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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Irish Aires REALLY needs your help THIS WEEK (we are not crying Wolfe - or only a little bit)

Irish Aires Fund Raiser

Irish Aires needs your help!!  Thankfully, last week we made our goal because of the generosity of six callers & two internet contributions.  SIX callers!  That was it! FIVE people answering the phones & SIX callers (but several were extremely generous).  This week, I understand this is some kind of soccer match…something called something like the "Big Bowl" is on day (when Irish Aires is on).  I am told, some people are going to be watching it just to see whether Beyonce is LIVE OR is it MEMOREX?  

Help us make our goal today!  Either go online & contribute before the match (email me so that we know you contributed & thank you & get you a thank you gift if you qualify), OR return this email to Jay ( with the info filed out below OR be a contrarian and listen tonight to the Irish Aires show (we will broadcast the show just for you!) & call in your pledge.  With this sporting match going on (must be a GAA match to be that popular), it's going make it ruff tonight!  

Help us!! (I am late sending this out (I didn't realize how much time coming out of the closet would take).  Pete, Bill & Emily are going to be furious with me.  But if we make our goal, they will forgive me! That's really why I need your help today!)

KPFT  is continuing their WINTER Fund Raiser this week.  Irish Aires &KPFT need your support.  We need to pull our weight in raising funds to keep the station on the air.  We have, over the long run, been able to do this because of your generosity.  
PLEASE help us continue!  To contribute do one of the following: 
Call us (713-526-5738) during the show (6-7pm on tonight, February 2, 2013) and give your pledge to one of our volunteers OR

Complete the form at the end of this & return it by 
email OR snail mail it to the radio station to Irish Aires attention (we will get credit next week). The address is on the form. OR

To donate securely ONLINE go to  and Irish Aires will get credit for your donation.   If you donate online please respond to this to tell us you donated online and how much.  We handle all the IRISH thank you gifts (like the Wolfe Tones gifts), so contact us directly about those. 

Thanks to Derek Warfield & the Young Wolfe Tones, we have 7 new CDs to give away as Thank You gifts.  The CDs contributed to Irish Aires are:

Derek Warfield – The Bonnie Blue Flag (musical story of the Confederate Irish)
Derek Warfield -  Washington's Irish (songs & stories of the Irish fight for American liberty)
Derek Warfield & Young Wolfe Tones – Far Away in Australia (musical story of Ireland & Austria)
Demaris Woods – With a Banjo on my Knee (Demaris plays with the Young Wolfe Tones & she is great!)

Also, we have gone deep into the Irish Aires vault & pulled out some real gems of thank-you gifts.   Go here to see them.

For a $60 credit card donation we will give you one of the above; for $90 cc you get any two; for $120 you get 3 of them & for $150 you can get one of each.  There aren't many of these, so if you interested, I would pledge soon via 1) or 2) above. 

We have other CDs, so call on Saturday OR email us if you are interested in donating in order to receive one of them as a THANK YOU gift.

We don't need anyone to give a LOT, we need a LOT of people to give a little.  
Renew your pledge to KPFT & Irish Aires by donating what you can. 
A little background for those of you new to our list: 
Irish Aires is the name of radio show broadcast on KPFT-FM (90.1FM in Houston Texas) and on the internet (both live and in archived versions). We are on every Saturday night from 6-7PM (US Central Time – Midnight Sat Nights in Ireland). We play a wide variety of Irish/Celtic music and provide information on local (Houston) Celtic happenings. 
In addition to our broadcasts which feature Irish/Celtic music, we regularly include listing of local Celtic events. We also hosts special guests to discuss issue of interest to the Irish & Irish/American community. 
We also provide internet resources for the Irish/Celtic community. These include email lists,FaceBook (befriend Jay Dooling – the one from Houston) OR join the Irish Aires – KPFT FM,Twitter (follow wildrover1916), web pages that include info on Irish & Irish American interest (news, cultural happenings & local Houston area events). 
While the producers (Pete, Bill, Emily & Jay) are all unpaid volunteers, the non-profit KPFT-FM station has substantial out-of-pocket expenses in order to stay on the air 365 days a year/ 24 hours a day. Electricity, staff salaries, license fees and maintenance are only a few of them. 
For three weeks every winter, we change the format of our show (and send out emails like this) in order to remind you that KPFT, the Irish Aires radio show & our internet services (email, blogs & web pages) are sponsored by YOU. 
IF you have joined our membership in the past, please consider rejoining during this drive; if you haven't joined yet, this is the time, join the Irish Aires / KPFT family. 
KPFT is a non-commercial, community supported radio show. They accept no corporate or commercial sponsorship. They receive a modest amount of support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting & grants, but 90% of their budget is provided by individual contributions (which average about $60 each). 
Because of the need for your continued support, we need to ask you for your support. 
As we have said before, we don't need people to give a lot; we need A LOT OF PEOPLE to give. Your individual support at any level will help the station stay on the air and Irish Airesto continue into its 28th Year. 
Basic membership costs are $25 for students & people on a fixed or lower income; regular membership goes for $35 per year (voting rights accrue at the $25 level). 
If you can give more, we have been the beneficiaries of some Irish/Celtic music CDs that we would like to give you in return for a $60 contribution (even if you can only afford to pay it out at $5 per month). If you can contribute at the $90 level, you will get two of two of our CDs.
But it is more important for you to contribute, no matter what the amount. Wide-spread, small contributions give our station support from the community of people who appreciate our programming and internet information. 
At whatever level you can support us, please do. 
Jay, Pete, Bill & Emily 
Jay Dooling ( 
Irish Aires 
419 Lovett Boulevard 
Houston, TX 77006 
Date (mm-dd-yy): _____________________ 
First Name: __________________________ 
Last Name: __________________________ 
Street Address & Apt.# _______________________________ 
City, State & Zip: _______________________________ 
Telephone Area Code & Number: ________________________ 
Your E-mail address: _________________________________ 
Your favorite show(s): _______________________________ 
Donation Level (X one): 
35.00 Basic Membership _____ 
60.00 _____ 
90.00 _____ 
120.00 _____ 
150.00 _____ 
500.00 Leadership Circle _____ 
Other (Amount) _____ 
See below for sustainer memberships info 
Amount of Contribution: 
Amount from above $_________ 
Other Amount $_________ 
Total Amount of Pledge: $ ________ 
Thank you gift(s) that you want: 
(Note: Thank you gifts for CREDIT CARD or sustainer 
Is this: The first time you've pledged to us? ______ 
A renewal? ______ 
Enter your American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover 
below or leave blank to be billed at the above address. 
(X one of the following): 
VISA ___, 
MasterCard ___, 
Card # (DO include dashes): 
Expiration date (mm-yy): ________________ 
Do you want to be a sustainer member? _______ 
How much per month can we charge to your credit card? 
May we thank you on the air? Yes ___ 
No ___ 
Would you like to receive this month's catalogue of special 
offerings from the Pacifica Radio Archives? 
Yes _____ 
No _____ 
Thank you for your generosity. Your contribution will go to 
Make okay radio even better! 
Pete Little, Jay Dooling, Bill Galbraith & Emily Standish 
Pacifica's Mission 
* To promote cultural diversity and pluralistic community 
* To contribute to a lasting understanding between 
individuals of all nations, races, creeds and colors. 
* To promote freedom of the press and serve as a forum for 
Various viewpoints. 
* To maintain an independent funding base. 


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