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Thursday, January 27, 2005

01/26/05 - Scottish Country Dancing & More

Back to Irish Aires Table of Contents January 26, 2005 SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING AND MORE (SCDM): WEEKLY EMAIL NEWSLETTER OR ******* REMINDER: GATHERING OF THE CELTS, SUNDAY, FEB. 27, 2-6 PM + Wonderful line up of entertainment, a variety of Celtic organizations and vendors! Check it out at: ******* IN THIS ISSUE: SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING AND MORE (SCDM) CALENDAR PAGE CEILIDH (Missouri City, Feb. 11) CD RECOMMENDATIONS: CELTIC VOYAGE; SMITHFIELD FAIR ONLINE PETITION TO SAVE BURNS HERITAGE MELODY TRADITIONAL MUSIC: NEWS EXCERPT INTERNATIONAL SPACE SCHOOL; LLOYD GIBSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP DIANNA'S MISCELLANY * AH, THOSE IRISH COLLEENS * IF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE DANCED THE HOKEY POKEY INFO ON DANCING WITH SCDM ON WEDNESDAYS ******** SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING AND MORE: TONIGHT: we celebrated Australia Day both because today was Australia Day and also in honor of a friend of mind, NORMA BAWN, who lived in Australia and passed away last summer. NOLA WALDMAN, a friend of CAROL YOUNG'S, who is from Australia, also joined us. It was also good to have CAROL NEAL with us. We had Australian beer and wine (Fat Croc Shiraz) in honor of Australia Day and danced "Australian Ladies" in honor of Norma Bawn. We also danced: Polka Dots, John McAlpin, Australian Ladies, Laird of Atherton (twice), Danger Is Sweet, Espie McNab, It's A Girl, Jubilee Jig, Blue Bonnets medley (including Postie's Jig and Petronella), and Green Burn. To learn more about Australia Day: COMING UP NEXT: Saturday: our demo at Treemont next Wednesday, Feb. 2: Mardi Gras theme! Feb. 9 - Valentine theme Feb. 16 - Judi Hallenbeck leads the group Feb. 23 Feb. 27 - demo at the Gathering of the Celts Note: we'll feature San Antonio ball dances during the month of February. MEMBER NEWS: MITCH PHILPOT reports that LISA SMITH finally received with gift "care" package the group sent to her and was very pleased with; she's enjoying the candles and looks forward to making the Tex Mex dishes now that she has the ingredients :-) MARILYN JOHNSON had a great time at the Inaugural celebrations in DC and promises a website link with photos soon. We dance on Wednesdays in the Heights and always welcome new dancers and musicians. For more details see the end of this newsletter. ************* CALENDAR PAGE (details on all items listed below can be found on the webpage at: THE COMING WEEK: Jan. 27-Feb. 6 Spring Woods High School Performing Arts Department Presents Ahrens and Flaherty's Seussical the Musical 28 FRIDAY * Houston Area Acoustic Music Society Acoustic Showcase * AUTHOR SIGNING: URDER BY THE BOOK 6:30 p.m. Colin Cotterill (British) 29 SATURDAY * THE ROGUES at the Mucky Duck * BEGINNING CONVERSATIONAL IRISH Katy, TX * Irish 100 Club Meeting 2 pm Brian O'Neill's Pub * Celtic Voyage at Bayview Duck * Guitar Concert: Ricardo Sweatt at Oxford Hall 30 SUNDAY * Men of Houston Morris Dancers * Performance: Ferenc Illenyi, Hungarian-born Houston Symphony violinist, and his Gypsy Band (including Greg Harbar) * YOUTH ACTIVITIES: St. Andrews Youth Venturing Group * IRISH SESSION 6.15pm. Rudyards Pub 31 MONDAY * ROYAL SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE SOCIETY Houston and District Branch Woodlands Class 7:30 to 9:30 pm * International Folk Dancing for beginners. 1 TUESDAY * ROYAL SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE SOCIETY Houston and District Branch BEGINNER CLASS TO START Teacher and Info contact Judi Hallenbeck 713-721-6743 * Celtic Chorus of Houston (meets at Saengerbund) * Strings n' Things WEDNESDAY: SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING AND MORE! ************* CEILIDH Southminster Presbyterian Church 4200 Cartwright Missouri City, TX 77459 (281)499-2310 Friday, February 11th 6:30 - Barbeque dinner ($ 6.00 Adults, $4.50 Children under 12) 7:30 - Ceilidh Band and Dancing (Band: Rover's Return; Caller: Dianna Shipman) An event for the whole family! No partner needed! No experience necessary! Dinner reservations required; for more info contact: Ava Humme or Lucy Robertson **************** CD RECOMMENDATIONS: CELTIC VOYAGE: "Live at the Bayview Duck - The People's Choice" to order email Sandy Dawson at SMITHFIELD FAIR see their website at: I have four of theirs and enjoy them all! ************* ONLINE PETITION TO