative sites in the city centre and its environs. Artists choosing to submit work/proposals by post or courier, may send them and a completed entry form with entry fee enclosed directly to the e v+ a at OPEN e v+ a 2005, c/o Belltable, 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick, before the closing date, Friday December 3 2004. Artists may also submit their work and/or proposals directly at specified collection points on the dates given below. Belfast: Tuesday November 30 at Ormeau Baths Gallery, Galway: Wednesday December 1 at the Galway Arts Centre, Cork: Wednesday December 1 at Crawford College of Art & Design, Dublin: Thursday December 2, The Firestation Artists Studios, Limerick: Friday December 3, Limerick City Gallery of Art ---- MUSIC NEWS Poetry, Jazz and Opera Merge at An Gríanán Opera Theatre Company will be skillfully merging the worlds of opera and jazz music with their European Premiere of "Vera of Las Vegas". This is a truly contemporary "nightmare cabaret opera" by American composer Daron Hagen based on a text by poet Paul Muldoon. This slick black comedy (with a nod to The Crying Game) follows two desperate men with a past, on a bizarre journey from an interrogation centre in Northern Ireland to the glamour and sleaze of Las Vegas. The Director is Annilese Miskimmon, and David Brophy conducts a band of jazz musicians in cabaret scoring. Vera of Las Vegas appears Monday 29 November. ---- The National Chamber Choir's Winter Season Opens The Irish National Chamber Choir's Winter Season opens with the series "Immortals!". This sees three immortal composers and three great conductors in three unforgettable programmes. Guest Conductor Johan Duijck will conduct the first programme on November 4 at the National Gallery, Dublin. Heinrich Schütz is the composer he has deemed immortal and the programme is made up of central works by Schütz and composers that were influenced by that great master. ---- ______________________________________________________________ Enjoy Arts Ireland? :: Sign up for more free newsletters from :: Our weekly and monthly reports cover all the news - politics, sports, arts, business, books, and more. :: Subscribe now and enter our draw for a 2-night stay for two at the Clarence Hotel, Dublin's only city-centre, 5-star boutique hotel. :: ______________________________________________________________ ---- GENERAL NEWS Cork 2005 to Open with Spectacular Performance on the Lee Cork 2005 revealed plans for spectacular celebrations to herald the commencement of its tenure as European Capital of Culture on January 8 & 9 2005. The centrepiece performance, "Awakening", is based on the ancient myth that the River Lee was formed by the gorging tail of a giant serpent defeated in battle by St Finbarr. Street theatre and spectacle company Waterford Spraoi will breathe life back into the legend by recreating the serpent in the river. In a performance space covering 600 metres across three city centre bridges, the serpent will rise from the Lee in a spectacle combining water effects, pyrotechnics, lighting effects, music, spoken word, projection and physical theatre. Artistic Director of Waterford Spraoi, Dermot Quinn said, "'Awakening' is intended to be the most daring outdoor performance ever undertaken in Ireland". John Kennedy, Director of Cork 2005 explained how the river Lee is central to "the pulse of Cork life". He went on to say, "We are really excited at being able to mark the beginning of such a momentous year by presenting the river, the harbour and Cork's own myths and legends in the most contemporary of ways, filling the city's streets with a dazzling array of performers and attractions from Europe and beyond in an amazing and entertaining street carnival". Before the riverside celebrations take place, a specially commissioned theatrical production in City Hall, "The Red City", written by Ray Scannell and directed by Pat Kiernan, Artistic Director of Corcadorca Theatre Company, will celebrate Cork's formal acceptance of the European designation. ---- New and revamped Triskel opens its doors After a huge refurbishment Cork's Triskel Arts Centre threw open brand new doors on October 7. Triskel first opened its doors to the public in 1978 and since then has developed a reputation as a driving force in the arts, both nationally and internationally. According to Penny Rae, Triskel's new Artistic Director, there's energy in the air in Cork at the moment, and at Triskel they are wholeheartedly inviting the public in, in more ways than one. Doors have been made wider, windows have been opened, a café has been brought into the street, workshop spaces have been created and spaces have been made flexible. "We