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Saturday, December 04, 2004

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Arts Ireland :: December, 2004 :: Issue No.81 Arts Ireland, from Irish Emigrant Publications, is a monthly summary of news and reviews of the latest in Irish theatre, film, visual art, performance and much more. Welcome to December's issue of Arts Ireland. Like it or hate it Christmas is upon us and this year there are a host of Pantos and Ballets to take in over the coming season. However, even if roaring 'He's behind you!' isn't your lofty idea of how best to spend an evening, there are no excuses to stay in this month. Up and down the country there are gigs, plays, exhibitions aplenty. What better way to while away the winter evenings in Ireland than by taking in our copious cultural offerings? And isn't it a Christmas miracle that we continue to produce art in such numbers while our Arts Council struggles with the funds it has been allocated. Fair? "Oh no he's not..." Editor, Oonagh Montague Comments and questions are welcome by email to It can also be viewed on our web pages at _________________________________________________________________ McEvoys Quality Irish Gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. Free shipping worldwide for everyone +10% discount for all returning customers _________________________________________________________________ CONTENTS: REVIEWS Theatre Review: Lament for Dublin Music Review: Acquarelle at the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork Zu at Fred Zeppelin's, Cork FILM NEWS Irish Cinema audiences among highest in Europe Homme a Femmes - Gerard Byrne 5th Reel Film & TV Ball THEATRE NEWS An Taibhdhearc Announces Winners of Scriptwriting Award VISUAL ARTS NEWS "What's In Store?" Landmark Move for National Museum "Caravaggio and his Followers" - Lecture at NGA National Sculpture Factory: Surasi Kusolwong lecture Bogside Artists banned from Berlin Parliament gallery The 2004 Stunned Net Art Open Mayo County Council appointing Public Art Panel 2005 O'Donoghue announces €1.3m artworks acquisition by IMMA MUSIC NEWS New CD: Ceol na Mara/Songs of the Ocean European Opera - Prize for New Directors Dates for Traditional Irish Music Summer Schools 2005 U2 Announce 2005 Tour DANCE NEWS Discussion Document on Vocational Dance Training GENERAL NEWS Arts Council to receive €61m for 2005 Small Festivals Scheme for 2005 Arts & Disability Forum introduce website Arts and Disability Networking Abroad December Launch of Per Cent for Art Scheme Business2Arts trains more arts professionals The Ireland Funds - Grant Round 2005 CLASSIFIEDS Gifts for Irish Abroad Professional Services Property Sale/Rental Travel Services WHAT'S ON What's on: Abroad What's on: Pantos and other Christmas attractions What's on: Theatre What's on: Exhibitions What's on: Music What's on: Dance What's on: Festivals REVIEWS Theatre Review: Lament for Dublin "The Lament for Arthur Cleary" by Dermot Bolger Roundabout Youth Theatre Reviewed by Richard Fitzpatrick ---- Ah, we like our themes to be big in Dublin. And they don't come much bigger than those explored in Roundabout Youth Theatre's production of Dermot Bolger's "The Lament for Arthur Cleary". They're all there. Socio-economic ones - emigration, unemployment, moneylending - as well as universal ones of loss and grief. And, of course, there's Dublin itself, the sordid, dilapidated one of the 1980s. Underpinning all of them is the picaresque hero of the play. Yeah, Arthur Cleary's a bit of a rogue, world weary and back in Dublin after 15 years of walking the earth as a migrant worker. He effortlessly sweeps Kathy, half his age, off her feet; what with his motorbike and the mild whiff of danger that envelops him. But there's something hauntingly displaced about the play's titular hero. He's out of sorts, in a Dublin that no longer recognises him, the inevitable lot of a wanderer and returned exile. Even Kathy realises this, "You don't talk like real people". There's nothing unique about his afflictions, of course. They're timeless, everyman ones. As he admits himself at one stage, in that dreamlike state he exists in, there's a "feeling like this has happened before". Stephan Murray, in the lead role, relays the varying emotions of this troubled soul magnificently. A physically commanding presence, he dominates the stage, shifting with ease from lover and charming cad to violent presence, delivering a series of caustic lines with obvious relish. As Detective Lynch bemoans at one stage, "always the bitter word, like your mother". And then there's Dublin, an even bigger presence in the play. A Dublin that at first seems almost quaint now in these post-Celtic Tiger days. But, given that the play is staged in Ballymun, a depiction of Dublin's underbelly still has huge resonance. Arriving at the theatre, you can't but be conscious that the neighbourhood is still sadly ravaged by urban decay, the fantastic facilities of the Axis Theatre notwithstanding. "The whole city's in terror of something that's never gonna happen", suggests the play's protagonist. Certainly, a sense of dread and restfulness pervades the action. The play is shot through with lots of earthy humour, though, grittily delivered by the largely youthful supporting cast and enough to keep the audience in regular bouts of raucous laughter. Dublin. Humour. Sure it's always there as relief. ----- Music Review: Acquarelle at the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork Reviewed by Nickie Ffrench Davis L-R: Richard Safhill, James Jervis, Michael Baker, Vasilis Bessas This is the first time performing outside Britain for this young and frankly pretty dashing young guitar quartet. I found the ensemble a real treat - four such engaging and individual voices when playing independent material that the often seamless unity with which they could present themselves when required was arresting. This is what the intimacy and communication of chamber music is all about. The guitarists each introduced different works in a varied and well-balanced programme, from Bocchierini to Australian Philip Houghton with a good chunk of great works from Brazil - where, I learnt, much of the work written for the genre is currently being composed. A sensitive arrangement of one of Norah Jones' songs proved very popular. The boys came across as human and engaging, both in their performance and verbal communication with a rapt audience. My favourite in the first half was Houghton's Opals, a colourful and impressionistic work which I found captivating - and when James Jervis played lazily at the beginning of the second movement, his warm lips resting on the cold lacquer of the guitar, this audience member held her breath. Another highlight for me was Jervis' performance of what he introduced as "the most challenging" work on the programme, ****'s "****" for solo guitar with which he opened the second half. A gestural and demanding work, Jervis performed it with conscience and a sure affection. The Quartet's own arrangement of Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Merry Christmas" Mr Lawrence was lovely. From some bang on percussion work, using the body of the guitar like a drum, to warm and restrained melodic passages, this quartet really delivered for me. Go and see this human and engaging ensemble while you can still afford to. Related website: ----- Zu at Fred Zeppelin's, Cork Reviewed by Nickie Ffrench Davis Zu Drummer Massimo Pupillo This raucous Italian punk/free jazz outfit launched a full-on assault on an eager audience in the tiny upstairs room of this rocker pub. Sixteen hours later my head was still pounding from ear-splitting sax solos and a massive range of scary electric bass