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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Playlist for Irish Aires 03/31/12

03/31/2012 - Tonight's Playlist: An Irish Music Fusion.  

Tune in tonight (6PM CDT or Midnight Irish time) for the Irish Aires show.  To hear a live streaming show go here.  To hear it in the KPFT archives go here

Artist Title of Cut  CD Record Company

1Irish Rovers Come In  The Unicorn Song Giffen Records
2Four Men & A Dog Low And Lonely  Wallop The Spot  Hook 
3Four Men & A Dog Lucy Campbells  Wallop The Spot  Hook 
4Christy Moore City Of Chicago  Live at the Point (2006)  Columbia 
5Four Men & A Dog Swing Set  Barking Mad  Four Men & a Dog 
6Christy Moore Ordinary Man   Live at the Point (2006)  Columbia 
7Christy Moore Quiet Desperation   Live at the Point (2006)  Columbia 
8Four Men & A Dog Waltzing's For Dreamers  Barking Mad  Four Men & a Dog 
9Four Men & A Dog Short Fat Fanny  Barking Mad  Four Men & a Dog 
   Current Events   
10Four Men & A Dog Music For A Found Harmonium  Maybe Tonight  Hook002 
11Four Men & A Dog The Midnight Specail  Maybe Tonight  Hook 
12Christy Moore Ride On  Live at the Point (2006)  Columbia 
13Christy Moore Sonny's Dream  Live at the Point (2006)  Columbia 
14Christy Moore The Contender  Live at the Point (2006)  Columbia 
15Four Men & A Dog Bloomsday  Wallop The Spot  Hook 


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