have a simple message; Triskel is open. We will try to mean what we say. We are inviting artists and companies from Cork and beyond to rediscover the building and find a new way of working within it, around it and outside it". ---- Michael Collins Memorabilia in Collins Barracks Dr Pat Wallace, Director of the National Museum of Ireland, has announced the official unveiling of Michael Collins memorabilia at the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, Dublin. The memorabilia was donated by Michael Collins, the General's great grand-nephew. In 1948 Col. Patrick Collins, the General's nephew and Michael's grandfather, donated Michael Collins' uniform to the museum. This now forms the centrepiece of the Michael Collins Collection now most appropriately displayed at the Barracks location. ---- CLASSIFIEDS __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Classifieds this week: Gifts for Irish Abroad: Flyleaf Press- Family History guides Irish Country Gifts- Personalized & Clan surname designs Mimitoys Ireland - Fun toys that educate at excellent prices. Send a Gift 2 Ireland - Send gifts home today! Professional Services: Catalyst Consulting - Human Resource Management Computer Troubleshooters - world's largest technical support franchise! English to French translations - professional and experienced translator Help Wanted - Housekeeper/Nanny, Newton, MA. Linguiz Translations - Professional German to English translator Nanny Wanted - For 2 children in Quincy Property Sale/Rental: Five Bed Bungalow for Sale - in Ardbrack, Kinsale, Co.Cork Beauty Salon For Sale - in Leixlip, Co. Kildare Thatched Cottage For Sale - in Annaghdown, Galway Travel Services: Ballyvaughan Village & County Holiday Homes - situated in Co.Clare Golf & Incentive Travel Ltd - top quality tour packages. For details & additional classifieds, see: To place your own ad, visit ___________________________________________________________________ ---- WHAT'S ON What's on: Abroad Photographic exhibition in Trieste commemorates Joyce A photographic exhibition in Trieste, Italy at the Biblioteca Quarantotti Gambini, via del Teatro Romano 7 continues until November 6. It was created by Megan O'Beirne to mark the 100th anniversary of Joyce's arrival at Trieste Station with Nora. Also several O'Beirne pictures of places in Paris where Joyce lived can be found in the touch-screen exhibition in the National Library of Ireland "James Joyce and Ulysses" until Summer 2005. ---- What's on: Theatre ________ From November 1-6 also at the Town Hall Theatre, Galway, Lane Productions presents "Alone It Stands" by John Breen. The story of Munster's historic win over the All Blacks in 1978, this hilarious award winning comedy sees six actors play sixty characters. There's a birth, a wake, a bonfire and a rugby match that will not be forgotten. The Award-winning comedy by Marie Jones, "Stones In His Pockets", charting what happens when a major Hollywood studio descends upon rural Ireland, returns to the Town Hall after its third sell-out run in London's West End. November 1-6. "The Green Fool" by Patrick Kavanagh and adapted for stage by Declan Gorman is a hilarious recreation of his childhood and early manhood. This plays for one night only as part of the centenary celebrations at the Town Hall, on Monday November 8. Frank McGuinness' "Someone Who'll Watch Over Me" will be staged at the Town Hall on November 24 and 25. Inspired by Brian Keenan's captivity, this is a remarkable story of human resilience. Directed by Andrew Flynn, formerly assistant direct to Garry Hynes, the play brings us on a journey filled with love and fear, comedy and tragedy. ________ At the Everyman Palace, Cork, Wednesday November 24 at 9.50am, 11.10pm & 12.30pm "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. The Talisman Theatre Company gets into the spirit of the season with superb sets, lavish costumes and beautifully sung carols. This play is ideal for children aged seven years and older. ________ November sees the national tour of "The Most Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet" by Director Geoff Gould. Tour dates: Nov. 2-6: O'Reilly Theatre, Belvedere College, Dublin Nov. 10-12: Cork Opera House, Cork Nov. 15-17: Black Box, Town Hall Theatre, Galway Booking (for all venues): 021 427 0022 ________ At the Grand Opera House, Antrim "Blithe Spirit" plays from November 1-6 . ________ Also in Belfast the Waterfront Hall Studio hosts an adaptation of the wonderful award winning novel "Life of Pi" by Twisting Yarn Theatre Company. Runs from November 1-5. ________ Prime Cut Productions tours with Caryl Churchill's "A Number", a startling story of a father and his cloned sons. This tightly