sounds, all anchored by a tight roller coaster driver of a drummer, who played in his underpants; undoubtedly the star of this aggressive trio. I think I lost about three years of hearing in my seventies in the course of the night - but it was worth it, and I found the gig one of the most exciting I've seen in ages. Not for the fainthearted but damn good fun! Related website: ----- _______________________________________________________________ Launched in September 2004, Celtic Jewellery and Gifts is THE online store for Celtic Wedding Bands. We offer our customers the highest quality jewellery at a competitive price with exceptional service guaranteed. New products just launched include Claddagh Wedding Candles and Gift sets. Complete new range of Celtic Jewellery to be launched in the New Year to compliment existing range. Themed sets comprising "His & Hers" matching rings and bridal jewellery will also be introduced, making us a "one-stop shop" for all your wedding needs. FREE Worldwide Delivery AND 10% Discount on all Wedding Bands till 15th December 2004 _______________________________________________________________ FILM NEWS Irish Cinema audiences among highest in Europe Cinema audiences in Ireland are among the highest in Europe, second only to Iceland, according to a report discussed at the 49th Cork Film Festival held in October 2004. "The Cultural and Economic Trends of Cinema in Ireland and Wales", compiled by the Arts Council together with Sgrîn Cymru Wales (the primary organisation for film, television and new media in Wales) outlined the annual frequency of cinema going per capita in Ireland at 4.5 visits per year in 2002, a figure surpassed only by Iceland's 5.7 visits. Over half of all cinema admissions in Ireland come from cinemas in Dublin city, with an estimated 1,500 people working in the cinema sector in Ireland. But the news is less than bright for certain sectors. From a total of 64 cinemas in Ireland, fewer than 10% offer specialist or cultural programmes. Apart from Dublin and Cork cinemas, opportunities for viewing films outside the mainstream commercial programmes are minimal. Another cause for worry is the closure of regional cinemas. These are being replaced, rather than supplemented, by multiplex venues in major urban areas. As a result audiences in smaller towns are fast losing key local amenities. Although the number of screens in Ireland has increased by 72%, to 328 screens during the period 1991-2001, the number of cinemas in Ireland has reduced by 15% over the same period. In relation to the sector of disability access only 39 Irish cinemas and 47 Welsh cinemas provided conclusive information, with 23 Irish cinemas and 31 Welsh cinemas boasting adapted toilets for wheelchair users. A mere 19 Irish cinemas and 32 Welsh cinemas have inductive loop (or infra red) hearing assistance systems in at least one screen. 14 Irish cinemas and 22 Welsh cinemas have designated parking spaces for wheelchair users. Only one cinema in Dublin has closed caption/audio description systems. Speaking at the presentation of the report, Séamus Crimmins, Arts Policy Director at the Arts Council said: "This report points out starkly the fact that audiences for cinema outside of Dublin have very limited opportunities to see home produced or European films". He finished by acknowledging that the current situation could only improve "if arts funding is brought to a viable level". ----- Homme a Femmes - Gerard Byrne Homme a Femmes (Michel Debrane) is the third in a series of films by Gerard Byrne made over the last five years in the USA, Ireland and France respectively. All are shot on 16mm film and recorded on DVD and are united by pre-existing text from the 1970s, but this is the first of the series to be projected using full sound surround in a darkened space. Also, at forty minutes, it is the longest of the three works. In one way Homme a Femmes is closest in genre to Byrne's last show in the Green On Red in 2002 in its journalistic content. However in this documentary-type film the focus is exclusively and intensively on that luminary of French existentialism, Jean Paul Sartre, a legend of the inter- and post-war years who worked in the Sorbonne alongside Derrida, Beckett, Camus and others. Also legendary was his womanising during that time, and this is the focus of the young Catherine Chaine's questions as she interviews the writer on behalf of Le Nouvel Observateur magazine very late in his life, in 1977. As Byrne points out, the historical context of this interview - given its content and the resonance of the post-1968 era of feminism - is bristling and highly charged. You can catch the show, and make up your own mind, at the Green On Red Gallery until December 23 2004. ----- 5th Reel Film & TV Ball The Irish industry is coming together on December 12 for the 5th Reel Film & TV Ball, an annual celebration of media and creative industries in Ireland held in Lillie's Bordello, Dublin. Proceeds from the Ball will go towards the Barrettstown Gang Camp set up by Paul Newman in 1994 to provide support for seriously ill children. As with previous years, the Reel Film Ball 2004 will be themed - this year's event is simply Christmas. Guests can enjoy some festive spirit with carol singers, nail bars, fortune tellers, magicians, a Santa's grotto, dj's and some surprise entertainment. Once again the Ball is open to all production companies, advertising/marketing agencies, design houses, post-production, animation, financial institutions, broadcasters and cast and crew. Tickets at €30 per person are available from Ion Entertainment Ltd. For further information, contact Ion Entertainment Ltd, Event Management & Public Relations ----- THEATRE NEWS An Taibhdhearc Announces Winners of Scriptwriting Award The winners of the Walter Macken Scriptwriting Award, launched by An Taibhdhearc, the National Irish Language theatre in Galway, have been announced. Launched in 2003 as part of the theatre's 75th anniversary celebrations, the award was established to encourage new dramatic writing in the Irish language. Darach Ó Scolaí from Inverin, Co. Galway was awarded the Walter Macken Award of €5,000. A full-scale production of the winning script "Coinneáil Orainn", will take place in 2005. Ó Scolaí, a prolific writer, has also published several novels and children's books in Irish. This is his first foray into writing for stage. Following from the success of his début play, "Cúigear Chonamara"‚ produced by Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe last year, Connemara author and founder of Cló Iar Chonnachta, Mícheál Ó Conghaile was awarded a special prize in recognition for his new script "Jude". Ó Conghaile won €2,500 and, most notably, a full-scale production of "Cúigear Chonamara" will be staged in 2006. And that's not all! It is testament to the calibre of the entries that a further two scripts were also selected for staging as part of Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe's experimental theatre season. The first of these, "Incubus" by Caitríona Ní Chonaola, is a powerful one-woman monologue. The second script selected for production in Spring 2005 is Breandán Ó hEaghra's "Gaeilgeoir Deireanach Charna". Ó hEaghra is an active voice in the promotion of Irish language theatre in Galway city and was one of the founding influences in Féile 2000 and Féile 2002, Galway's first Irish language theatre festival. Judged by a panel of professionals drawn from theatre and television, the award is yet another indicator of the dedication to new theatre by Galway companies on the national stage. In the past three years Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe has produced 16 new works - between major productions on national tour and