SAVE BURNS HERITAGE (posted by Tim Harrison to the Austin page) The cottage in Alloway, Ayrshire, where Scotland's national poet Robert Burns was born, is currently under threat of closure due to lack of proper financial support. Even if it manages to stagger on, the state of the cottage is regarded as a national disgrace - priceless documents have been damaged because the trustees could not afford proper roof repairs and water seeped in through the ceiling. Quite apart from its significance to Scottish culture, it is the focus of the tourism industry in the area. Now the community council in Alloway has launched an on-line petition in the Scottish Parliament Web site to allow supporters from around the world to register their views and exhort the Scottish Executive to assume responsibility for the birthplace. They want to ensure that the assets of our Burns heritage are properly restored and developed in good time for the major events planned for the 2009, the 250th anniversary of the birth of the national bard. If you want to "sign" the petition, go to E-petitions and on the same subject sent by Robert Boyd: Here is a sad item about the state of Burns Cottage from Monday's Guardian. Note the amazing 1905 vs today's attendance compared with Stratford.,,1396854,00.html ********** MELODY TRADITIONAL MUSIC: NEWS EXCERPT (from Mary Radspinner) who writes in part: * You may have heard about the devastating effects of the California mudslides on our friends Nadine Bunn (editor of the Folk harp Journal) and Cherie Chako. They own Folk Mote Music in Santa Barbara. Their home was completely destroyed by a mudslide, they have nothing left: no cars, no clothes, nothing. Nadine has a severely broken leg and will be in the hospital for at least 2 more weeks, and Cherie was hospitalized with a broken clavicle and multiple bruises. Nadine was trapped for several hours before being rescued. Donations can be made to any Washington Mutual in the country on their behalf. The account at Washington Mutual is: "To the benefit of Nadine Bunn and Cherie Chako." Please pass this on to anybody else who may want to help. Thanks very much. * There are 3 used harps for sale * Recorder "circle" scheduled for the 1st Saturday of the month from 11 - 2 at Melody's. This is just for fun. Mary Radspinner Melody's Traditional Music ************ INTERNATIONAL SPACE SCHOOL; LLOYD GIBSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP sent in by Lynne Gibson Regarding the Lloyd Gibson Memorial Scholarship, a student from Anadarko, Oklahoma has been selected to attend the space school this summer. She is a junior and likes Physics and Math. She is a Native American. (Lloyd's grandfather came from the Anadarko area.) ********** DIANNA'S MISCELLANY * AH, THOSE IRISH COLLEENS From: "Helen Folsom" <> Helen Walsh Folsom, Cumberland House Publishing, "Ah, Those Irish Colleens," a book relating the stories of 13 extraordinary women who affected the Irish history for over a 2000 years. * IF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE DANCED THE HOKEY POKEY (sent to me by Vicki Hamilton) THE HOKEY POKEY Original Lyrics Put your left foot in, Your left foot out, Your left foot in, And shake it all about. You do the hokey pokey And turn yourself around That's what it's all about. THE HOKEY POKEY Shakespearean Style O proud left foot, that ventures quick within Then soon upon a backward journey lithe. Anon, once more the gesture, then begin: Command sinistral pedestal to writhe. Commence thou then the fervid Hokey-Poke. A mad gyration, hips in wanton swirl. To spin! A wilde release from heaven's yoke. Blessed dervish! Surely canst go, girl. The Hoke, the poke -- banish now thy doubt Verily, I say, 'tis what it's all about. ********* COME JOIN US: Wednesdays, 7-10 pm SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING AND MORE website: NEW DANCERS WELCOME - Families welcome (children must be accompanied by parent / guardian). $5 for those 14 and over; $2.50 those under 14 ($15 maximum per family) - fourth consecutive Wednesday free. Location: Oddfellows Hall, 115 E. 14th St. (Heights), Houston, Texas (3rd building on left traveling east from Heights Blvd. - 2 story red brick - entrance recessed about 15 feet from street - dancing upstairs). LINKS ON WEBSITE with map & photo MAP: PHOTO OF HALL: *************************** Dianna Dianna L. Shipman Scottish Country Dancing and More Houston, Texas web page: phone: 713-522-1212 Back to Irish Aires Table of Contents
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