spun thriller plays at Galway's Town Hall Theatre from October 28-30 before moving on to An Gríanán on November 1 and the Island Arts Centre, Lisburn, Co. Antrim on November 5. ________ Blue Raincoat Theatre Company continue their tour of "Brief Taste of Lightning" by Malcolm Hamilton taking in An Gríanán on November 16, the Mermaid Arts centre on November 19 & 20 and the Town Hall, Galway from November 25-27. As always with Blue Raincoat, an inventive and unusual night at the theatre. ________ Conor McPherson's gripping new play, "Shining City", continues to show at the Gate, Dublin. "Shining City", directed by the author and starring Stanley Townsend, Michael McElhatton, Kathy Kiera Clarke, and Tom Murphy, arrives in Ireland after a critically successful run in London. ________ At An Gríanán, Letterkenny, from November 3-6, Brian Foster's "The Butterfly of Killybegs" tells the story of Mary, a spinster in the mid-40s who is facing the very real possibility of spending the rest of her life in solitude. Brian Foster has emerged as the North West's most popular new playwright, playing to many sold out houses. ________ The Island Arts Centre in Lisburn, Co. Antrim, presents Black Umfolosi on November 6 and, for children, "Tales of Magic and Mischief" and "The Bear Came Over The Mountain" on November 10. ---- What's On: Exhibitions ________ At the Sirius in Cobh, on Thursday November 11, well known Cobh- based painter Mark Hathaway, known for his exquisite landscapes, exhibits a new body work of watercolours painted in Ireland and Sicily, entitled "Home and Away". This exhibition runs until Sunday November 28. ________ The National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny shows "New Irish Ceramics: A Journey" until November 28. ________ The Crawford Municipal Gallery of Art, Cork houses "Crawford Open 5". This is an annual open submission exhibition of contemporary art. Running until November 27. ________ The 10th Anniversary "Celebrating Cork Printmakers" will appear at the newly refurbished Triskel Arts Centre, Cork until November 5. ________ At the Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely, Co. Wicklow, there is an exhibition of photography by Orla Callaghan entitled "Light Visor" which runs until November 12. ________ Until January 2005 there's a real treat at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, the "Chinese Group" show featuring the work of 15 artists from China as part of the China/Ireland Cultural Exchange. The exhibition will include works in a wide range of media including sculpture, video, painting, installation and print. Until November 17 IMMA presents "Bearings: Landscapes from the IMMA". This exhibition from IMMA's Collection examines the diverse ways in which artists work in response to the landscape. Also at the Irish Museum of Modern Art is a major retrospective of the internationally-acclaimed Spanish abstract painter, Juan Uslé. Uslé's paintings are sometimes playful and frivolous, sometimes quiet and meditative. Will run until December 2004. ________ "Journeying Around Ireland", an exhibition by Pip Todd Warmoth at Molesworth Gallery, Dublin runs until November 7, showcasing paintings of the Irish landscape and people. Pip Todd Warmoth is best known as a traditional English painter whose great talent lies in his ability to render light and create romance and intense emotion throughout his landscapes. The collection is full and inspired throughout, ranging from the cosmopolitan Temple Bar and Four Courts in Dublin to the scenes of remote farming and life and rural pursuits. ________ A small solo exhibition of paintings by Jacinta Feeney will be held at the Model Arts and Niland Gallery from December 7 to January 12. ---- What's On: Music ________ At the Town Hall Theatre, Galway there's the usual superb music line up brought to you by the talented Mr Diskin. The Waterboys will play on November 22 and Rodrigo y Gabriela will play on November 30 and December 1. Both of these acts also appear in Glór in Ennis on November 26 and 12 respectively. At the Town Hall Theatre, Claregalway Musical Society present "Oliver!", directed by Tim Landers and running from November 9-13. ________ On Sunday November 14, at Cork Opera House, the Brad Mehldau Trio will appear. Brad Mehldau has established himself as one of the greatest and most intriguing pianists of our time. On October 31 The Celtic Tenors celebrate "The World's Greatest Tenors", including Pavarotti, Carreras, Domingo, Caruso, Lanza, McCormack, Locke and Alagma, with Musical Director David Munro. And finally on Sunday November 28 the amazing Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra will appear. ________ The lovely Gabrielle