experimental productions staged as part of the schemes, Fuadar Feabhra and Scáilí Samhna, established to encourage new Irish language scriptwriters. ----- VISUAL ARTS NEWS "What's In Store?" Landmark Move for National Museum "What's in Store?" is a fascinating array of artefacts guaranteed to captivate the imagination of young and old alike. For the first time in the history of The National Museum, artefacts normally kept in storage are now to be visible and accessible to everyone. This storage facility is part of an effort to make publicly accessible some of the most important collections from the Museum. The entire national collections of glass, silver, pewter, brass, enamel and Asian applied arts are now on show. ----- "Caravaggio and his Followers" - Lecture at NGA At the National Gallery of Ireland on Thursday, December 2 at 8.30pm Olive Knox will present a lecture entitled "Caravaggio and his Followers". The art of Caravaggio had a dramatic impact on the style of painting in Italy during the first two decades of the 1600s. It was a time of critical change in the arts, two rival schools of painting predominated - Classicism and the followers of Carracci, and Caravaggio and the naturalists. Caravaggio was concerned with high drama. He aimed to portray religious figures as normal people and also gave them, for one of the first times in western art, realistic emotional expressions. His style was far removed from the perfection of classicism. Since its dramatic discovery in 1990, "The Taking of Christ" by Caravaggio can be viewed in The National Gallery of Ireland. ----- National Sculpture Factory: Surasi Kusolwong lecture Thai artist Surasi Kusolwong is one of the key artists in the National Sculpture Factory's Cork Caucus project for 2005. Kusolwong is one of the leading artists to emerge from the extension of the contemporary art field beyond its Western boundaries over the last ten years. His work draws on Thai and Western art traditions as well as recent cultural and social changes in both situations. Kusolwong's work is also deeply concerned with the experience of the visitor, seeking a different kind of engagement than the normally passive consumption of images in a museum. The lecture will take place at the Granary Theatre, Cork, at 6.00pm on December 3. This is a Free Public Lecture. ----- Bogside Artists banned from Berlin Parliament gallery An exhibition of the work of The Bogside Artists has been cancelled at the gallery of the Berlin Parliament. The Committee for Cultural Affairs of the Berlin House of Representatives had invited the group to exhibit their work "to remind people that a political conflict is still awaiting a sustainable solution that will ensure long-term peace in the region". However the exhibition, which was to run in the gallery from November 11-December 10, was cancelled by Herr Walter Momper, President of the Parliament. The President stated that "an essential consideration for this decision was that the exhibits chosen by (the Bogside Artists) present the conflict in Northern Ireland from one particular political perspective. Such partiality from the point of view of the artists is completely legitimate but cannot be sponsored under the auspices of the highest constitutional organ of the state of Berlin." The Bogside Artists have their studio in the heart of The Bogside in Derry where they hold talks, give presentations and conduct workshops with the disadvantaged youth of the city. The artists are internationally renowned for the ten large-scale murals they have painted for The Bogside, depicting the key events in the people's struggle for democratic rights. ----- The 2004 Stunned Net Art Open This is the third year of the Net Art Open, previously presented as part of the Irish Museum of Modern project. Once again Net Art Open have retained the central concept, that is an exhibition of net art in which every submission is accepted, in order to provide an exhibition free of curatorial bias which presents a true snapshot of the state of the art today. In previous years the exhibition was, in some ways, a victim of its own success. It received so many entries that it became difficult to see every entry. So this year, in recognition of these problems and of the changes in the way people surf the web, they have radically changed the format of the exhibition in order to focus more attention on each individual work. In what is an Internet first the 2004 Net Art Open exhibition will be blogged, one work at a time, with a new work shown every three days. RSS feeds will also be published so that viewers can follow the exhibition with newsfeed readers. The result is the 2004 Stunned Net Art Open, featuring net art from over 70 artists, an exhibition which presents a refreshing snapshot of the strength and diversity of the net art movement today. ----- Mayo County Council appointing Public Art Panel 2005 Mayo County Council is currently looking to appoint a panel of artists for Public Art Commissions, funded by Department of the Environment and Local Government Per Cent for Art Scheme. Interested artists are invited to apply for a place on this panel, from which a wide variety of public art commissions will be awarded in 2005 (budgets up to €64,000). Most commissions will relate to site-specific artwork. The closing date for applications is Tuesday January 4 2005. To apply, send CV, documentation of work (max 12 slides/images of work/DVD/Video or Audio tape) and an artist's statement to: Mayo County Council Arts Office, Áras an Chontae, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. ----- O'Donoghue announces €1.3m artworks acquisition by IMMA Minister for Arts John O'Donoghue has announced that he has approved the use of the Heritage Fund by the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) to acquire the three most important film art works, produced in the 1990s, by the celebrated Irish artist James Coleman. The works: Background (1991-94), Lapsus Exposure (1992- 94), and INITIALS (1993-4), comprise a trilogy. These works have formed the basis of James Coleman's International reputation and have been shown to enormous critical acclaim in many leading museums in the USA and Europe. Each of the three works lasts just over 20 minutes. There is only one complete set of the trilogy available. Minister O'Donoghue said: "I applaud the Irish Museum of Modern Art and its Director, Enrique Juncosa, in acquiring these art works and in enabling a major Irish artist of international stature to have his work shown in Ireland". IMMA is now the only museum to own the trilogy of Coleman's best-known slide projected works. ----- MUSIC NEWS New CD: Ceol na Mara/Songs of the Ocean Ceol Na Mara is a contemporary album of newly composed fun songs in Irish sung by 30 young singers and rappers from Scoil Sailearna, Indreabhán, in Connemara. The CD is described as a treasure trove of fun musical styles, engaging stories and interesting information about the natural world. Póilín Piongain, for example, is a bird who hates flying and Raghnall Rón is a little seal who dreams of running away from the circus and heading home to Connemara. There's a little shark who is being teased because his teeth stick out, a little girl who wonders where all the waves come from and a song about covering your Dad in sand when he falls asleep on the beach! The project is the brainchild of Spiddal-based songwriter Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin who worked in close collaboration with keyboard player and producer John Ryan to create this highly entertaining album. They have combined accessible and simple Irish with modern music styles to create "a funky and educational album that can be enjoyed by children of all ages from beginning