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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Read Ireland

Read Ireland Book News - Issue 303 ---------------------------------- Sunshine & Shadows by Emily Sage (Paperback; 9.00 Euro / 13.00 USD / 7.00 UK; 380 pages) Eileen Brady – flame-haired, loving, a true Irish mother – willing to give up her dreams for her love at first sight, Paddy McNab, a kind-hearted and gentle man. Reader of books and singer of songs, his world revolves around Eileen and their brood of young children. Mick Devlin – a man with the devil in his name and blood on his hands. In his wake comes unimaginable tragedy, and life for Eileen and Paddy will never be the same. Coral, the beautiful wife he brought back from England, has survived the Blitz but, spurned by her neighbours, will she survive the loneliness of life in the West of Ireland? And what does it feel like to be married to a murderer? John-Joe Brady – his mistake was falling for Bernie McBride. Her mistake was returning that love. They planned to marry – then a shot rang out . . . -------------------------------- Just Business by Ber Carroll (Paperback; 9.00 Euro / 13.00 USD / 7.00 UK; 388 pages) As head of Human Resources, Niamh enjoys her work with the Australian subsidiary of HDD but on a social level the job is less than fulfilling. Now Niamh has to deliver the bad news that there will be heavy redundancies and finds herself at the centre of the anger and legal threats. Scott Morgan is looking for compenation and as he and Niamh grow closer she realises that the single father has a genuine grievance. What went on between Helen Barnes and her boss? Was the attraction mutual? Where has engineer Denis Greene found the money to employ a top legal team to fight his redundancy and how has he convinced HDD's hot-shot lawyer, Lucinda Armstrong, that he should be reinstated? ------------------------------------- Dancers of Fortune by Lee Dunne (Paperback; 10.00 Euro / 14.00 USD / 7.70 UK; 584 pages) When the beautiful Miss Victoria Brewer witnesses the heroics of a dashingly exotic man risking life and limb in the capital's raging river, she is struck by an immediate attraction. The unlikely pair recognise something in each other and become passionate lovers. Sam is an ambitious building contractor and Victoria heiress to her family’s brewing fortune. Victoria's twin Arthur becomes Sam's firm friend and together they prosper in business. Sam will stop short of nothing on his road to prosperity, but when he meets and falls for the beautiful and devout Jewish actress Gloria he realises how far away from his Jewish faith and life he has come. As the years pass and the Irish Republican Brotherhood exposes the discontent of the Irish people, Sam and Arthur come to realise their complicity in the system which keeps Irish people poor. Three of a Kind by Alison Norrington (Paperback; 9.00 Euro / 13.00 USD / 7.00 UK; 516 pages) HELLY’S life is complete.Two gorgeous sons,a hunky husband, a fab London home and an antique clothes shop on Portobello Road. But her life is turned upside down when she opens her door to someone from the past.Will she risk everything? CHARLEY,Helly’s older sister,is an advertising copywriter in Dublin who claims to have got drunk only once – but it’s lasted eighteen months!With a dark secret in the past,will she open her heart to someone who really cares? FIONA,their little sister,is miserable in Lisbon with her young daughter. Trapped in Portugal by her ex, Luis, Fiona can’t see a happy future. Unaware of Helly’s personal traumas,her sisters arrive on her London doorstep and when all three find themselves living together for the first time in years,the sparks really start to fly. ------------------------------------- The Will to Win by Suzanne Higgins (Trade Paperback; 16.00 Euro / 23.00 USD / 10.00 UK; 370 pages) Samantha White has it all – looks, intelligence and Ireland’s most eligible bachelor waiting for her at the top of the aisle. When her estranged mother staggers into the Hello!-style wedding and stops the whole show, life takes a serious downturn. Sam’s mother has been carrying too many dark secrets for far too long. Rose Judge, the mother of the groom, is the only one who knows the whole truth but she would rather die than reveal it. While the groom heads to the beautiful white sands and turquoise seas of Barbados, Sam runs away to the Rioja region of Spain where she uncovers more truths that throw an entirely different slant on her life. When Sam returns to Ireland she soon discovers who her real enemies are and what sort of battle she has on her hands. The question is, can Sam take on the full might of the Judge dynasty? Does she have The Will to Win? ------------------------------------ Anyone But Him by Sheila O’Flanagan (Paperback; 10.00 Euro / 13.00 USD / 7.00 UK; 600 pages) Andie and her sister Jin have never seen eye to eye. Andie doesn't envy Jin her marriage to a wealthy businessman, while Jin can't believe Andie's happy with her man-free existence (if only she knew!). But when their widowed mother Cora comes back from a Caribbean cruise with