has already played this year in Ireland to a packed house. Now the songstress in dark glasses returns to Dublin to play two intimate gigs in the Olympia Theatre. A unique opportunity for fans to hear all their favourite Gabrielle tracks and lots of her more recent offerings, from her critically acclaimed new album "Play to Win". November 5 and 6. ________ To celebrate the release of his greatest hits album - "The Berry Vest of Gilbert O'Sullivan" - the renowned singer/songwriter Gilbert O'Sullivan has announced his first Irish tour in over three years. For more details of individual shows see for details. ________ An exhaustive music line-up is scheduled at the Sirius Centre in Cobh. On November 4 there's the Aquarelle Guitar Quartet, an exciting new ensemble focused on exploring the diversity of music for four guitars. On November 12 Preston Reed draws on blues, rock, funk and jazz influences among others, to produce a signature sound that has been likened by critics to Jimi Hendrix. On November 19 there's "An Acoustic Evening with the 4 of Us". Brendan & Declan Murphy, the song-writing nucleus of the 4 of Us, return to perform a handful of shows in selected venues. Finally on November 26 Ronán Ó Snodaigh, Kila's front man and vocalist, plays alongside some special friends. ________ The legend that is K.D. Lang returns to Ireland for two exclusively intimate gigs. See her in Belfast's Waterfront Hall on Sunday December 5 and at The Olympia, Dublin on Monday November 6. ________ Glór present its usual comprehensive line-up. On Friday November 5 Seán Keane, voted for the fifth year running Best Male Folk singer by the readers of Irish Music Magazine, will be in house. On November 6 the Shanghai Percussion Ensemble, presented by The China/Ireland Cultural Exchange, will present a diverse programme of traditional Chinese music and contemporary works. ________ Buddy Holly & The Cricketers play on November 7 at An Gríanán. This fast, furious and funny rock 'n' rollercoaster of a concert features all of Buddy's greatest hits and has delighted audiences all over the British Isles and entertained folk as far afield as the USA, the Middle East and Thailand. ________ The Manic Street Preachers release their new album, "Lifeblood" on November 1 and will be touring the album in Ireland on December 6 (Waterfront Hall, Belfast) and December 7 (Olympia Theatre, Dublin) of December. ________ Tom Baxter plays Bar Cuba in Galway on Thursday November 25. ________ At Galway's Róisín Dubh the fabulous Fred play on November 4, on November 5 it's Sugarcuts and on November 6 Autamata and Pyramid. Maria Doyle Kennedy sings on November 9, while on Friday November 12 Declan O'Rourke features. ________ An Cruiscín Lán in Cork features the Lee Delta Blues Club on November 2, Iron and Wine on November 4 and Kila play on November 5. Ceili, and tribute band The Complete Stone Roses will appear on November 9 and 14 respectively. ________ Clive Gregson will play a rare Irish solo show At Dolan's Venue, Limerick in early November. Gregson has written with and for some of the greatest names in music: Nanci Griffith, Boo Hewardine, Eddi Reader, Norma Waterson. Details of dates to be announced. On November 5 Limerick man Mick Hanley features. Hanley was described by Hot Press Magazine as "a man who writes real songs for grown-ups". ---- What's on: Dance ________ Ballet Ireland continues to tour Ireland throughout November with their full-length traditional production of "The Nutcracker". Renowned for its exquisite sets, lavish costumes and wonderful dancers, Ballet Ireland's production of The Nutcracker is a seasonal treat for all the family. ---- What's On: Festivals The Guinness Cork Jazz Festival Having only just recovered from the Film Festival, Cork City has been invaded by 40,000 music fans. Renowned as Europe's friendliest jazz festival, the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival is Ireland's biggest and most prestigious jazz event and is one of the most important events on Ireland's arts and cultural calendar. This year some 1,000 musicians from 25 countries entertained the fans in over 75 venues citywide. The festival ran over the Bank Holiday weekend. For further information call the Cork Jazz Marketing Office at (353 21) 427 8979 or email: Centenary Kavanagh Weekend The Annual Patrick Kavanagh Weekend 2004 will run from November 26- 28 with a keynote Address by Séamus Heaney entitled: "Patrick Kavanagh's Essential Gesture" at 8.00pm on Friday, November 26 at the Patrick Kavanagh Centre, Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan. Also, at Drumalis Conference Centre in Larne, Co. Antrim, Úna Agnew, author of "The Mystical Imagination of