to end". The CD is widely available in Ireland and from ----- European Opera - Prize for New Directors Opera Ireland has teamed up with Camerata Nuova and Opera Europa to offer an exciting opportunity for an up-and-coming director to stage an opera. The prize is linked to the mise-en-scène of La Cenerentola by Rossini. In order to participate, a complete direction concept has to be submitted to Opera Ireland no later than February 18 2005. This should include a content related explanation of the concept, basic ideas for scenery, props and costumes, the framework of personnel to be involved (choir, extras etc), and suggestions for adaptations and/or editing if any. First prize is €15,000 and the staging of the opera in 2006 in Dublin. There are runner-up prizes of €10,000 and €5,000. Further details from Opera Ireland or ----- Dates for Traditional Irish Music Summer Schools 2005 For those of you who have always yearned to broach the realm of traditional music, Sligo is the place to learn next summer. The Sligo Town Summer School of Traditional Music will run from June 27-30 2005, offering classes in traditional harp, bodhran, fiddle and tin whistle. Also the Queen Maeve International Summer School of Traditional Music and Song will take place from August 1-5 2005. All enquiries for both Summer Schools should be directed to or ----- U2 Announce 2005 Tour U2 have revealed that they will kick off their world tour on March 1 in Florida. The band will play around 35 arena shows across the US for the first leg of the jaunt, then 30 stadium gigs in Europe before returning to North America for a further 35 arena dates. The group will then head to Japan and Australia. Snow Patrol and Scissor Sisters are rumoured to be the support acts. U2 manager Paul McGuinness told Billboard that no decision has been made, but added: "We love Snow Patrol. Their producer, Jacknife Lee, also worked on U2's album and they're Irish. There's a close connection". ----- DANCE NEWS Discussion Document on Vocational Dance Training The Arts Council has announced the release of a discussion document on the subject of vocational dance training in Ireland. Authored by Yannick Marzin, "A Professional Dance Curriculum for Ireland" proposes a model of training relevant to the Irish situation. The study builds on three previous Arts Council reports: The Creative Imperative (Everitt:2000); Shall We Dance? (Leatherdale and Todd:1998); and The Dancer and The Dance (Brinson:1985). It is hoped the report will act as a valuable resource for future planning by government agencies, by educational institutions, the dance sector and others seeking to advance the case for dance education in Ireland. For those interested in the emerging future of Dance in Ireland copies of the report can be downloaded from the Arts Council website. ----- GENERAL NEWS Arts Council to receive €61m for 2005 In November's release of the Book of Estimates it was announced that the Arts Council will receive €61m for 2005. This is well short of the €70m needed and ardently campaigned for by groups such as Theatre Forum. Given that demand from individual artists and organisations next year is just under €100m, this falls well short of our needs. It is nowhere near what an enlightened government policy should be for the arts. The Department of Arts points out that this is an increase of 16% on 2004. However, as Theatre Forum points out, its members must continue to campaign between now and Budget Day to increase this allocation. ----- Small Festivals Scheme for 2005 Every year, hundreds of arts organisations, including local festivals in every part of the country, apply to the Arts Council for assistance in organising their artistic programmes. In line with a range of improvements in its grant application processes introduced last year, the Council is offering again for 2005, a Small Festivals Scheme. The Small Festivals Scheme for 2005 is intended to provide opportunities for many festivals/events seeking funding up to €10,000. The scheme is intended to be user-friendly and to encourage new applicants from many smaller or locally based events. Grants will be made in two rounds. The deadline for festivals/events taking place between January and June 2005 is Friday December 3 2004. For festivals/events taking place between July and December the deadline is Friday March 11 2005. The application form for the Small Festivals Scheme is available to download as either a PDF or a word document directly from Priority will be given to applications demonstrating high artistic standards and innovation in their programme. Small Festivals Scheme 2005 The Arts Council, 70 Merrion Square Dublin 2 ----- Arts & Disability Forum introduce website The Irish Arts & Disability Forum has introduced - free access to information on the arts, entertainment, heritage, leisure activities and sport - locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. also encourages users to showcase their talent by creating their very own web page as a platform for their creativity, by submitting examples of text and visual work for online display. So, if you want to share your talent online, or to find out about the array of cultural activity the web site has to offer, log on to ----- Arts and Disability Networking Abroad As part of its strategy to enhance the European and International profile and reputation of artists with a disability, and Arts and Disability organisations/groups, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland is offering awards for Northern-based individual artists and arts organisations/groups. Applicants must have experience in or proven potential for exhibition, performance or other artistic presentation on an international basis, to present their work abroad. The Arts Council also wishes to encourage the development of European/international strategic networking potential within the Arts and Disability sector. The NI Arts Council will also consider applications from individual artists and groups who wish to present their work in other regions of the UK, or to develop new networks and partnerships in Scotland, Wales and England and in the Republic of Ireland. The total budget available in this scheme will be £7,500. The Arts and Disability Networking Abroad Scheme will normally fund up to 90% (for organisations/groups or individuals) of travel, disability support costs (e.g. carers), accommodation, visas, subsistence, carriage, insurance and approved exhibition/performance and/or networking costs. Final deadline is Thursday December 9 2004 at 4.00pm. For further information contact ----- December Launch of Per Cent for Art Scheme In December 2004 Minister for Arts John O'Donoghue will formally launch the first set of national guidelines on the Per Cent for Art Scheme. The initiative began in August 2002 when the Minister announced that he would set up an Inter-Departmental Public Art Co- ordination Group to "develop standards of good practice" for public art commissioning. In his introduction to the guidelines the Minister states that the development of the guidelines is seen as the first step in working towards a national approach to public art. He goes on to state, "A high quality environment is essential for good quality of life and high quality public art is necessary to create that environment, be it an open space, public building, hospital or education facility". For more information contact Annette Moloney the Arts Council's Public Art Specialist at ----- Business2Arts trains more arts professionals The Business Members of Business2Arts have subsidised business skills training for the Arts Industry in Ireland worth over €360,000 this year. 2004 has seen an unprecedented 20% growth in the range and number of courses