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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Murals in N. Ireland Introduction to the Directory of Murals by Dr Jonathan McCormick Within these pages are brief details of over 2,000 murals across Northern Ireland. The Directory contains a brief description, information on location, and status of the mural. The Directory is based on information supplied by Dr Jonathan McCormick. Dr McCormick has been photographing murals in Northern Ireland since 1996. The albums mentioned in the web pages refer to photographic albums that he holds at home. The Directory does not claim to be comprehensive but does cover many of the murals that have been painted in the past nine years. The list is intended to act as a guide for people who are trying to locate a particular mural, or who may want to know what murals are to be found in a particular area. The album numbers in the table below provide links to the individual albums - click on a number to view a particular album. Users can search the Directory using the new search page . This search facility will allow users to locate murals based on a range of six criteria including location and a full text search of the descriptions. There is also a separate web page which contains a list of the albums with details of the number of murals, the number and dates of photographs included, and the geographical location of the murals. The intention is to update the Directory as further murals are located and photographed. Further 'albums' will be added as they are completed. A selection of 408 images have been made available at this time (November 2004) and these are to be found in the form of thumbnail images within the albums. Users can 'click' on the small thumbnail images to view a large version of the photograph . If the pages prove useful some consideration will be given to including more images. Users who are aware of murals that have not been included in the Directory are welcome to send details of the location to the author using the email link below. Links have also been provided to the main menu page on the CAIN site for murals, and a page explaining the various acronyms that are used in the murals.
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