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Saturday, December 11, 2004

12/11/04 - Ciaran Ferry's Attorney & An Fhirinne On Irish Aires Tonight!

Irish Aires Special Guests – Saturday 12/11/04 – 6:30PM –7:30PM (Central Time) Tonight the Irish Aires radio show on KPFT-FM (a Pacifica Station) will have two special guests. One (between 6:30PM & 7:00PM Central Time), Eamonn Dornan, the attorney for Ciarán Ferry, will discuss his & his families on going legal problems. The other (between 7:00PM & 7:30PM Central Time), Bernice Swift, a representative of "An Fhírinne", will discuss the continuing issue of collusion between loyalist paramilitaries & British authorities in the north of Ireland. :: For people in the Houston area, you can listen at 90.1FM or 89.5FM (Galveston). :: On the Internet you can listen live at: :: If you are unable to listen live, the show will be archived for later listening at: Ciarán Ferry was granted an early release as part of the Good Friday Accord. He lawfully entered the United States on the Bureau of Inspections and Customs Enforcement's Visa Waiver Pilot Program. He candidly disclosed on his "green card" application that he had been a member of the Irish Republican Army from 1992 to 1993, and that he was imprisoned for political offenses relating to the conflict in Ireland. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested Ciarán "without a warrant," and informed him that they were arresting him for "having overstayed his visa." His defense team asserts that that he has been illegally imprisoned, without bail, by the U.S. Government for 681 days. More Information about Ciarán is available at: Bernice Swift is County Fermanagh Project Organizer for a group entitled "An Fhírinne" (Irish for "The Truth"). The organization is composed of relatives of victims who were murdered by British Security Forces. The organization's stated mission is "to support Victims of State Sponsored Violence" and to "demand the Truth from the British Government on its policy of State Sponsored violence in Ireland." Collusion started in the mid-1980s when the British government adopted a policy that gave them virtual control of unionist death squads. These paramilitaries were re-organized, re- armed, resourced and directed by the British intelligence services to ensure that their targeting was "more professional." More information on An Fhirinne is available at:
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