offered to people working in the Arts. Over 360 people from a base of over 100 arts and community organisations covering the range of art forms have taken part in training courses offered by Business2Arts. The range of business skills training offered includes Negotiation Skills, Customer Care, Time Management, Managing People, Media Skills and Web Development. Other courses have been designed especially for people working with the arts, such as Sponsorship Seeking Skills workshops which are run twice yearly. This year, due to demand, a new Advanced Sponsorship Seeking Module was added. Also this year Business2Arts introduced a new programme in Board Development for arts organisations, supported by Anglo Irish Bank and Jefferson Training. The three-day pilot programme was aimed at Directors and Senior Managers in the arts, assisting them to improve the overall effectiveness of their work with their boards of directors. The Programme was over-subscribed and proved to be invaluable to those who participated. As a result, plans are in development to run this programme again in 2005. ----- The Ireland Funds - Grant Round 2005 The Ireland Funds are accepting applications until January 31 2005, for projects taking place in Ireland, North and South. Projects in the following areas are eligible: 1. Arts and Culture 2. Community Development 3. Education 4. Peace and Reconciliation The maximum award available is €30,000/Stg£20,000. For further information ----- ___________________________________________________________________ CLASSIFIEDS Classifieds this week: Gifts for Irish Abroad: Border Art - Celtic gifts, art and clan/family crest merchandise Celtic Attic - Decorate your life and home with a Celtic Twist Flyleaf Press - Family History guides - On-line Irish Language classes Irish Country Gifts - Personalized & Clan surname designs - Customised framed/unframed photos of Irish Scenery - Every Irish Language Book in Print. Mimitoys Ireland - Fun toys that educate at excellent prices. Royal Tara - Bone china giftware & tableware. Scottie Connection - Gifts & Accessories for Scottish Terrier enthusiasts Send a Gift 2 Ireland - Send gifts home today! Professional Services: Catalyst Consulting - Human Resource Management Computer Troubleshooters - world's largest technical support franchise! 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For details & additional classifieds, see: To place your own ad, visit ___________________________________________________________________ WHAT'S ON What's on: Abroad New York Call for Irish Playwrights New York-based Origin Theatre Company is seeking submissions from Irish playwrights. All submissions will be considered for full production or as part of a public reading series. The company encourages published as well as first-time writers to submit material. Please email submissions to or write to: George Heslin Origin Theatre Company 340 East 90th Street. Suite 2C, New York, NY 10128, USA ---- Vallejo Gantner leaves Dublin Fringe for New York Vallejo Gantner, Director of the Dublin Fringe Festival since March 2002, has been appointed Artistic Director of the East Village institution, Performance Space 122. Born and raised in Melbourne, Gantner has worked in many capacities in the arts including as a director, writer, performer, agent, producer and programmer. Prior to his arrival in Dublin he was the Artistic Associate for the Melbourne Festival, developing free outdoor and indoor performances, events, concerts and installations. Gantner has also worked in Asia and the United States as a theatre director and producer. Under the direction of Vallejo Gantner, the Dublin Fringe Festival has become the fastest growing cultural event in Ireland. The Festival typically has in excess of 1300 participants from a dozen or more countries working on a range of theatre, dance, music, performance and visual arts. It is the pre-eminent international showcase of innovative, dynamic and exciting new artists in Ireland - rule breakers who work across different disciplines and emerge in new forms. ---- EUCLID hosts Seminars on Europe, the Cultural Sector EUCLID, the UK Cultural Contact Point, has announced a series of seminars focusing on key European issues and challenges to be held in 2005. These are as follows: * Cultural Policy as a Tool for Change: January 10 * European Co-operation: Case Studies: January 17 * The new Structural Funds 2007-2013: February 7 * Citizenship and the new Europe: February 15 * The European Union Approach to Culture: March 7 Each seminar will explore these issues through stimulating presentations from experts from across Europe and the UK, and will provide an opportunity for discussion and debate about the topics raised. Where appropriate, practical suggestions and proposals will be shared and explored. To book go to or contact the EUCLID office at 00 44 (0) 151 709 2564. ----- What's on: Pantos and other Christmas attractions ________ The Panto Season has returned, with a sleigh load (ahem) of shows across the country. From January 11-16 Mother Goose appears at the Everyman, Cork, starring Neil Prendeville, Jim Mulcahy and Basher. Also at the Everyman Palace, Cork from December 3-5, catch Cork City Ballet's Winter Season 2004 featuring highlights from The Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. ________ The Galway Performing Arts School presents "The Wiz - A Super Soul Musical" at the Town Hall, Galway from December 9-12. This musical, although based on L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz, takes the classic fairy tale in an all-new direction with a contemporary urban look, an exiting rock score, and a decidedly modern libretto. ________ Again at the Town Hall, Galway SFX City Theatre presents "Santa's Christmas Mystery" by Shay Healy and Michael Scott. The ruthless weatherman is threatening to cause chaos this year by stopping Santa from delivering his presents to all the boys and girls! He has a brilliant magical plan to control the weather, making snow, wind, rain and sun happen at the same time! Santa calls on the help of his best friends from the North, South, East and West. Can the friends come up with a plan? December 16 and 17. ________ Cork Opera House shows "The Pied Piper". Directed by Bryan Flynn, and written, interestingly, by Alan Shortt of Bull Island fame, "The Pied Piper" is not your usual panto fare. It boasts a distinct lack of beautiful princesses and dragons and the like; it is a magical tale of treachery and honour and you (and more importantly, the kids) are guaranteed involvement in this enthralling and hilarious adventure. Opens December 1 and runs until January 9. ________ Mr Mystery Promotions present "Santa's Grimm Adventure" at the Belltable, Limerick on Sunday December 5 at 3.00pm and 4.30pm and on Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 at 10.00am and 11.45am. Jacob Grimm has taken a bang on the head, and Cinderella wakes up in the wrong story. To compound her problems she finds a witch after her. Prince Charming rides to the rescue (on an ostrich) but he's in trouble too. Only the intervention of Santa Claus can save the day. The story will be told with a mix of live actors, full size customers, puppets, magic and ventriloquism. Suitable for children up to nine years of age. ________ An Grianán presents "Pinocchio" from December 2-22. Adapted from Carlo Collodi's classic story by Paul Boyd and directed by Myles Breen (The Twits, The Little Mermaid), "Pinocchio" features a cast of five actors who between them bring to life a wonderful array of colourful and memorable characters. Pinocchio must learn many lessons if he is to find his way home to Gepetto and, with the help of The Blue-Haired Fairy (Aileen Mythen) and The Talking