more than just a suntan, Andie and Jin are united in horror. Who is this gorgeous young man who's swept their mother off her feet? What the women really need is a friend to set the world to rights with – but can they be friends with each other? ------------------------------------- All In! All In! by Eilis Brady (Trade Paperback; 10.00 Euro / 13.00 USD / 7.00 UK; 196 pages) Children’s traditional streetgames play an important part in the folklife of a country. This classic Irish folklore book assists parents and teachers in realizing how happy children are when given the opportunity to use their imagination and to create their own amusements, even in a restricted locale. It show how traditional street games and rhymes flourished and how children adapted traditions to a modern environment. --------------------------------------- Trapping a Ghost by Nessa O’Mahony (Paperback; 12.00 Euro / 15.00 USD / 8.00 UK; 82 pages) This new collection of poetry by the award-winning poet explores the tensions that exist in the boundaries between past and present, flesh and spirit, poetry and narrative, inheritance and self-determination, family and artistic identity. In this poetry, ghosts exist alongside the living, reminding them of their ancestry. Stories abound, of civil war romances and heroic exploits, of old religions and new beliefs, of past love affairs, of future lives. ----------------------------------- Available Again: ---------------- In Time of War: Ireland, Ulster and the Price of Neutrality, 1939-45 by Robert Fisk (Trade Paperback; 30.00 Euro / 40.00 USD / 20.00 UK; 650 pages) First published in 1983 to outstanding reviews, this book remains the most detailed and reliable study of Ireland during the Second World War, or the ‘Emergency’ as it was known then. It is superbly researched and documented and sheds new light on an all important but much neglected period in the long, sad history of Anglo-Irish relations. ------------------------------- Irish Music Audio CD -------------------- Say What You Feel by Paul Brady 20.00 Euro / 26.00 USD / 14.00 UK "Paul Brady's Say What You Feel stirs the listener the same way David Gray's White Ladder did on the first time through. Brady's passionate vocals and musical textures draw you into the stories his songs tell - stories that relate to any walk of life." Jack Barton –FMQB “It’s easy to understand Brady’s appeal as both a performer and a tunesmith…his voice is infused with a heartfelt passion.” – People Magazine “Everyone I’ve played this album for,” says Paul Brady of his new album Say What You Feel, “uses the word ‘free’ when commenting on the vocal performances. I think they’re right: I felt completely free making the record, in every way.” Upon listening to Say What You Feel, it becomes clear that Brady has rediscovered a more spontaneous side of himself, foregoing thick studio production, endless overdubs, and confining click tracks in a return to making music “the old-fashioned way.” Brady’s knack for insightful, soulful compositions - first displayed on classic albums like Trick or Treat and Spirits Colliding – is finally brought to the forefront. Say What You Feel frames an insightful new batch of Brady originals in airy, uncluttered surroundings that allow the songs, along with some of Brady’s most unguarded singing, to shine through clearer than ever. Track listing: 1. Smile 2. Don’t Try to Please Me 3. Love in a Bubble 4. I Only Want You 5. Living For the Corporation 6. Say What You Feel 7. Locked Up in Heaven 8. Sail, Sail On 9. The You That’s Really You 10. Doin’ It In The Dark 11. Beyond The Reach of Love 12. The Man I Used To Be ---------------------------------------------- Highlights from the Previous Issue: ---------------------------------- Nineteenth-Century Ireland : A Guide to Recent Research edited by Lawrence Geary and Margaret Kelleher (Trade Paperback; 1904558283; 25 Euro / 31 USD / 17 UK; 340 pages) Interest in nineteenth-century studies has never been greater, and contrasts sharply with previous neglect of many aspects of that century's history and culture. These essays by leading scholars assess and interpret developments from 1990 onwards in the field of nineteenth-century Irish studies, and from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. The book covers political, social, religious and women's history and historical geography as well as anthropological and sociological studies of nineteenth-century Ireland. Further chapters cover nineteenth-century music, art history, literature in English, Gaelic culture and language and the Irish diaspora. This will be an invaluable research tool and reference book for many years to come. Contents: Preface - 1 Political history, Gearoid O Tuathaigh - 2 Social history, Gary Owens - 3 Irish women's history, Maria Luddy - 4 Religious history David W. Miller - 5 Historical geography, Matthew Stout - 6 Anthropological and sociological studies, Joan Vincent and Marilyn Cohen - 7 Literature in English, Sean Ryder 8 Gaelic culture and language shift, Niall O Ciosain - 9 Art history, Fintan Cullen - 10 Musicology, Harry White - 11 The Irish diaspora, Joseph Lee - Notes - Bibliography - Index ----------------------------- Murphy’s Revenge by Colin Bateman (Trade Paperback; 16.00 Euro / 20.00 USD / 11.00 UK; 300 pages) If you found the person who brutally murdered a loved one, what would you do? Forgive and forget? Or take the law into your own hands? Detective Martin Murphy is the law and he's back with a vengeance...Someone has started killing the killers - who just happen to have been under the surveillance of 'Confront', a support group for relatives of murder victims who believe that therapy comes through 'empowerment'. Suspecting the group of revenge killings, Murphy goes undercover and joins them. But it seems that 'Confront' have been doing their own detective work and before Murphy realises, the group is forcing him to face the harrowing events of his own past. Now Murphy must come to terms with the past whilst also bringing the killers' killer to justice. The only problem is he's starting to think that whoever's doing the killing may have a point. After all, revenge is sweet...isn't it? ------------------------------------- The Year of the French by Thomas Flanagan (Trade Paperback; 16.00 Euro / 22.50 USD / 10.00 UK; 520 pages) In 1798, Irish patriots, committed to freeing their country from England, landed with a company of French troops in County Mayo, in westernmost Ireland. They were supposed to be an advance guard, followed by other French ships with the leader of the rebellion, Wolfe Tone. Briefly they triumphed, raising hopes among the impoverished local peasantry and gathering a group of supporters. But before long the insurgency collapsed in the face of a brutal English counterattack. Very few books succeed in registering the sudden terrible impact of historical events; Thomas Flanagan's is one. Subtly conceived, masterfully paced, with a wide and memorable cast of characters, The Year of the French brings to life peasants and landlords, Protestants and Catholics, along with old and abiding questions of secular and religious commitments, empire, occupation, and rebellion. It is quite simply a great historical novel. --------------------------------- There You Are: Writings on Irish & American Literature and History by Thomas Flanagan (Hardback; 25.00 Euro / 32.00 USD / 17.00 UK; 485 pages) Thomas Flanagan became famous as the author of a trilogy of novels, starting with The Year of the French, about Ireland from the rebellion of 1798 to the civil war of the 1920s. But the novelist who began by reimagining the mental and physical world of eighteenth-century County Mayo had long been immersing himself, as a scholar, essayist, and reviewer, in the literature and history of his ancestral land. In the nonfiction writings collected here, many of them unpublished in his lifetime, Flanagan brings what Christopher Cahill calls his "keen eye and strong gaze and sharp tongue" to reassessments of key figures of Irish culture. They range from Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Lord Edward Fitzgerald, through W. B. Yeats and James Joyce, Charles Stewart Parnell and Michael Collins, to contemporaries and friends like Brian Moore and Frank O’Connor, and American Irish like the Molly Maguires and the director John Ford. Flanagan probes the tragically intertwined origins of celebrity and literary modernism in the careers of Irish-American writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Eugene O’Neill, and John O’Hara. He reflects on what his own novels have taught him about the possibilities of historical fiction. And his thoughts on Irish-American identity sum up the long-pondered mixture of experience and scrutiny he brought to his heritage. Witty, lively, and learned, this collection reveals that Thomas Flanagan was not only as a master of the historical novel but a writer who meditated broadly and deeply on the Ireland he once described as "a complex, profound, historical society, woven of many strands, some bright and some dark." ----------------------------------------- Thank you for your continued support! I respectfully request that if you are considering ordering any of these books that you do so through Read Ireland in order that the service and the newsletter continues! I very much appreciate your custom. To order books from the Read Ireland Book Review - simply return the Newsletter by clicking your reply button. Please delete the books you do not want and leaving the books you want to order. Alternatively, you can send an email to the order department at: Please be sure to include your mailing address and credit card details. You can of course also post your order to: Read Ireland, 392 Clontarf Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3,Ireland. Telephone and Facsimile number is: +353-1-853-2063. Read Ireland Web Site Home Page: or All Prices and Rates are in Euro (US Dollar and UK Sterling prices are guidelines based on current exchange rates.) Prices on books reviewed above are firm and discounted from the prices listed on the website. Post + package is charged at cost. --------------------------------------------------------
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