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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank You Gifts for Irish Aires Donations

For tonight & the next two Saturdays, Irish Aires will be asking for your monetary support for KPFT. We KNOW that people donate to KPFT because they know that the station is a community asset which only survives because of listener sponsors. However, we have some thank you gifts for contributions. If you can contribute at the $60 level you will get one of the following CDs. If you can contribute at the $90 level, you will get two of the following. (Availability of individual CDs is limited, so it is first come, first serve). DVD - $75.00 for ONE; $125 for TWO The High Kings in Dublin (Finbar Clancy, Brian Dunphy, Martin Furey & Darren Holden) Danny & Patrick O’Flaherty - A Night in Gaelic (two VHS tapes are available for $60,00 each) Evening with Danny O’Flaherty at Univ of St Thomas ************************* CD - $60 for ONE; $90 for TWO; $120 for THREE; $150 for FOUR Battlefield Band – Various CD’s Dookin’ Celtic Folk – Volume I Celtic Folk – Volume II Ride the Waves Danny O’Flaherty: The Monster Picnic (Children’s Irish Music) From The Heart Patrick O’Flaherty – Andrea’s Brown Eyes Patrick O’Flaherty & Betsy McGovern Last Waltz Poor Clares Change of Habit Resurrect Lover Songs for Midwinter (Christmas) The Elders Racing the Tide Jiggernaut Evolution In Search of More Constant Billy Let Me In Celtic Voyage - Live at Bayview Duck The People’s Choice Jed Marum Soul of a Wanderer Miles from Home Fighting Tigers of Ireland Flying Fish Sailors Polk You in the Eye Hugh Morrison Under a Texas Skye Paisley Close All on a Day Marc Gunn Soul of a Harper Tommy Fleming Sand & Water ************************* CD - $45 Danny O’Flaherty Farwell to John John (4 Cuts on CD) ---- At whatever level you can support us, please do. Jay, Pete, Bill & Emily ****************************************** Jay Dooling ( Irish Aires KPFT-FM 419 Lovett Boulevard Houston, TX 77006 Date (mm-dd-yy): _____________________ First Name: __________________________ Last Name: __________________________ Street Address & Apt.# _______________________________ City, State & Zip: _______________________________ Telephone Area Code & Number: ________________________ Your E-mail address: _________________________________ Your favorite show(s): _______________________________ Donation Level (X one): 35.00 Basic Membership _____ 60.00 _____ 90.00 _____ 120.00 _____ 150.00 _____ 500.00 Leadership Circle _____ Other (Amount) _____ See below for sustainer memberships info +++++++++++++ Amount of Contribution: Amount from above $_________ Other Amount $_________ Total Amount of Pledge: $ ________ Thank you gift(s) that you want: ___________________________ __________________________________________________ (Note: Thank you gifts for CREDIT CARD or sustainer contributions.) Is this: The first time you've pledged to us? ______ A renewal? ______ Enter your American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover number below or leave blank to be billed at the above address. (X one of the following): AMERICAN EXPRESS ___, VISA ___, MasterCard ___, DISCOVER ___ Card # (DO include dashes): ________________________________ Expiration date (mm-yy): ________________ Do you want to be a sustainer member? _______ How much per month can we charge to your credit card? $________ May we thank you on the air? Yes ___ No ___ Would you like to receive this month's catalogue of special offerings from the Pacifica Radio Archives? Yes _____ No _____ Thank you for your generosity. Your contribution will go to Make okay radio even better! Pete Little, Jay Dooling, Bill Galbraith & Emily Standish ++++++++++++ Pacifica's Mission * To promote cultural diversity and pluralistic community expression. * To contribute to a lasting understanding between individuals of all nations, races, creeds and colors. * To promote freedom of the press and serve as a forum for Various viewpoints. * To maintain an independent funding base. ----
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