Cricket (Peter Gaynor), this is one little wooden puppet who may have all his wishes granted! ________ Bernard Farrell's seasonal comedy "Many Happy Returns" appears at Dublin's Gate Theatre. It is Christmas Eve, Irene and Arthur await the arrival - not of Santa Claus - but of Declan, the self-made millionaire from New Zealand. If everything goes well, Arthur's future is secure. But there is a danger that old scores could now be settled as all the old secrets are suddenly unwrapped. Opening November 30. ----- What's on: Theatre ________ The Mermaid Arts Centre and Project Arts present "The Nightingale". Created by Selina Cartmell and Rebecca Collins and running from December 6-11, this is a magical, intimate performance inspired by Oscar Wilde's story "The Nightingale and the Rose". This timeless tale of courage and hope reminds us that to be truly brave we must face our darkest fears. Rebecca Collins' enchanting melodies will be accompanied by striking visuals in a vibrant and tenderly moving story best suited to children over eight years with younger children welcome too. Tuesday December 7 at 11.00am Wednesday December 8 at 3.00pm and 6.00pm Thursday December 9 at 11.00am Friday December 10 at 11.00am Saturday December 11 at 3.00pm and 6.00pm Also at the Project, RWCMD presents "Casanova" by David Greig, directed by Tom Daley. Raising questions about love, honesty and life lived in the pursuit of pleasure, Casanova is an uncompromising examination of contemporary sex and morality. ________ "Rural Electric", written and performed by Little John Nee with music from Laura Sheehan, appears at the Town Hall, Galway on Thursday December 2. Set in 1959 in Donegal, a tiny rural community watches with eager anticipation as the heroic ESB workers battle against the elements and inhospitable landscape to bring power lines to the village. A host of characters step forward from the mists of time to inhabit this fictional parish in a truly inventive one-man show that combines physical theatre, comedy, original music... and even a car chase! ________ Hopefully there is still time to catch "BECKETT" at basement 18. Impact Theatre Co, are presenting three plays by Samuel Beckett at basement 18, The Crescent, O'Connell Avenue, Limerick. Directed by Patrick Burke, the programme sees the production of "Rough for Theatre 1", "Catastrophe" and "Footfalls". "Rough for Theatre 1" is Beckett's exploration of the debilitating narrowness of perception with regard to the issue of human disability. "Catastrophe" depicts Beckett's vision of the world of theatre, while "Footfalls" is his examination of the emotional destruction inherent in dependant mother-daughter relationships. The trilogy offers an absorbing and thought provoking evening of theatre. Dates are November 23- December 4 2004. ________ Re-creating the nostalgia and romance of the Viennese Festive season, in "A Vienna Strauss Gala" the Backstage Theatre, Longford introduces the audience to a by-gone age of glamorous soirées and Strauss waltzes. This highly acclaimed show is performed by soloists from the major British opera companies, most notably Maria Kesselman who starred alongside Michael Crawford in "Phantom of the Opera" and has played leading roles at the Coliseum. Also at the Backstage is another chance to catch the award winning hit West End comedy "Stones in his Pockets". When a major Hollywood film studio descends on a village in rural Ireland the demand for extras from the local community is huge. Gavin Armstromg and Denis Foley bring two aspiring movie extras and a host of other extraordinary characters to life, in this comic masterpiece. December 9-11. ________ Fishamble presents "Pilgrims in the Park" by Jim O'Hanlon, directed by Jim Culleton. In 2002 the company produced Jim O'Hanlon's first play, "The Buddhist of Castleknock", to widespread critical acclaim. Fishamble now presents Jim's subsequent play for the company, a searingly honest play set during the Pope's visit to Ireland in 1979. As the Pope travels around Ireland in his Popemobile, the Wood Quay debate surrounding building work on the site of a Viking settlement rages and U2 release their first single, "Out of Control". The Ireland of 1979 is a country caught between tradition and progress. The Foley family is at a similar crossroads. Nothing will be the same after this weekend. The world premiere production coincides with the 25th anniversary of the Pope's visit. November 22-27 The Helix, Collins Avenue, DCU Nov. 29-Dec. 4 Civic Theatre, Tallaght December 14-18 Draiocht, Blanchardstown ________ The Granary Theatre, Cork will rock to the sound of "Little Shop of Horrors" by Menken and Ashman, produced by UCC Dramat. December 7- 11. ________ AXIS Centre in Ballymun presents the world premiere of Dermot Bolger's play "From These Green Heights", directed by the AXIS Artistic Director Ray Yeates. The play charts the emotional rollercoaster faced by the families that moved to and lived in Ballymun. This is a hidden history of modern Dublin, shifting seamlessly across four decades, a family's journey from hope to struggle and finally to the possibility of prosperity. Until December 11. ________ Andrew's Lane, Dublin features two productions over December. The first of these is courtesy of Fiasco Productions; "Swimming with Sharks" is by George Huang, adapted for the stage by Mark Nagle. From November 29 until December 11. Tramvai Productions will bring us Pinter's "The Hothouse", December 14-18. ----- What's on: Exhibitions ________ The Bold Art Gallery, Galway is hosting Artist Sir Philip Blunden's exhibition, "Symbiosis" from November 19-December 3. Sir Philip Overington Blunden Bart. is the 7th Baronet of Castle Blunden, Co. Kilkenny. Born on January 22, 1922 in Dublin, Sir Philip attended the Slade School of Art in London where he received personal tuition from Arthur Norris (Royal Academy). Having completed his studies at Slade, he went on to become an interior designer; Sir Philip designed the interiors of ships for Cunard Line including the New Mauritania and the Britannic, one of the biggest ocean liners of her day. At the beginning of the 1950s, Sir Philip returned to Kilkenny to take over management of the family estate. ________ From December 11-January 29 C2 1995-2005 appears at the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork. C2 is an exhibition of over 150 artists celebrating the diversity and quality of contemporary visual arts practiced by artists born in, resident in, or closely associated with Cork city and county. This ambitious exhibition includes paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures, digital and other new media. An extensive catalogue of C2 will be available on January 7 to coincide with the official launch of Cork's tenure as European City of Culture throughout 2005. The catalogue will act as a comprehensive reference and source book for visiting curators and artists. Artists featured include Dorothy Cross, Linda Quinlan, Fergus Martin, Cormac O'Leary, Michael Quane and Vivienne Roche. Two large installations by Maud Cotter and Mark Kent will also feature in C2, which is curated by Peter Murray, Dawn Williams and Anne Boddaert. ________ "Enlargement! Bringing the New Europe to Cork", a year-long exhibition will be appearing from January at the Cork Civic Trust. "Enlargement!" is a continuously changing exhibition, displaying the artistic qualities of the 'new' states of the expanded European Union. Part of Cork Civic Trust's contribution to Cork 2005 and hosted by the Cork Vision Centre, this project presents a programme of creative work that promotes cultural diversity within Europe and encourages new networks of artists and organisations. The focus is on visual art, a key medium of