Patrick Kavanagh", will deliver a day entitled "Patrick Kavanagh's Holy Door" on Saturday, November 20. Úna will explore Kavanagh's sense of place, his sense of God and his pilgrim soul. The day will begin at 10am and will end at 4pm. The day will include a full lunch and morning and afternoon tea and costs £30. Enquiries to Drumalis, telephone number +44 28 282 72196 Sligo International Choral Festival The Sligo International Choral Festival, October 28-31 is the second largest event of its kind in the 32 counties. It caters for choirs of all kinds, with an exhaustive list of both mixed-male and female, Voice-Madrigals-Sacred Music-Folksongs-Youth-Gospel & Barbershop, in addition to concerts, cabaret and street or Church performances. Contact directly at Newtownabbey 1 Act Drama Festival The Courtyard Theatre in Newtownabbey hosts the 1 Act Drama Festival from November 4-6. Features eight different plays including works by Brian Friel and Alan Bennett. Cashel Arts Festival Cashel Arts Festival bounces out of Tipperary from November 3-28, providing a series of platforms and opportunities for all sections of the community to engage with the arts in a meaningful way. The festival sees the involvement of people with special needs, the young and the elderly as a primary objective. Contact: Cork Pops School Concerts Cork Pops School Concerts and the Evelyn Grant Schools Concert will be held in Cork from November 7-11. Evelyn Grant (Lyric FM) and the Cork Pops Orchestra present concerts for schools in City Hall, Cork in November and February. Contact or go to Santa's World Oh Heavens, it's that time of the year again. Santa's World comes to Gorey in Wexford. Starting November 12 and running until Christmas Eve. And I thought Summer had only just ended. Contact Darklight Film Festival From November 17-21 Dublin's Darklight Film Festival will screen a range of excellent short films, documentaries, music videos, feature films and animations, promoting innovative films which use digital technology in their production. Contact nicky@darklight- or go to The Big Switch On! Oh boy. Here's more of it. In Derry November 18 it's time for The Big Switch On! The "Christmas Illuminations" will be turned on. How many more shopping days? Contact: Wexford Festival Opera The wonderful Wexford Festival Opera will still be running right up to October 31. Check it out at Féile Shamhna na gCrann Offaly's Féile Shamhna na gCrann is a yearly Autumn Festival of trees, to open our minds again to planting and seed gathering for future generations. (And to make us forget Christmas trees...) The festival runs from October 24 until November 12. or Irish Ghost Family Festival From October 28 to November 1 it's time to meet something scarier than yourself at the Irish Ghost Family Festival in Cork. Bring the kids on a supernatural exploration and a feast of supernatural fun. Then wonder why they won't go to bed. Contact or Other World Festival The Ballymun "Other World Festival" is a one-day event on October 31, and is the culmination of two months of preparation by youth clubs in the Ballymun Area. The event consists of a parade, pageant, fare sculpture, fireworks, shadow projections. Contact ---- Arts Ireland ______________________________________________________________ ARTS IRELAND/Irish Emigrant Publications Editor: Oonagh Montague a: Cathedral Building, Middle Street, Galway, Ireland t: +353 (0)91 569158 e: w: ______________________________________________________________ To advertise in this publication, email To help support this publication, see our voluntary subscription programme at ______________________________________________________________ To unsubscribe from this list: email with UNSUBSCRIBE IEAH in the body of the message. To subscribe to the HTML edition: email with SUBSCRIBE IEAH in the body of the message. To subscribe to the plain-text edition: email with SUBSCRIBE IEA in the body of the message. To unsubscribe from the plain-text edition: email with UNSUBSCRIBE IEA in the body of the message. ______________________________________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------------- You are subscribed to the Irish Aires All List Send email to with: 1) Only the word HELP in the subject line to get help (learn how to get a DIGEST version of this list; how to SUSPEND receipt of this list for a given period of time) 2) Only the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line to unsubscribe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jay Dooling ( Irish Aires - 90.1FM KPFT in Houston Home Page KPFT/Irish Aires on the Internet --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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