embodied truth and a recurring source of every nation's creative pride. Artists were encouraged to think of cross-disciplinary work; work that could include other art forms including literature, music, food, music and performance. Participants are also encouraged to include some educational aspect in their work, such as the willingness to hold a workshop, lecture or a web presence for Cork. The first exhibition features Estonian artists Kelti Tiitsar, Kirsti Paap. January 6-28. ________ All year round in 2005 you'll be able to enjoy photography in unexpected venues in Cork. "_Expression - West Cork Leader" will feature at the Farmgate Restaurant in the English Market and also at O'Conaill Chocolatiers on French Church Street. John Minihan's intimate and informal portraits explore the theme that West Cork's acclaimed food produce reflects the personality of the individual as well as the influences of tradition and environment. ________ The Belltable, Limerick holds an exhibition of Karen T. Colbert's Paintings until December 14. Colbert's work is committed to the principles and methods of Abstraction, a (if not the) major innovation of Modernism. As such, references in her work to the ways in which the everyday world appears to our sense of sight are almost entirely put aside so that feeling and emotion can be aroused and expressed through the interaction of the materials and technique, the media, and the various ways the elements of design can be made to behave. The world her work represents is an inner, emotional world. As the artist says: "The impressions and perceptions gained through the direct experience of nature play a large role in my work. I am interested in conveying a sense of freedom, life, spontaneity, fluidity of movement, playfulness, and an expansiveness of space, as well as a sense of the present moment." ________ Butler Gallery Kilkenny, presents Paintings by Nick Miller. While the genres Nick Miller paints are at the heart of the tradition, his work is both contemporary and timeless. Over the last two decades he has refined the focus of his interest, moving with dexterity and conviction within the different genres. Yet all are connected by a common approach to working only directly in the presence of his subject, as the artist searches for essential likeness usually reserved for portraiture alone. In this exhibition of new work in the vaulted spaces of the Butler Gallery, the artist displays the depth and breadth of his practice and convincingly confirms his place among our most significant contemporary painters. Until December 5. ________ For something different in the world of exhibitions take in the unique sculptures of artist Daphne Plessner, currently on display at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle, until January 15. The sculpture, in the shape of a telescope, presents us with a satirical commentary on the relationship between Republic and Monarchy. By reaching into historical politics, the telescope comically repackages the key ideas of the French Revolution. The viewer is taken on a journey through a vibrant cartoon pop-up of the ideas that underpin contemporary political life in Europe and America. ________ DiverseCity Dublin is an architectural exhibition that promotes women and ethnic minorities in architecture. Recently launched at the RIAI Architecture, at 8 Merrion Square, Dublin, this intriguing exhibition continues until Jan 21. It was originally launched in London in September 2003, and since then has travelled to Luxembourg, Sydney, Auckland, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Beijing and Zhengzhou in China. DiverseCity promotes diversity of people in architecture. Each City adds ten panels to the exhibition to highlight what diversity means to them. It will then travel to ten cities in 2005, starting with Athens, and will also tour the schools of architecture in Britain. Well worth checking out. ________ At the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo you can find an exhibition of evocative small-scale paintings by prize-winning artist Hazel Walker. December 3-22. ________ The National Museum, Castlebar houses the permanent collection of 19th Century Artifacts from the National Museum Collection. The collection represents the traditions of rural life throughout Ireland by displaying various common household items used in the 19th century. ________ Rudolf Heltzel and Sonja Landweer display their contemporary jewellery design at Kilkenny's National Craft Gallery from December 2 till January 30. ________ In Wexford at the Hopewire Gallery go and see "My Two Front Teeth: the Christmas Exhibition" featuring contemporary art, craft and design by both established and emerging Irish artists. Three Welsh emerging artists have also been invited to exhibit: Victoria Griffiths, Leigh Sinclair and Ruth Barker. December 5-20. ----- What's on: Music ________ At the Balor Theatre, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal, put the 'Spirit' back into Christmas with Kathy O'Hara on December 15 and 16. With supporting band, Kathy will perform a variety of Christmas Classics, Gospel & Easy Listening; just what you need to help prepare for a real celebration of Christmas. All proceeds go to St Vincent de Paul. Then, on December 17, put the 'oomph' back into the festive spirit with a wonderful evening with the legendary voice of Mary Coughlan. ________ Enjoy an evening with Luka Bloom with support Claire and Dave from Cork at the Sirius, Cobh on Saturday December 4. Also, Trio - featuring local Cobh singers Caroline Fraher, John Daly and Dominic Finn present a special Christmas Concert on Sunday December 19 at 8.00pm, tickets €12. ________ Glor, Ennis features a wealth of music this December. First up, on Thursday December 2, is John Martyn, probably best known for his beautiful song, "Sweet Little Mystery", and albums such as "Solid Air" and "Bless the Weather". He and his band give live performances to be remembered. On December 11 Lady Smith Black Mombazo* (South Africa) appear. Paul Simon met Ladysmith Black Mambazo in South Africa and was captivated by the stirring sound of bass, alto and tenor harmonies, incorporating the traditional sounds of black South Africa into the "Graceland" album. Since then they have recorded with numerous artists from around the world including Stevie Wonder and Dolly Parton. Tuesday December 14 sees a Benefit Gig featuring Moher, John Spillane, Siobhán Peoples with Murty Ryan & Cyril O'Donoghue, The Gipsy Jazz Quartet and The Geraldine McGowan Band. ________ The award-winning Gardiner Street Gospel Choir is to perform on Saturday December 4 at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin. Accompanied by a first-class eight-piece Gospel Band, their repertoire includes adaptations of the music of a wide range of artists including Sting, Van Morrison, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, and Macy Gray. All proceeds go to the Aruppe Society, a charity which houses homeless boys in the north inner city. ________ At the National Concert Hall on December 2 see the Goethe Institut Choir Christmas Concert with Sylvia O'Brien (soprano), Una McMahon (alto), Robin Tritschler (tenor) and Simon Morgan (bass).Programme: Saint-Saens, Handel and Vivaldi. ________ At Whelan's, Dublin catch Frank and Walters on December 11, on December 16 Myles Hunt, and Something Happens on December 30. ________ In Limerick head to Dolan's for "Beoga", hard-hitting Traditional Irish music on December 8. On December 10 see "Carnival Saloon"; described by Hot Press as one of the top ten live acts to see in Ireland, this six-piece band are renowned for their incredible live performances featuring the music of Tom Waits. Jerry Fish and The Mudbug Club play on December 11 and on December 18 see the Hothouse Flowers playing their fifth and latest studio album, "Into Your Heart". ________ Appearing at the Model Niland, Sligo Group Cadenza consist of the uniquely honed talents of singer-songwriter and harpist Deirdre Bryon-Smith and multi-instrumentalist composer Anna Houston. On their new album Attic Notes, they have been joined by guitarist and songwriter Ray Coen. Friday December 3. ________ On December 2 National Chamber Choir's Winter Series at the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin presents the last of "Immortals". Each of the three conductors in this series chose a composer he deemed 'immortal'. Artistic Director and Chief Conductor Celso Antunes named J.S.Bach, as his 'immortal'. Next, "A German Dream", on December 16, is dedicated to the great composers of German Romantic music complimenting the National Gallery's own exhibition, "A German Dream: Masterpieces of Romanticism". On December 21 let the NCC sing you into the holiday season the customary way with traditional - and a few unexpected - carols with "Christmas Tidings". ________ Rubyhorse play at Cork Opera House on Thursday December 9. December 2 also sees Lambchop in concert while on December 5 you can take in "ABBA the Show". Ladysmith Black Mombaza continue their tour, playing the Opera House on December 12. ----- What's on: Dance ________ "Hell for Leather" presented by John Fennell appears at Glór, Ennis. This is an exhibition of the cultural traditions particular to Clare: step dancing, figure dancing, set dancing, song and music. This show portrays the development of the various set dancing styles. The skip step and batter steps are intricate dance formations, creating an insistent rhythm to the thriving musical beat. The show is interwoven with the traditions of sean-nós song and music, culminating in a vibrant and lively performance. The cast of 132 members aged from ten to 16 years will make their second appearance in Glór under the leadership of John Fennell. Early booking advised, December 22-23. ________ Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" is always a Christmas favourite and this year is no exception. An enchanting story, this is a Christmas classic that you're never too old to fall in love with. There are various productions on nationwide, from St Petersburg Ballet Corp in the Helix, Dublin to Ballet Ireland at the Cork Opera House. Ballet Ireland's tour dates are as follows: CivicTheatre Dublin - December 8-11 Dunamaise Arts Centre, Laois - December 12 Burnavon Arts Centre, Tyrone - December 14 Ardhowen Theatre, Fermanagh - December 15 Town Hall Theatre, Dundalk - December 16 Tipperary Excel Centre - December 17 Siamsa Tire, Kerry - December 18-19 ________ The Perm State Ballet of Russia will perform Prokofiev's Cinderella with prima ballerinas Natalia Moiseeva and Elena Kulagina from Friday December 3 to Monday December 6 at the Town Hall, Galway, then moving on to Point Theatre, Dublin. It is the first time this ballet has been presented in Ireland. This lavish classic is Russian Ballet at its best, produced from centuries of tradition and years of gruelling training and superb ensemble work. The classic story of Cinderella is based on Charles Perrault's fairytale. The earliest ballet production was by the Maryinsky Theatre in St Petersburg in 1893 but Cinderella as a ballet came into its own when, in 1945, Sergei Prokofiev composed the wonderful lush score used in this production. ________ Irish Modern Dance Theatre presents "(Like) Silver" at the Project, Dublin from November 30 to December 4. Seven extraordinary performers from backgrounds as diverse as Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Royal Ballet and Opera come together to create an energetic and quirky odyssey through the cracked and cracking, increasingly eye-opening world we inhabit. Taking influences from Andy Warhol's underground films and Beethoven's "Ode to Joy", "(Like) Silver" transforms conventional performance spaces, giving the audience a thrilling perspective of dance leading a journey from chaos to order. Runs for one week at the Project before touring for one night only to the Mermaid, Bray on December 8. ----- What's on: Festivals All Ireland One Act Drama Finals Festival 2004 Under the auspices of the Amateur Drama Council of Ireland and The Drama League of Ireland the One Act Festival will take place at the Cornmill Theatre, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim from December 4-6. For details on the one act circuit telephone 086 384 65 69 ---- Winter Art Trail Cork From November 26-December 5, Winter Art Trail Cork will be appearing at venues all over the city. Cork Art Trail is an artist- led organisation, founded in 1996. The principal purpose is to provide an enduring and internationally recognised platform for local artists, a unique annual opportunity to experience the work of contemporary artists in Cork. This winter programme includes open submissions, open studios, access to local and international residency programmes, performances, workshops and discussions. As part of Art Trail an exhibition entitled "Art trail - Selected Works" will appear at the Sirius Arts Centre featuring work by ten artists including Paul Drohan, Sabine Weissbach, Susanne Leutenegger, Natalie Allen, Deborah Courtney, India Ingargiola, Orla Clarke, Elaine Coakley, Helle Kvamme and Rosemary Taylor. Running until Sunday December 19. ---- Mostly Modern Series & Festival The listings for the Mostly Modern Series & Festival for 2004-2005 at the Bank of Ireland Arts Centre, Dublin have been launched, with exciting plans right through till April of next year. This season sees an exciting new format for Mostly Modern with four lunchtime concerts followed by a weekend Festival. Guitar features strongly in the concerts, with the first performance in Ireland of Italy's most prominent guitarist, Dario Macaluso (November), an innovative duo recital of improvised music by jazz guitarist/composer Mike Nielsen and classical guitarist/composer Benjamin Dwyer (December), and the unique sounds of the Dublin Guitar Quartet (February 2005) interpreting Kevin Volan's groundbreaking "White Man Sleeps" String Quartet. Percussionist Richard O'Donnell appears (January 2005) with his Percussion Ensemble in a special tribute concert to Irish Composer Frank Corcoran on his 60th birthday. ---- Irish Film Censorship Season at the Irish Film Institute To coincide with the publication of Kevin Rockett's book "Irish Film Censorship: A Cultural Journey from Silent Cinema to Internet Pornography" (Four Courts Press), the IFI, Dublin is screening nine films to illustrate something of the extent of film censorship in this country over the years. ----- Arts Ireland ______________________________________________________________ ARTS IRELAND/Irish Emigrant Publications Editor: Oonagh Montague a: Cathedral Building, Middle Street, Galway, Ireland t: +353 (0)91 569158 e: w: ______________________________________________________________ To advertise in this publication, email To help support this publication, see our voluntary subscription programme at ______________________________________________________________
ARTONCANVAS.NET PRESENT ''The Fighting 69th'' Gen Meagher and the Irish Brigade Fredericksburg, Virginia, december 2, 1862. By Mort Kunstler. 75 Patrons Edition Prints Signed and Numbered by the artist. This Limited Edition Print is printed on 100% rag, Neutral ph, heavy vellum custom made stock, using fade resistant inks. Fine Offset Lithography. Each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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The Fighting 69th
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